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8 Best iPad DJ Apps

Best iPad DJ Apps

The following best iPad DJ apps guarantee to make you the life of any party. What’s more, you can blare out some great tunes anywhere, anytime. You’ll also be able to spice up a dreary place with your favorite melodies without having to port along large equipment. Simply pull out your iDevice, opt for your preferred app and begin spinning out your splendid mix. Having trouble choosing a reliable software piece from the Apple App Store? Don’t worry; we’ll help you zero in on just the right application.

1 – djay:


Ready to transform your iPad into a full–fledged DJ system? Well, if you’re nodding in agreement then waste no time in acquiring the djay application. It has the ability to merge with your extensive music library and even provides a realistic low–latency turntable touchscreen interface.

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You can record your own mixes, perform spontaneously in front of a live audience or simply turn on Automix mode, which automatically blends your created playlists with DJ-style transitions. Some of its other qualities include Audio FX, cue point trigger, high-quality scratching, pitch-bend and looping.

Price: $19.99

2 – Baby Decks DJ:

Baby Decks DJ

Baby Decks DJ forays onto the scenario bringing along a virtual dual scratch turntable fashioned exclusively for the Apple slate. The portable DJ system comes complete with a pair of transformer bars and turntables as well as other easy-to-use features.

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These read as pitch control, broadcast over AirPlay, cross fader and Numark iDJ Live support. And if you’ve upgraded to the latest iOS6, then you’ll also be able to take advantage of full stereo headphone cueing.

Price: $14.99

3 – iDJ:


Simply christened iDJ, this inclusion in our iPad DJ apps roster allows you to easily formulate synchronized playlists with unlimited number of songs that are plucked right out of your iTunes library. You can also simultaneously mix and match up to 4 songs in playlists that offer support for audio WAV, AAC and MP3 files.

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The developer has also thrown in a tempo graph which aids you in making better informed song selections depending on beat analysis. Point and drag your way to fame, irrespective of whether you’re a renowned name on the music circuit or just someone who loves grooving to fresh tunes.

Price: $1.99

4 – deej:


Deej claims to endow the most common controls found on a professional mixing table, directly to your gadget’s wide touchscreen. What’s more, the maker reveals that the handy application is ‘designed with beginners in mind.’ So you need not worry about complicated buttons and other sorts of knobs.

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Thanks to the incorporation of various attributes, you’ll be able to adjust the volume and pitch of your tracks and even repeat or scratch your music, while on the go. Built with an interactive tutorial, deej also comes packed with BPM calculation, single cue point, main crossfader, 3 band equalizer and autosync.

Price: $4.99

5 – MixxMuse DJ-Pro HD:

MixxMuse DJ-Pro HD

‘Touch the music’ with MixxMuse DJ-Pro HD. With this particular entrant in our iPad DJ apps lineup sitting in your slate, you’ll be able to create foot-tapping, hip-swaying mixes all in real-time. It also provides a loop-based music instrument, multi touch DJ mixer, futuristic interface and an innovative music game.

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The Pro version hits the scene with a FreeStyle mode as well as more than 250 free samples. And if you don’t want to dig too deep into your pockets, there’s the free edition of MixxMuse DJ HD you can always avail of.

Price: $3.99

6 – Tonetable:


Feel like a pro, scratching those funky tunes for all your loved one’s get-togethers and parties. Impress friends and family by belting out tracks via the Tonetable app. The delight in question lets you control your digital vinyl system directly through your Apple device. You can expect to see a large scratching platter that offers you customizable colors, adjustable position and size of scratching area, and pitch slider for fine pitch control.

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This software option is further compatible with digital vinyl systems like Native Instruments’ Traktor Scratch, Image-Line’s Deckadance, Serato’s Scratch Live and M-Audio’s Torq.

Price: $7.99

7 – Tremor:


Rule the music highway with the next contender in our iPad DJ apps roundup. By shelling just under $20, you’ll be able to procure the Tremor application – a gem that turns your iPad into a quad input DJ mixer. There are 4 turntables for mixing, audio playback and recording as well as precision button controls, global equalizer presets, pitch shift sliders and automatic BPM detection display. You’ll also be able to seamlessly stream music to any other Tremor client and even email your recordings and tracks to other DJ enthusiasts strewn across the world.

Price: $19.99

8 – mix.dj HD:

mix.dj HD

After dishing out some innovative tools that allow you to spin your favorite mixes via your portable device, we now shed light on an application that helps you get up close and personal with other DJs from across the globe as well as new DJ mixes. You can easily exploit 30 preset moods and 70 genres from more than 25,000 DJ mixes. The sets available for your audible pleasure are Lounge Party, Reggae Party, House Party and Trance Party, among others. Search for specific tracks, create playlists, bookmark your favorites and share mixes via email, Twitter and Facebook.

Price: $14.99


We earlier catered to disc jockey enthusiasts by listing out the DJ apps for Android-infused gadgets. This time around, we’ve rolled out some juicy options for all you party rockers who own a handy Apple tablet. The best iPad DJ apps are exactly what you need to liven up any gathering, be it a pool party, family reunion or even a friend’s birthday. You’ll be able to fill the ambience with your desired tunes and watch as your audience sways to your beats. We suggest you try them all out and return to this space with your comments.