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7 Best iPad Clock Apps

Best iPad Clock Apps

Our best iPad clock apps can do much more than just fulfill the task of telling the time and waking you up for those early morning lectures or meetings. Each option in this roundup brings distinctive attributes that should make them all the more alluring. While most applications we’re about to jot down present themselves as beautiful desk clocks, some even go to the extent of keeping you connected with the social world. So read on and pick out the ones that cater to your needs the most.

1. Nightstand Central for iPad

Nightstand Central For iPad

If you are hunting for beautiful desk clocks on the Apple App Store, then the Nightstand Central for iPad app might just be the tool you’re looking for. Not only does it tag along an intuitive interface, but it also displays current weather information to keep you constantly updated. And besides featuring an alarm system, this application gives you the option to personalize the virtual desk clock according to you liking by selecting from 20 beautiful pre-loaded wallpapers.

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It gives you the liberty to assign multiple alarms, select between 12- or 24-hour formats as well as set an auto-lock time amongst other features. Also, if you’re hungry for additional attributes such as a sleep timer, a built-in flashlight and musical alerts, then you can opt for the ad-free paid version of the Nightstand Central for iPad app.

Price: Free

2. Weather Clock

Weather Clock

The next candidate on our iPad clock apps roster is the Weather Clock offering that brings in a bunch of interesting features for no cost at all. As its name suggests, this software is a climate tracker combined with an alarm clock. Its flip-style design might just be one of the many reasons for you to consider having the application on your 9.7-inch tablet. What’s more? Well, the background automatically changes according to the weather and adjusts itself to show whether its day or night. You can view the temperature and live local weather reports as well as run through a four-day forecast of selected cities. Multiple alarms, 12- or 24-hour formats, in-app art wallpaper and other fancy options are on-board as well.

Price: Free

3. Night Stand for iPad

Night Stand For iPad

If you thought it would be cool to get an alarm clock, weather monitor, RSS reader and more in a single package, you’ve probably been fishing for the Night Stand app. Designed to be compatible only with the iPad, this offering is complete with Twitter and Facebook integration for social networking enthusiasts. Yes, you will have updates from the networking sites, RSS feeds and more on your tablet screen. If these weren’t enough, the images from your iPad library can be viewed as a slideshow in the background. Naturally, the software incorporates a digital clock, music alarms and sleep-timer along with various other attributes. You probably know that the features list doesn’t end here and the best part is that the app won’t even cost you a dime to download.

Price: Free

4. World Clock Pro

World Clock Pro

It may not take more than a glance to know why World Clock Pro is one of the most sought after iPad clock apps around. Many corporate honchos may already be employing this option to plan their global schedules. For starters, the application allows you to select an unlimited number of world cities to display the time and it also comes with a comparison view. So through these offerings, you can easily plan activities and even scroll across world maps with the clocks, time zones and cities selected always on display. Real-time daylight shadow is another neat feature on the app, which gives you the option to put up large clocks if you plan on viewing the iPad from a distance. Needless to say, the alarm clock function is in place and so is a split view option to get more things done for executives on the move.

Price: $1.99

5. Alarm Clock HD

Alarm Clock HD

Music lovers most certainly prefer getting up every morning listening to their favorite tracks. And that’s precisely what the Alarm Clock HD is built for. Apart from alarms which play songs from your music collection, you have RSS feeds and Twitter integrated to keep you always connected. Additionally, it features a flashlight, in-app viewing of battery levels and big snooze buttons for those few extra minutes of sleep. Besides these, the application also displays weather information, inclusive of local temperature and wind details. You can personalize the app by drenching it in your favorite colors, while the configurable sleep-timer lets you doze off to your preferred songs or audio books.

Price: Free

6. Theme Clock Lite

Theme Clock Lite

If the prerequisites of being amongst the best iPad clock apps around include high customization features, then you have just stumbled into the right place. The Theme Clock Lite offering brings not one, but ten beautiful layouts to select from. Naturally, it also features an alarm clock that should do the task of waking you up for your early morning jog. Since this application presents itself as a viable pick, your 9.7-inch slate might serve the role of being a desk clock more often. The Theme Clock Lite app flaunts a simple UI and comes with various features that make it user-friendly and a decent option to deploy.

Price: Free

7. Living Earth HD

Living Earth HD

You may want to install the Living Earth HD app just for the sheer beautiful interface it arrives with, but there are various other useful functions that it brings along. And we have listed down all attributes available on-board for you to run through. Before you immerse in the live 3D simulation of the globe which displays weather forecasts and world clocks, you can view hourly climate details and indulge in looking at changing seasons that the earth undergoes.

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With the app delivering real-time satellite cloud data, you could view the cloud patterns and tropical storms at the time the events take place. With features like these in tow, the Living Earth HD application might just become your preferred desk clock choice. It also features an alarm clock with a music playlist.

Price: $0.99

So which of the aforementioned iPad clock apps have earned a spot on your Apple slab? Do leave a comment about your preferred choices. And if we missed out on any viable option that you’re familiar with, be sure to let us know.