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6 Best Hunting Games For PC

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The best hunting games for PC proffer realistic scenarios where you can sharpen your shooting skills. You’ll be sucked into heart-pounding situations which require you to stay calm, keep a steady hand and take aim at your prize. All of the following delights listed here will transport you to fantastic outdoor arenas that are packed to the hilt with all sorts of wild animals. And by variety, we mean you can expect to see creatures other than your usual deer, caribou and bear sort. A couple of the titles listed here even let you bring down dinosaurs, mammoths and saber-tooth tigers.

1 – The Hunter.com:

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Through this portal, you’ll be able to fashion your very own onscreen character and dive right into different missions. You can also foray across all 4 massive reserves and take down various species like the blacktail deer, black bear, roosevelt elk, whitetail deer, moose, feral hogs, coyotes, roe deer, turkeys, wild boars and pheasants. You’ll find these elusive critters prancing around different areas such as Logger’s Point, Redfeather Falls and the German-inspired Hirschenfeld environment.

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You would also have to brave dynamic weather conditions such as rain, wind and fog. And just like an experienced person in this field, you can hide behind trees and rock formations as well as blend in with the tall blades of grass. You can either sign up for a free guest pass or shell out just under $15 for 3 months if you wish to become a member.

2 – Cabela’s Outdoor Adventures:

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This next entrant in our roster pops up from the house of Activision. Here, adventure aficionados can gear up to dabble in a simulation-style title that comprises of 2 more activities besides the one in the spotlight namely, bird shooting and fishing. You can take part in more than 50 adventures that allow you to use special tactics like stealth skills and animal calls.

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The gem further adheres to real life regulations and rules. What’s more, you’ll also be able to upgrade your gear by utilizing authentically branded equipment. Thanks to the new shooting system called Vitals, you can aim and shoot accurately at your prey’s vitals. And if you happen to be a rookie, the title even offers guides and built-in tutorials.

3 – Carnivores Ice Age:

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Are you ready to embark upon a bone-chilling, prehistoric adventure? Well, if you’re nodding with enthusiasm, this delight seems like just the solution for you. Take a trip through the Ice Age, a time when saber-tooth tigers, mammoths and wild boars roamed the freezing planes. You’ll be provided with a full cache of equipment and weapons for tracking down and killing both herbivorous as well as carnivorous creatures.

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You can first study your prey in silence via the observation mode and accordingly plan your next move. You’ll further be able to opt from 5 chilling maps like the snowy tundra and massive cliffs. And after your daring ordeals, you can proudly display your prey in the virtual trophy room. Besides the PC, you can enjoy the title via your iOS and Android-powered mobile devices as well.

4 – Remington Super Slam Alaska:

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Looking for more chilly thrills? Well, this particular inclusion in our array transports you to the Alaskan landscapes where you’ll come face to face with 25 varieties of animals. You can survive through the 19 levels by wielding formidable weapons such as pistols, rifles and bows.

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Furthermore, there are more than 100 achievements, medals and trophies to take advantage of here. The title even boasts of incorporating co-op and versus modes where up to 4 players can either join forces or compete with each other to see who emerges as the king of the wild.

5 – Deer Drive:

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According to the brains behind this endeavor, it’s open season here and you’re called upon to indulge in some pure shooting fun. This engaging action title provides adventure enthusiasts with a trio of major trophy species as well as spectacular natural environments and 2 balanced firearms. The arcade-style gem lets you shoot at animals like the prize whitetail buck, grizzly bear, moose, small varmint and a variety of birds.

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During your stay here, you’ll also be bombarded with realistic weather effects, natural environmental sounds, an appropriate musical score and normal-mapped materials. What’s more, you can dive in and share your experiences with pals via the integrated Party mode. You can procure this one for Windows as well as Mac PCs.

6 – Carnivores Cityscape:

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We conclude our roundup with yet another treat from the acclaimed Carnivores series. And as promised earlier, you get to annihilate dangerous dinosaurs that are running amok in the city. Here you’re required to stealthy follow and trap the large beings through the sewers, parks and city streets.

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In order to give you a fighting chance at capturing these gigantic creatures, you’ll be provided with the necessary deadly weapons. Additionally, you’ll also find an alternate mode which lets you take on the role of a dinosaur who must evade the clutches of its captors.


The aforesaid simulation titles proffer an adrenaline rush of a different sort. You’ll be able to experience what it’s like to step into the boots of a skilled individual who seeks out animals and guns them down with a brave gleam in the eye. Now in order to take complete advantage of the aforesaid best hunting games for PC, you’ll have to stay sharp, be on your guard and practice patients so you’re ready to strike when the time is right. So which titles are you planning to tip your khaki hat to? Don’t forget to leave your favorite mentions in the space just below.