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6 iPad Journal Apps

Best iPad Journal Apps

iPad journal apps are a great way to pen down your thoughts on a virtual medium. Gone are the days where one would keep all their precious moments locked up within the confines of a hardcover journal that was often latched with a simple lock and key mechanism. With technology endowing the E- factor onto most products these days, why still write things down on paper when there is a much simpler alternative? You can now feed a daily dose of records directly to your own personal Apple tablet. The ideas you’ve jotted down on the device can even be complemented with pictures, music and more. So take a look at the various delights served hot in this lineup.

1 – Maxjournal:


The first option that pops into our list of journal apps is Maxjournal. This offering forays onto the scene packing in extensive photo scrapbooking features. Adorned with a simple user interface, it allows you to let your thoughts flow smoothly across the blank virtual canvas. You can formulate various journals for different situations such as work, leisure and even your travel escapades.

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And if your Apple slate is shared amongst others in your household then each member can maintain their own individual diaries complete with password control and personal settings. Furthermore, up to 30 pictures can be attached to every journal entry, to add more color to your words and feelings. Other features include Time-stamping, full screen calendar view, customizable backgrounds and quick access to entries strewn across days, months and years.

Price: $2.99

2 – Day One:

Day One

Noted to be a micro-journal, text logging and diary application, Day One enables you to freely express your feelings and even sync them with Dropbox and iCloud. This comes in quite handy especially while syncing notes from your iPhone. There is also a Day One Mac desktop application embedded within the app. Other attributes comprise of calendar view, reminders, passcode lock, starred entries list and markdown for rich text.

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If you wish to reminisce on any past topics, you can easily pull out old journals that are portrayed across in an ‘Entries By Year’ view. This app claims to further impress its owners by bringing forth new features like tags, photos, export and search. So we suggest you keep your eyes peeled for an update which is touted to enter anytime soon.

Price: $1.99

3 – My Daily Journal:

My Daily Journal

My Daily Journal touts to take your personalization abilities to a whole new level by proffering a plethora of features and even fonts for every mood. Besides just being a slate to your mind mural, it also appeals to the visual aspect by dishing out loads of custom handwriting inspired fonts for that realistic touch. Like most of the options in our journal apps array, all your ideas are safeguarded from the prying eyes with the integration of the password protection system. Automatic saving after each keystroke, daily multiple entries, backup and restore via DropBox, sharing entries through Twitter and many more attributes are available in one single bundle. The lifelike textures and photos as well as 7 paper styles and 7 cover colors for an outcome of 50 different combinations perfectly exploit the Retina display.

Price: $1.99

4 – Momento:


The unique diary/journal writing application called Momento enables you to collect and display all your online activity from various sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr, Foursquare, Digg, Vimeo and more. With this option taking up space in your Apple tablet, you can now jot down various situations as they unfurl throughout the day without having to go back home to your hardcover diary laying under your bed. This is known to be an apt solution for keeping records and tagging memorable events, places you visit and people you interact with. Sporting a user-friendly interface, Momento also brings along custom tags, backup and restore, multiple photo attachments and passcode protection.

Price: $2.99

5 – My Own Diary HD:

My Own Diary HD

The next entrant in our journal apps roster is dubbed My Own Diary HD. Like My Daily Journal, it also provides you with a diary tracking ability that seems less like writing on an advanced contraption and more like penning down thoughts in a traditional way, which in this case is a traditional leather clad book.

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Other attributes include text, pdf and email exports, direct day selection and password protection as well as different fonts and icons that perfectly reflect your mood at any given time. Another plus point with this inclusion is that it can be procured in various languages like French, Italian, German and Spanish, apart from the English rendition.

Price: $3.99

6 – Private Journal:

Private Journal

Unlike all the other journal-related apps mentioned in this segment which dealt with advanced features, the Private Journal strides out dressed in a simple yet impressive garb. It enables you to jot down various portions of your life by utilizing a variety of fun and intuitive methods minus any complication. The app provides a mental playground for all your thoughts to run wild and free, without having to worry about noisy neighbors peeping into your personal space. Your notes can be accompanied by pictures captured through the 5 megapixel iSight camera and even bits of music that fit the occasion especially when words are just not enough to express what you’re feeling at that very moment. Although this software option can be picked up absolutely free of cost, the developers reveal that it will be free for only a limited time period. So we suggest you hurry and acquire this innovate invention.

Price: Free

So which one would you pick out of our iPad journal apps roster to save all your precious, candid moments? Do leave us a comment about the same and maybe even suggest an app or two that we might have missed out on.