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8 Best HTC Thunderbolt Apps

Best HTC Thunderbolt Apps

Fishing for the best HTC Thunderbolt apps around town? Well, you certainly seem to be looking at drawing the most out of your phone. The options in this roundup cater to audiophiles, business executives, photographers and the rest of the crowd. Some may aim at enhancing productivity at work, while others arrive to proffer hours of amusement and so your Thunderbolt should happily house them for you. Give this lineup a good look and check if you’ve missed out on employing any of the choices listed below.

1. Evernote


Evernote is one neat solution to have everything organized in one place so that your productivity doesn’t take a beating. This popular app allows syncing content across all your devices and makes it easier to always carry around the required data with you. You can take down notes on the app, create to-do lists, record voice reminders and generally have everything at your fingertips. You may even share data with co-workers through Facebook and Twitter to get things going. Plus, you can edit notes within the application and have them e-mailed or simply keep them organized by tags and notebooks for quick access.

2. Pandora internet radio

Pandora Internet Radio

Audiophiles may probably be grinning at the Pandora internet radio option featuring in our HTC Thunderbolt apps lineup. Chances are, this is one of your favorite radio applications on the Android Market or to be more precise, on Google Play. Imagine having your own personal radio to blare out tunes that you prefer. Well, this offering intends to deliver on those very lines. So you can punch in the name of your favorite track, artist or composer and leave it to Pandora to create a ‘station’ that plays out that music and genres akin to the ones you prefer. For many users, their personal Pandora station may have become the only one they want to tune into.

3. Angry Birds

Angry Birds

If catapulting little feathery creatures to destroy the pesky pigs is your favorite way of passing away time, then you are probably an Angry Birds fan. This title tags along fun-filled gameplay with a lot of levels that compel you to use logic and skill to deal with the green enemies. The updates to the game always manage to bring extra doses of fun and new levels. And if you’re no different from us, you must also be on the watchout for Angry Birds Space that is gearing for a March 22 launch. In the meantime, you can dabble in Angry Birds Rio and Seasons which are available on Google Play.

4. Kindle


The next entrant in our roster is the Kindle app that caters to the avid reader in you. Need we mention what this popular offering has in store for you? Well, you can shop for titles, read free eBooks, browse through newspapers and magazines and do a lot more through this software. It will most probably give you the feeling of porting around your digital library everywhere you go. You could even employ the in-app dictionary or access Wikipedia and Google through the offering. Thanks to Whispersync technology, the software syncs content across other devices, including the highlights made, bookmarks as well as notes. It gives you the option to borrow books from your local library as well.

5. Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader

We are quite sure that Adobe Reader need not be introduced, for you must be already deploying it to read PDF files and sharing the same via the app. From students to corporate honchos possessing the Thunderbolt, most have probably kept this particular application within easy reach. So we won’t go on to spell out the reasons as to why it is in our HTC Thunderbolt apps roster. But we sure will tell you that it supports a number of languages including Japanese, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish and more. For reminder’s sake, you may view sticky notes or annotations amongst other things that you can do to work with PDFs via this app.

6. Documents to Go

Documents to Go

If you are armed with the Thunderbolt and have the Documents to Go app on your homescreen for quick access, then you probably are an executive on a business mission. You can view Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files through the app. Upon getting hold of the Full Version Key selling on Google Play, you can edit these documents on the fly. It even syncs content with your PC so the presentation you started off on the desktop can be edited on your way to the meeting. It supports Google Docs, attachments and also gives access to password-protected files, a built-in file browser and features a PDF reader as well.

7. Pro HDR Camera

Pro HDR Camera

Mobile photographers may probably take a liking to Pro HDR Camera featuring on our HTC Thunderbolt apps roster. As you may have gathered, the offering facilitates in-app HDR photo capture and gives you the liberty to select exposure in the HDR when going on a snapping spree. You can view images in the app’s gallery, edit them and then share the photographs with family and friends across Facebook, Twitter, Picasa and of course, via e-mail too. It gives you the freedom of clicking snaps in portrait and landscape orientations. The application also saves HDR images at the full resolution of your camera, though its services don’t end at that.

8. Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies

If you are into tower defense games, then we’re guessing Plants vs. Zombies sits atop your favorite titles list. What can be more fun than virtually having to protect your brain from being chewed by the undead? And employing the plants in the backyard to help you only adds to the excitement.

Naturally, you are required to exercise your grey cells and get through 50 challenging levels. You have an army of 49 plants, each with a special ability to take on the mindless menaces, in their own way. Make sure you don’t run out of seeds or the flora when strategically dealing with other ambient obstacles besides the zombies.

We’re done with belting out verses on the best HTC Thunderbolt apps that will enhance the utility of your Android powered smartphone. Let us know which options are your personal favorites and feel free to list other offerings that should have been placed in this roster.