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12 Best iPad Browsers

Best iPad Browsers

When you have some of the best iPad browsers in iTunes, there’s absolutely no reason to stick with the default one. These certainly seem more efficient in carrying out tasks than the slate’s native application. And as the Apple tablet is devoid of built-in Flash support, some of these applications can help you open Flash-based websites as well. So run through the list and take your pick.

1 – Knowtilus Pro:

Knowtilus Pro

Knowtilus is a multitasking application that facilitates not only surfing the web, but also editing text using the accompanying suite. Its Interactive Digital Assistant reads aloud pages in one of the 52 voices and in more languages than we can count, while the ability to open websites, multilevel browsing and the provided text editor should add to your convenience. Additionally, you have the option to save content in plain text without advertisements so that you can read it when offline. It even readily translates text in close to 28 languages.

Price: $4.99

2 – Mercury:


Apparently, the most advanced and elegant tool of its kind in iTunes, Mercury recognizes multi-touch gestures and allows personalization with the help of different themes. It can open up to 10 tabs at a time and comes with a full screen surfing option in addition to attributes like file sharing, adblock and more.

YouTube video

This app’s Facebook and Twitter integration ensures instant access to the sites and it even tags along a passcode lock. What’s more, you can also save web pages for later use.

Price: Free

3 – Photon Flash Player:


One of the main advantages of the next application on our lineup is its support for Flash content, so you can enjoy Facebook games on your tablet. It offers native surfing for normal websites and switches to remote mode if the portal contains Flash content.

YouTube video

Apart from full screen, it enables you to open multiple tabs and lets you multitask, thanks to the split view. Some of its other features include private browsing, personalization options and bookmark support.

Price: $4.99

4 – Opera Mini:

Opera Mini

Opera Mini has managed to make its mark on various platforms; this is one reason why we recommend this application. The cost efficient tool claims to be about 6 times faster than most of its counterparts because of its ability to compress web pages by up to 90 percent before they are downloaded.

YouTube video

This feature comes in handy in case you are stuck on slower or crowded networks and do not have access to a Wi-Fi hotspot. It instantly opens a preferred website and permits you to have a look at all your open tabs in order to seamlessly switch between them.

Price: Free

5 – Duo:


Although most similar applications boast of multi-tab support, Duo comes across as a good option to consider in case you have to open two websites, one over the other. So with this app installed in your gadget, you can continue with your work and simultaneously keep track of what your friends are up to through a social networking website. It can be viewed in both landscape and portrait modes too.

Price: Free

6 – Perfect Web Browser:


If the developers of this app are to be believed, it is the ‘fastest and most advanced’ full screen application of its ilk. This tool in our array claims to offer a better-than-desktop experience with features like tabs, desktop-rendering and a number of other handy attributes.

YouTube video

Apart from recognizing gestures, it enables you to easily scroll through web pages with a simple touch and even makes for a powerful printing utility. And if that’s not enough, it is also capable of user agent spoofing and displaying pages like any other popular web surfing tool.

Price: $3.99

7 – Atomic Web Browser:


Yet another advanced and customizable full screen software that brings desktop-like features to the Apple slate is our seventh contender. Besides the usual attributes like Facebook and Twitter integration, Adblocks, support for multiple tabs and switching user agents, you can add buttons for as many as 30 functions and take advantage of Video Out to project web pages on a big screen TV.

YouTube video

It permits you to save pages and even launch a search for words on the page you are viewing. A ‘view source’ option and passcode support have also been added to it.

Price: $0.99

8 – Mobicip Safe Browser:


If you are skeptical about letting your children access the web, this one can come to your rescue. Designed specifically to keep kids away from objectionable content on the internet, it works towards filtering websites and YouTube videos that are apt for them. The app adopts a Safari-like interface and comes with support for multiple tabs, multiple windows and both screen orientations.

YouTube video

You can set this application as the default browser on your tablet by disabling Safari and also activate an age-based filtering option. It enables safe searches on all search engines.

Price: $4.99

9 – Night Browser:


As the name suggests, this ninth candidate lets you surf the internet at night without disturbing others in the same room due to its glow. Its ability to offer a convenient way to search the web in the dark makes it easy on your rods and cones.

YouTube video

Additionally, the adjustable beam of light coming out of your screen lets you coolly walk around at night too.

Price: Free

10 – Dolphin:


MoboTap’s creation can serve as your web assistant here. It remembers your passwords so you are not required to punch them in every time you visit a website. The application doesn’t even let you waste time when typing in the name of the site. The auto-complete feature and its ability to remember your history fills in the URL bar pretty quickly.

YouTube video

Moreover, you can share web pages via email, take advantage of Webzine and instantly get access to preferred features using personalized gesture controls. Speed dial, bookmarks and full screen are some more attributes offered by this software.

Price: Free

11 – iCab Mobile:

iCab Mobile

This application in our queue can be of great help if you are the kind of person who uploads a lot of files to the internet. Enhanced with multiple search engines by default, the app allows you to save web forms for later use too.

YouTube video

Its built-in filters assist you in blocking advertisements and hiding images for faster page rendering. Moreover, this application is compatible with Dropbox and features tabs, bookmarks, full-screen mode, a built-in download manager, password protection and a scrollpad.

Price: $1.99

12 – 360 Web Browser:


Boasting of Firefox sync, this last one has been integrated with a download manager, a media player and Dropbox, in addition to over 200 other features. Its Flash Video Conversion function extends support to select websites, converting them for the Apple device.

YouTube video

Furthermore, 360 Arcs built on the Prodigy engine ensure instant access to multiple features and you can completely change the appearance by using some of the customizable themes it brings along.

Price: $0.99


Our compilation of the best iPad browsers should ensure that you make the most of surfing the internet on this iDevice. While we combed through iTunes in order to list out some of the best ones, the Apple App store is loaded with a number of other such applications. So if you come across something that deserves a mention here, do let us know through the comment box below.