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10 Best iPad Apps For Teachers

Best iPad Apps For Teachers

The best iPad apps for teachers let educators impart knowledge the hassle-free and fun way. What’s more, even the students find these new-age methods of learning a complete treat. No longer do they have to simply stare away at the blackboard while the professor chalks his or her way across the green surface. Interactive sessions are the need of the hour and that’s exactly what these gems help deliver. Their practicality and reach extends from the science lab to the classroom. Schooling just got a whole lot better.

1 – Science360:


Just as the name aptly suggests, this software provides a complete 360 degree look at science. It aims to make the subject more approachable by splashing science and engineering images across the bright screen.

There are also large helpings of interesting videos and a news feed option for breaking news from NSF-funded institutions. And according to the developer, new content is added to the software each week. You can even share these pictures and video clips with pals via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Price: Free

2 – ScreenChomp:


This particular entrant in our roster is great for helping children with their homework, explaining a tough concept or just sharing a great idea, as the maker reveals. The program is looked upon as a simple doodling board where you can sketch out your views. Simply hit the record button and capture your audio instructions and touch interactions.

What’s more, you don’t even need to be an Einstein to fashion your own tutorial. It’s a great way to record tips for students or tutor them while their away from school.

Price: Free

3 – Keynote:


By shelling out just under $10, you’ll be able to put together fun slideshows that accommodate all desired study content. This serving can be brought forth through animated charts and transitions, 3D charts and highlighted data.

Furthermore, you can also expect to find over 20 slide transitions such as mosaic, twist, page flip and anagram as well as a dozen Apple-designed themes like gradient, showroom and portfolio. Presentations have never failed to intrigue students, so why not try your hand at a slideshow or two?

Price: $9.99

4 – gFlashPro – Flashcards & Tests:


Wondering just what this particular delight is famous for? Well, through this program, you’ll be able to create, download and manipulate flashcards in a number of subjects. All fresh content can be espied within an innovative box-style flashcard format. There’s also a card editor as well as fast Google Docs integration thrown into the amalgamation. What’s more, you’ll even be able to buy and download branded premium content from educational publishers directly through this program itself.

Price: $3.99

5 – Attendance 2:

Attendance 2

The Apple slate can be an asset to an instructor in the classroom. And among the list of names that help make this gadget that ideal companion is this inclusion in our array. It allows you to seamlessly maintain and report attendance records. There are 2 different statues and a note for each individual every day. Mark your pupils with late, excused, present or absent remarks against their name on a daily basis. You can further tweak the settings according to your preferences.

Price: $4.99

6 – Teacher’s Assistant Pro:

Assistant Pro

Effectively keeping track of a whole classroom full of students can sometimes pose to be a tedious task. And aiming to help you with this endeavor is your faithful virtual assistant. By exploiting this program, you’ll be able to track student behaviors, actions and achievements.

This makes it easier to communicate with the child’s parents as well as the administration at large. You can seamlessly punch or import ready-made templates for class period, student’s name, phone numbers and email addresses of the guardians.

Price: $12.99

7 – Today In History:

Today In History

Historical information and world history is what you bargain for when you download this particular software. Each day, you and your pupils will be able to dabble in interesting trivia bits based on the specific events that took place that day in history.

You can further share these dedicated days and occasions with others via email, Twitter and Facebook.

Price: Free

8 – Evernote:


Sharing information has never been easier. From formulating lecture notes to providing your students with the necessary study content for the semester, you can rely on this contender in our roundup to satisfy all these needs and then some.

With this software sitting pretty in your tablet, you’ll be able to easily record voice reminders, create to-do lists, edit text notes and capture photos while on the go.

Price: Free

9 – Edmodo:


Through this innovative program, you can stay in touch with your students even after class hours. This helps sort out any inquiry or difficulty they might encounter while doing their homework. You’ll also be able to share notes, check forthcoming events and post replies from the comfort of your own home. Your pupils can even send across their assignments with the help of Edmodo.

Price: Free

10 – Mathematical Formulas:

Mathematical Formulas

Formulas can sometimes leave a perplexed look on many a student’s face. So in order to wipe those worried lines off their brows, you can avail of this very useful program. Some of the topics featured here include arithmetic, geometry, integration, trigonometry, differentiation and complex numbers. It even proffers support for TV-out so that you can display the diagrams on a larger screen for many to view.

Price: $0.99


The portable Apple tablet boasts of a wide touchscreen that has the ability to breathe life into anything that’s displayed across its surface. And when it comes to bringing a little fun into academics, what better way to exploit this possibility than by slapping interesting content directly onto this gadget? To help professors all over the globe make their lectures more interactive and exciting, we’ve listed out the best iPad apps for teachers to indulge in. And if you’re a tutor or a staff member wielding an iDevice, then you’ll surely want to procure these items. Don’t see your favorite ones among our array? Simply let us know by jotting down your comments just below.