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10 Best iPad PDF Readers

Best iPad PDF Readers

We’ve taken the time to list out the best iPad PDF readers, even though the Apple tablet already has a native application, simply because it’s worth a look to go beyond the standard and into the unknown. Also, it won’t hurt to have a multipurpose app that lets you not only view all your PDF documents, but also annotate them with sticky notes or highlight important points on the device itself. So have a look at the list, select a tool and stay productive at all times.

1 – PDF Reader – iPad Edition:

PDF Reader iPad Edition

This PDF reader takes pride in being a mobile reading master that lets you open, share as well as annotate your documents. Besides offering an advanced mobile reading experience, this sophisticated and easy-to-use software is complete with a file management system too.

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And if that’s not enough, it also extends support to ePub files, comic books and MS Office documents.

Price: $4.99

2 – WritePDF:


Unlike applications included on our lineup of iPad PDF readers, WritePDF is not just an annotation tool limited to viewing PDFs. Known for its capabilities of modifying and allowing you to print PDF documents, it claims to let you command desktop-like features at your fingertips. And you need not look anywhere else if you have this simple tool, as it is also perfectly compliant with word files, spreadsheets and more.

Price: $9.99

3 – PDF Connoisseur for iPad:

PDF Connoisseur For iPad

Accomplishing your business tasks will not be a problem once you decide to transform your tablet into a mobile workstation, with a little assistance from this application. Besides opening your PDF documents, it lets you save other files in this format and listen to the text, thanks to its text-to-speech function.

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And that’s certainly not all, as this app comes in handy for tasks such as filling PDF forms, signing contracts, scanning files and annotating them amongst others.

Price: $9.99

4 – PDF Forms:

PDF Forms

Optimized for the Retina display of the device in question, this powerful tool should see you through all your PDF requirements. These comprise displaying PDF files, letting you fill forms, signing documents and even sharing them through email directly from the app.

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It can open PDF files from iTunes, emails, Dropbox or any other application that generates documents in this format.

Price: $8.99

5 – neu.Annotate+ PDF:

Neu Annotate Plus PDF

neu.Annotate+ PDF, mentioned on our iPad PDF readers roster, lets you annotate your PDF documents. Similar to most other applications mentioned here, it permits you to highlight text and add notes, pictures or stamps to all your PDF files. Additionally, the changes you made are clearly visible in software like Apple Preview or Adobe Acrobat.

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Needless to say, it syncs files across cloud storage services like Dropbox and lets you view PDFs from mail, Safari and multiple other applications.

Price: $0.99

6 – PDFpen:


Those of you on the lookout for a utility tool that lets you carry all the important features along, wherever you go, should give PDFpen a try. A heady combination of beautiful design and an intuitive interface, it can be synced with Mac computers with the help of its support for iCloud.

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With this app, you can insert images, sign documents, add text, annotate presentations and even highlight important points for later reference.

Price: $14.99

7 – GoodReader for iPad:

GoodReader For iPad

A super-robust PDF reader to keep you productive on the move, GoodReader can handle anything, be it huge PDF files, magazines or any other digital content. The annotation options of this app are inclusive of typewriter text boxes as well as sticky notes and you can even add comments in the form of freehand drawings or simply point arrows and underline text in the file.

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You can sync your files with a number of cloud storage services such as iDisk, SugarSync and Dropbox too.

Price: $4.99

8 – PDF Expert:

PDF Expert

Next up on our catalog of iPad PDF readers is PDF Expert which is said to be the ultimate solution for all your PDF needs. As is the case with most other similar software, this tool can be employed for annotating PDFs, highlighting texts and drawing on documents, all of which can be viewed when these files are opened on applications like Preview and Adobe Acrobat.

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It is compatible with a number of other formats including word files and PowerPoint presentations and easily opens A/V files.

Price: $9.99

9 – Remarks:


A fully featured PDF annotating application for the iPad, Remarks facilitates not only viewing and commenting on PDF documents, but also capturing ideas, outlining notes and editing them on the move. Complete with pens, highlighters, text boxes, eraser function and more, it lets you underline, highlight or strike out text on your PDF documents and even draw on them. Moreover, multiple Remarks users can conveniently co-ordinate to view and edit notes.

Price: $4.99

10 – PDF Reader Pro:

PDF Reader Pro

And professionals may appreciate the inclusion of PDF Reader Pro, capable of carrying out all office related tasks. From scanning PDFs to saving documents in this format and annotating them, the app can do all this and much more.

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It can also open large PDFs received via emails or those saved to folders in iCloud, Dropbox, GoogleDocs, SugarSync and many more.

Price: $5.99


After going through the compilation of the best iPad PDF readers, you may be convinced that you do not have to stick to the native iPad application or even the iOS version of Adobe Reader. iTunes is loaded with similar options that are waiting to show just how useful they can be. So do you plan to try these out or would you rather continue using the native reader? Do share your views with us.