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7 iPad Guitar Apps

Best iPad Guitar Apps

The various iPad guitar apps strewn across the Apple Store tug at the heartstrings of both beginners as well as pros. These software options, when ported to the tablet, certainly seem to have an upper hand as compared to those fashioned for the iPhone or iPod touch. Well for one, the Apple slab has a large 9.7-inch screen, making it easier for music enthusiasts to exploit the richness of each app. After combing the vast iTunes terrain, we have surfaced with a slew of services that cater perfectly to experienced players as well as those who have a burning passion for learning the guitar. Be it chords, learning techniques or tuning methods, our list covers them all.

1 – Gibson Learn & Master w/ StudioShare:

Gibson Learn & Master

The Gibson Learn & Master w/ StudioShare app claims to provide ‘all the essential tools for becoming a better guitar player’ as well as free full-length lessons, neatly wrapped up in one single virtual bundle. Among its innards are alternate tuning settings, a professional quality chromatic tuner, a standard mode tuner and a metronome complete with multiple time signatures along with clear audio and visual options. Additionally, the app also packs in the StudioShare feature which enables you to record, mix, upload and share your creations with other like-minded individuals. This particular attribute is free for a period of 90 days with 45 minutes of recording storage space. Rounding up the edges here is the Chord Chart which makes a welcome comeback to the app.

Price: Free

2 – TabToolkit:


The addition of a powerful guitar tablature and a music notation viewer were good enough reasons to include the TabToolkit in our guitar apps list. And further going that extra mile is the inclusion of the audio synthesizer with multi-track playback. This entrant offers a tab upload and download manager as well as a metronome and playback tempo controls. You can catch a glimpse of both standard music notation and tablature notations while taking advantage of the software.

YouTube video

For a simplified guitar playing experience, a guitar or bass fretboard is portrayed across the screen which accurately shows finger positions. This feature even caters to left-handed players by porting along an exclusive Lefty-mode. Besides uploading tab files from your PC or Mac, you can also acquire tabs plucked from the internet via the integrated browser.

Price: $9.99

3 – iAmGuitar:


Ever wanted to woo a crowd during a party but didn’t have your trusty guitar with you? Well, we have just the solution to tackle that woe. Put down the air guitar, stop crooning out silly chord noises and download iAmGuitar. This offering allows you to strum your favorite tracks directly from your Apple tablet, no strings attached. There is a six string and twelve string acoustic guitar and even an electric version available on the virtual stand. Complete with easily switchable chords, velocity strumming and easy keys, even those who haven’t learnt how to play the instrument can maybe get down and boogie like Eric Clapton or Santana. This is a great choice especially for singer songwriters, who are composing their next masterpiece.

Price: $0.99

4 – Guitar Toolkit:

Guitar Toolkit

We have roped in the Guitar Toolkit 2.0 version for our guitar apps array. The software in question is a collection of tools that comprise of a precision metronome, an accurate tuner and a library of scales, chords and arpeggios. Slab owners can seamlessly slide from arpeggios or scales and corresponding chords, all with just a single tap on the iPad screen.

YouTube video

The offering blares forth with support for 6-, 7- and 12-string guitars as well as 4-, 5- and 6-string bass along with other instruments like the ukulele, mandolin and banjo. Aiding you in your daily scale practice is the Scale Boxes which unveils at specific fret positions. With support for landscape and portrait modes, Guitar Toolkit also infuses a movable capo support for scales and chords.

Price: 9.99

5 – AmpKit+:


Strumming out your best in your bedroom may be fine but having an audience grooving to your tunes is another feeling altogether. After peering through our guitar centric apps, we now shed light on the AmpKit+. This software is noted to be a powerful guitar amp which enables you to connect your guitar or bass to your iPad. There are 20 cabinets, 22 effects, 100 presets, 8 mics and 35 amp channels to avail of along with an ‘Effects Only’ mode and mic positioning control. It further has the ability to create dry and wet recordings as well as copy these pieces to other iOS apps and vice versa. This feature certainly comes in handy for conducting multi-track recording.

Price: 19.99

6 – E-Guitar HD:

E-Guitar HD

For a minimal amount of just under $4, you can learn Blues, Folk and Jazz guitar. A deal many an hardly refuse. Once you’ve master all the techniques E-Guitar HD has to offer, you can enchant your friends and family with your newfound guitar skills. As the makers of this software suggest, you don’t require any prior musical knowledge, although you would need to arm yourself with a guitar. The entrant into our best guitar apps list includes 27 lessons of increasing level, autoscrolling tabs and video files for each lesson as well as pitch notes to tune your instrument. Theory and technique details on all three sets are also provided.

Price: $3.99

7 – ChordMate for iPad:

ChordMate for iPad

With the ChordMate for iPad sitting snuggly in your device, you will have a digital chord book right at your fingertips at all times. Besides stocking up on familiar chords, it also rolls out with less common voicings for acquiring fresh and more interesting chord progressions. Listen to each individual chord chime with clarity as it resonates from the in-app acoustic, classical and electric guitars. The chord diagram can further be copied into another program in a pdf or png format. Furthermore, a custom keyboard for chords is present within the software, which allows you to easily punch in the desired chord symbols and alphabets. If you are looking for a no-nonsense chord chart, then the ChordMate for iPad seems to be the apt app.

Price: $9.99

Did any of the iPad guitar apps in our roster strike a chord with you? Or do you have some options of your own that you would like to share with other music lovers? Let us know by leaving in your comments.