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8 Best Honeycomb Apps

Best Honeycomb Apps

The need for us to compile a list of the best Honeycomb apps might just prove that many Android slate owners are not yet giving up on this platform version which is customized for tablets. Of course, we have ICS gradually taking over tech world and delightfully so. But different factors seem to be thwarting its welcome invasion, leading to several slabs still running Android 3.0. Nonetheless, our compilation might help you make the most of it if you’re still relishing the sweetness of Honeycomb. Take a look at the app options we have put forth to optimize your OS experience and exploit the full potential of your tablet.

1. Google Earth

Google Earth

The first offering comes straight from the Mountain View developers who brought forth this OS. When equipped with Google Earth, your tablet will be capable of leading you through an exciting journey around the earth. Now you won’t need a passport to take a good look at your favorite monument on the other side of the planet. Instead, this can be done right from your slate after installing the app. The software is designed to show some of the most famous monuments on your screen, in photo-realistic 3D. You can navigate through layers like borders, roads, places, photos and more. Also, voice commands may be used to search cities, locations and even businesses.

2. SlideIT Keyboard

SlideIT Keyboard

If you are an Android user, you are probably well aware of names like SwiftKey X and Swype. But we have picked a different contender for the keypad software category in our assemblage this time around. The SlideIT keyboard, as the name aptly suggests, will let you enter words by simply sliding your finger over the screen, rather than typing them.

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When using it on your tablet in landscape mode, you might find that it does not engage some space on the side. But the overall layout and placing of the keys seem pretty well executed; so it might not be a concern for most of us. Furthermore, this makes it easier to hold the gadget with one hand and glide over the letters with the other. Some other features of that draw the attention are the skin options and free language packs. If you decide to grab the virtual keyboard Android app, it might interest you to know that it is being offered at a bargain price throughout this week.

3. Google Docs

Google Docs

Google fans may be friends with Google Docs already and having a dedicated app for it simply makes the service easier to use. This candidate lets you carry your Docs by means of your tablet for which it has been optimized. So your documents should be easily accessible wherever you are.

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You can not only create new Docs on the go, but also edit existing ones, upload them and share them with friends. Changes made to shared files are visible to other users within seconds. Also, the app allows you to convert any available text into a Google Doc without you having to go through the task of typing or formatting it. This entrant in our apps listing lets you click an image of any desired text matter and easily transform it into a Doc for further use.

4. Evernote


Most tech enthusiasts out there must be aware of the Evernote service which is not only available for Android, but also for BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, iOS and several other desktop platforms and internet browsers as well. The app comes across as your personal notepad, diary or even a handy assistant.

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In addition to this, the notes you take on one device will be made available through the application on all gadgets you use it with so you don’t have to worry about transferring content from here to there. Other than text, the software also helps you jot down ideas through images, to-do lists or even record voice reminders.

5. Angry Birds Rio –

Angry Birds Rio

One of the most popular games across several platforms is also among our picks. We have already seen three versions of the Angry Birds title and the fourth one is on its way too.

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The new edition was seen taking these hot-headed, feathered creatures to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, after they were captured, caged and transported there. This was bound to make the birds more enraged and eventually engage players in some exotic action in the bird world.

6. Androidify –


Ever wanted to dress up the Google Android man or spruce it up a bit by adding in a dash of color? If you are among the artistic Android aficionados or just want to test your creative skills on this robot, get the free Androidify app on your tablet and groom it as you like.

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Make it look like the digital you or create a whole new avatar. You can stretch its limbs or accessorize it with shades, a new hairstyle, clothes, footwear and more. Once you’ve exhausted enough talent on recreating the Android, you can use it as an image. Share it with friends to show off the results of your imagination, set it as a contact photo of a pal or post it to your SNS account.

7. Feedly


We have seen several magazine apps for tablets where reading through them is more convenient as compared to smartphones. But how would you like an application which creates a magazine-like layout for you, based on what you might prefer? This one in our apps roster can be simply defined as a nifty option which brings together all your favored websites from around the internet to one place, just for your reading pleasure.

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Apart from accessing predefined web pages, the app also allows you to look for new content. It is integrated with Twitter, Google Reader, Tumblr, Read it Later, Facebook and Instapaper to keep you connected and let you share what you read with the world.

8. Dropbox


The name of the last entrant in our compilation clearly hints at what it functions as. Dropbox acts as your self-organized storage box which permits you to hoard almost anything from wherever you are.

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To start toying around with this, you will have to install the service on your desktop first, followed by on other gadgets with which you plan to use it. You can drop in photos, videos, documents and all other things you may need at hand. In addition to pre-specified devices, the data also gets saved on the Dropbox website so that it is accessible from almost anywhere.

We hope these best Honeycomb apps will help you make the utmost use of your Android 3.0 tablet. Have any more additions to the list? Drop in a comment to tell us about them.