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7 Best iPad Map Apps

Best iPad Map Apps

The best iPad map apps are tech guides that help you find your way across the globe. They provide you with useful information bits on various places and vital directions to just about anywhere around the world. Whether you’re on the lookout for a particular street, lane, crossroad or neighborhood, you can always rely on any of the 7 entrants in our lineup to pinpoint the place. So get ready to embark on a journey where ‘getting lost’ is definitely not an option.

1 – Galileo Offline Maps:

Galileo Offline Maps

According to our first entrant, ‘Life is a trip. So travel boldly with Galileo Offline Maps.’ Although the app is offered absolutely free of cost via iTunes, you will have to shell out a few bucks in order to sprinkle it with your desired features. Some of them include the ability to import maps from the PC, bookmarks, all-in-one feature packs and GPS track recording. With these embedded into your slate, you can be sure that all your records will remain neatly organized. However, the free base version also provides some nifty attributes like online maps as well as the ability to save previously-visited map areas, pinpoint and track your movement and even import your KML files.

Price: Free

2 – City Maps 2Go:

The City Maps 2Go app is fashioned for smart travelers who are constantly plagued with worries like bad network coverage, slow connection or high data roaming costs while abroad. The app enables you to download 7,800 maps plucked from 175 countries across the globe. Once offline, you can take complete advantage of them without any woe. Searching for a particular street in the big city? Simply punch in the name and the software will show simply light up the way. This entrant in our iPad map apps list helps you spot your location with passive GPS, bookmark your favorite places and even find different Points of Interest.

Price: $1.99

3 – MapsWithMe Pro:

MapsWithMe Pro

Thanks to the MapsWithMe Pro app, you can now travel across the seven seas with complete confidence. Catering to all your offline mapping needs, the software allows you to conduct offline searches for street names, cities, banks, hotels, parks, restaurants and cinemas. Further aiding you in your endeavor is the auto-suggestion feature and the different categories layout for transport, sights, shops, food and more. All these attributes help you stay on schedule and prevent you from wavering astray in a foreign country. For tech enthusiasts who wish to download the free version instead of shelling out around $5 can avail of the MapsWithMe Lite.

Price: $4.99

4 – OffMaps 2:

OffMaps 2

So what can you expect from the next inclusion in our iPad map apps? Well, for just under a dollar, you can gain access to searchable maps, bookmarks and positions while holidaying abroad or roaming in your area. It stores all the required maps into your slab’s memory so that you can easily pull them out when the occasion calls for it. Why rely on foldable paper maps when you can turn to your tablet for not only directions but also travel information? And with Wikipedia posing as your ultimate guide, you definitely won’t need any external help from the locals. Hungry for some hamburgers? Just let OffMaps 2 show you restaurant menus and recommendations by toptable and even reserve a table for two at a place you’ve zeroed in on.

Price: $0.99

5 – Maps+:

Maps Plus

The Maps+ application puts Google online maps complete with satellite, terrain, hybrid and standard views, right at your fingertips. Through this inclusion, online route directions along with alternatives are ported directly to your Apple device. It also enables you to record and edit GPS tracks, export and import your bookmarks and even use location-based alarms without any hassles. The latter aids in reminding you about location specific tasks, like maybe getting off at a particular train station to meet an aunt. You can even scan the map at hand for tweets to get the latest social scoop.

Price: Free

6 – OpenMaps Pro:

OpenMaps Pro

Getting lost in a foreign country is a traveler’s worst fear. So in order to keep that panic attack at bay, we introduce into our iPad map apps array the OpenMaps Pro application. After surfing through the various maps on OpenStreetMap, you can download your desired picks so that they sit snuggly in your slate for later offline reference. And if you find yourself perplexed as to where you are, simply tap the Apple gadget to pinpoint your exact position. Once you’ve realized your location, you can find out more information about the surroundings by tapping on the respective icons. You are also allowed to edit the maps through tag editing and node creation.

Price: $2.99

7 – World Map for iPad Free:

World Map For iPad Free

While the aforementioned delights provided formal maps for directing you to streets, places and countries, the World Map for iPad Free app prefers to take a more retro approach of sorts. It will get you reminiscing about your Geography class where huge multi-colored maps adorned the blackboard. The large quick reference world maps offered here are infused with world time zones and easy map switching which can all be accessed offline. The iPad seems to be an apt apparatus for breathing life into the colorful countries. The app will surely evoke a nostalgic feeling and transport you back to your good old school days.

Price: Free

When you were a little kid, treasure maps used to provide so much joy and thrill. Now, with the world as your playground, you would definitely need a more advanced chart to help you on our way. And what better way to acquire the same than by peeping among the best iPad map apps? So which of the 7 applications appealed to you the most? Do let us know by dropping in your input.


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