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7 Best iPad Drawing Apps

Best iPad Drawing Apps

The best iPad drawing apps offer tech enthusiasts the opportunity to let their imagination run wild and show off their creative skills. Graffiti, sketching, drawing and painting, among others are all forms of expression that allow one to convey their innermost feelings without uttering a single word. Through this freedom, various artists have created wonderful works of art throughout the ages by just using flowing strokes, bold lines and deep sketches. So have a look at the acme choices we’ve lined up which might just help bring out the Picasso in you.

1 – ArtStudio for iPad:

ArtStudio For iPad

ArtStudio for iPad is noted to be a professional drawing and painting application, which claims to use advanced mathematics and numerous code optimizations. Besides offering a complex set of tools for artists, it seems to be a great app for beginners as well, as it comprises of 17 drawing lessons with step-by-step instructions for various types of images such as humans, animals, perspective and 3D. Around 30 brushes like airbrush, pencils, smudge tool, bucket fill, wet brush and eraser are featured in the app. Other tools include text, clone, select, layer masks, custom brushes, 9 layer blending modes filters, symmetric drawing and shapes.

Price: $2.99

2 – Sketches 2:

Sketches 2

With Sketches 2 sitting in your Apple handset, you can sketch out random ideas, create works of art and even draw on photos. This offering provides loads of interesting features and tools as well as a user-friendly, unobtrusive interface. While fresh lines can be drawn through the use of artistic brushes, the simple color selection and advanced color picker bestows your creations with bright hues. This entrant in our iPad drawing apps roster further boasts of Maps integration, which allows you to personalize your current location in satellite, map or hybrid mode. This feature comes in quite handy especially while attempting to give friends and relatives customized directions to a particular place.

Price: $4.99

3 – iDraw:


Whether it’s intricate technical illustrations or casual drawings, iDraw provides you with the ideal tools to fashion just about any work of art directly on your portable device, anywhere, anytime. At a glance, this particular app infuses a treasure chest of tools such as images, multi-color gradients, layers, brushes, customizable canvas styles, masking, grid snapping, RGB color picker and more.

YouTube video

Watch all your ideas come alive on the virtual canvas by employing the Pencil and Brush tools. You can also export drawings as vector-based PDF and SVG files as well as send your drawings across to loved ones via email. This software option is apt for professionals in the artistic field as well as amateurs looking for an outlet to channel their creativity.

Price: $8.99

4 – Sketch Club:

Sketch Club

Besides hoarding standard digital painting and drawing tools, the next offering in our list of iPad drawing apps also enters the scene with new procedural tools for endowing your photo with an amazing touch. Going that one step further, it enables you to record speed painting sessions, add appropriate music pieces and upload on YouTube. And you can carry out all these steps from within the app itself.

YouTube video

The various tools packed into the software supports freehand drawing along with circle, square shapes as well as mirroring for symmetric drawings such as faces and other such objects. As the name suggests, this virtual club of sorts lets you upload your sketches for others to rate and comment.

Price: $2.99

5 – Adobe Ideas:

Adobe Ideas

Although the Adobe Ideas app is the priciest offering in our list, it will certainly be worth your every penny as it is fitted with a plethora of features that can be exploited to create different works of art. The list comprises of 10 drawing layers plus an additional photo layer allotted for each sketch. Simple vector-based drawing tools and variable-size brushes using multi-touch control are also at your disposal.

YouTube video

The Eyedropper tool can easily pick up hues painted across your picture or drawing. If you were impressed with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, you’ll surely love using Adobe Ideas for the iPad. Furthermore, tech enthusiasts with an artistic inclination can avail of the app in various languages such as English, German, French and Japanese.

Price: $9.99

6 – ASKetch:


The iPad drawing apps array continues with inclusion of ASKetch. The wonderful experience of charcoal drawing can now be enjoyed directly on your Apple tablet. A trio of distinct pencil types as well as hard and soft drawing modes can be toggled via the included pencil button. As the creators of the app reveal, beginners who wish to dabble in this genre of drawing can easily learn the tricks of the trade without having to bother too much about complex tools and palettes. On the other hand, advanced artists can take advantage of the tonal canvas for generating traditional black and white images with a digital twist. If you’ve always wanted to sketch out cartoons, celebrities, head portraits, caricatures or any other such characters, just like those talented street artists, then ASKetch would be perfect for you.

Price: $1.99

7 – Draw Free for iPad:

Draw Free For iPad

Whether you’re giving vent to your hobby or just bored during an office meeting, Draw Free for iPad will cater to all your drawing ambitions. While the other aforementioned delights were embedded with advanced attributes, this offering boasts of simple tools which allow both kids as well as adults to doddle across the Apple gadget. Remember the good old days when little kids used to draw their pictures with the sun at the corner of the plain blank white page? Well, they can now exert that same enthusiasm while drawing on the iPad. You can pencil in curves, lines and points with a realistic rounded brush and even choose your own background. All your masterpieces can then be shared with friends and family through email, Facebook and Twitter.

Price: Free

From cave paintings to tablet drawings, artistic expressions and mediums have certainly come a long way. While our ancestors used rudimentary tools and other primitive devices to draw their images, we employ a more sophisticated approach for sketching on the Apple slab. Besides using a stylus, there are many in-built tools provided with each respective software option in our best iPad drawing apps. So which delight would you acquire for churning out your creations?