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6 Best iPad Security Apps

Best iPad Security Apps

The best iPad security apps are here to protect all sorts of content stored on your tablet. Whether its pictures, music, files, folders, documents, emails or any other type of data, you can be sure that they’ll be out of harm’s way and away from prying eyes, just as long as the software options sit snuggly in the gadget. Like any other tech device, the Apple slab is also susceptible to various threats like viruses, internet malware and harmful external factors. So if you want to keep your slate secure, do give our array a glance and download an app or two that fits your requirement list just right.

1 – Find My iPhone:

Find My iPhone

Don’t worry. Although the title of the Find My iPhone app only covers the Apple handset, the maker has also fashioned it to search for misplaced the iPad as well as iPod touch and Mac devices. By employing the help of another iOS gadget, you will be able to locate and protect the precious information stored in the slab. All you got to do is download the application onto the other device and sign in by using your Apple ID. The software will then enable you to pinpoint exactly where your missing iPad has strayed off to on a map.

Thereon, you can choose to remotely lock your device, erase the data or opt for displaying a message or playing a sound at full volume, even if your device was on silent mode. Besides English, the app also lends support to other languages like Japanese, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Czech, Thai, Hungarian, Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic, Polish, Italian, Slovak and Romanian, among others.

Price: Free

2 – 1Password for iPad:

1Password for iPad

From declaring a free app, we now move on to the next contender in our iPad security apps roster which will cost you a little under $10. The 1Password for iPad application has the ability to safely store your website names as well as corresponding passwords. So even if you’re hit with a sudden bout of amnesia, you’ll still be able to gain access to all your desired sites. The software is also a handy tool for hoarding vital information like membership and credit card numbers. Wondering where to etch an important idea that suddenly popped into your head? Well, you needn’t resort to jotting them down on paper napkins or sticky notes. Simply pull out your iPad and let your creativity flow virtually. And thanks to the employment of hardware-accelerated AES encryption and auto-lock, you can be sure that your information is in safe hands. There is also a data backup and restore option for Windows, Linux and Mac thrown into the amalgamation.

Price: $9.99

3 – oneSafe:


The oneSafe app is your one stop shop for acquiring security specific features on the Apple slab. It enables you to easily manage and safely hoard documents laid out in various formats like Excel, Word and PDF as well as create, edit and store items of importance, with utmost ease. This delight is apt for accommodating social security numbers, usernames and passwords, bank accounts and tax numbers, credit card numbers, entry codes and even private photos.

According to the developer, it also doubles as a secure browser for accessing information without leaving behind history or cookies. Furthermore, AES 256 with a 256-bit code encryption has been employed in the oneSafe software.

Price: $5.99

4 – Wallet:


Looking for an application that helps manage all your sensitive and secretive data without porting along any complicated features? Well, we have just the solution for you in our iPad security apps lineup. Simply termed as the Wallet application, this software option acts as your own personal database where you can safely store credit card numbers, internet passwords and software license keys all under one tablet roof. To further offer a trouble-free experience, it allows you to fashion custom groups which can be edited and deleted as per your discretion. Endowed with the military-strength 256-bit AES encryption, it bears a beautiful user interface, global search feature and automatic log in to web pages. Rounding up the attributes here is the ability to sync anywhere using MobileMe, Dropbox or your own WebDAV server.

Price: $9.99

5 – SplashID Safe for iPad:

SplashID Safe For iPad

SplashID Safe is no stranger to the world of secure passwords and advanced protection for portable devices. After garnering positive reviews from iPhone and Android users, the software now zooms across iTunes with an iPad variation. Boasting of 256-bit Blowfish encryption, this version comes complete with a specialized iPad interface that sports popovers and a split view.

Other features include file attachments, Most Viewed perspective, new pattern unlock option, search history and duplicate record button. It also enables you to enjoy the app in landscape mode.

Price: $9.99

6 – Alarm Security HD:

Alarm Security HD

While some of the other inclusions in our iPad security apps roster have price tags that read a little under $10, the Alarm Security HD app can be acquired by shelling out just 99 cents. What’s so special about this software, you might ask? Well, as the name suggests, it is indeed an anti-theft system that could prevent not just your iPad, but even your bag or purse from being stolen. To alert the owner, it emits an ear-piercing sound and red flashlight. Besides opting from the 18 preset audio clips, you can also create your own sound like a loud cry for help or even a screechy voice that shouts out ‘Stop that thief.’ The alarm is triggered when the device is touched or even moved, depending on the settings.

Price: $0.99

So which of the best iPad security apps would you accommodate in your Apple tablet? Do let us know by dropping in a comment or two.