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8 Best iPad Running Apps

Best iPad Running Apps

These best iPad running apps will not only act as your trainer, but will also keep you company while you are sweating it out to lose the extra pounds. And why only running? The listed apps even seem capable of tracking a lot of other things including your bicycle rides and treadmill sessions, apart from calculating heart rate, pace, distance and more. Mentioned below are the shortlisted ones which fit the bill, that’s if you are ready to run with your iPad in tow. Or you can always trace your progress after you are done with the workout. Scroll right down to know more about them.

1 – MapMyRun GPS Running:

MapMyRun GPS Running

MapMyRun quietly carries out its task of tracking your run and workout in the background, without interrupting your music, whether you’re listening to the iPod or applications like Pandora. Using the iPad’s built-in GPS, the app displays a live route map and thanks to the latest update, you can scroll through this map and even zoom in for a better view. It keeps you in the loop with voice prompts about your progress and can be used to calculate calories, distance or speed. And if that’s not enough, it lets you brag about your achievements to friends via Facebook and Twitter.

Price: Free

2 – Get Running (Couch to 5K):

Get Running

The next application in our array of iPad running apps claims to get you up and running, even if you are not too keen on leaving that couch just yet. If its developers are to be believed, the three ‘enjoyable’ workouts will compel you to run for at least half hour within nine weeks. Besides the popular ‘Couch to 5K’ running plan, it features a human voice coach to keep you motivated and an option to play music along with it. The software is complete with breathers in the form of beginning barriers and rest days too.

Price: $2.99

3 – Runmeter GPS Running Stopwatch:

Runmeter GPS Running Stopwatch

And if you wish to turn your beloved Apple tablet into a full-fledged fitness computer that also speaks a word or two for encouraging you to go farther, Runmeter is designed exclusively for you. Besides running, you can also use it while you are cycling or walking and although it’s more of an iPhone-centric application, the iCloud support lets you upload data to the cloud for post-workout analyses on the iPad. Apt for beginners as well as marathon runners, it keeps tabs on your time, location, elevation, speed and more.

Price: $2.99

4 – Nike+ GPS:

Nike Plus GPS

All those of you who swear by the Nike brand may like this app as it not only tracks your outdoor running, but also your indoor workout sessions. A unique feature of Nike+ is that you hear mid-run cheers whenever your friends hit the ‘like’ button or comment on your updated run status on sites like Facebook and Twitter. You can set goals to be achieved and join challenges through the Nikeplus official website, which also connects you with friends and other members.

Price: $1.99

5 – Endomondo Sports Tracker:

Endomondo Sports Tracker

Endomondo has been added to our list of iPad running apps as it acts as a personal trainer and fitness partner in every distance based sport that you indulge in. So even if you have qualms about carrying the iPad while you are running, other activities like walking, treadmill sessions and weight training can very well be tracked using this application. Moreover, you can expect audio feedback, let your friends follow you live and receive pep talks from them, the last mentioned being played out for you in real time.

Price: Free

6 – Interval Run:

Interval Run

Interval Run seems like good option that lets you concentrate on your running or walking sessions instead of the watch. As is the case with most similar applications, it keeps you informed about your performance and speaks out the feedback over the music. Besides allowing you to determine intervals, it lets you choose a program from options like Tabata, Gateway to 8K, Couch 2 5K and more.

Price: $1.99

7 – runtastic Pro:

runtastic Pro

runtastic deserves a mention in our iPad running apps roster as it is also apt for a number of outdoor and indoor activities besides running, that let you carry your tablet along, biking being one of them. It boasts of iPod integration, allowing you to continue listening to music while you are working out in addition to voice feedback to keep you posted as soon as you finish a mile or a kilometer. Runners can also set goals and compete with friends. And as all the data is saved on the official runtastic website, you can keep a check of your progress on the move using your Apple slate.

Price: $5.99

8 – WalkJogRun Running:

WalkJogRun Running

You’ll definitely thank us for adding WalkJogRun to our queue as this is an application that lets you find routes for your daily jog. It does so with the help of the official website and the built-in GPS system of the iPad. Additionally, these routes are created by people like you and the app also brings multiple training programs to your fingertips without extra costs. And no, you are not required to create an account for getting access to routes available for as many as 6.9 million cities. Needless to say, you can post updates to social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter.

Price: $4.99

So would you install any of the alternatives mentioned in our best iPad running apps lineup on your tablet? Let us know about those goals you managed to achieve with the help of these applications.