Best HD wallpapers for iPhone to suit your individual taste

Sure, owning an Apple smartphone is a statement all by itself. But if you really want to personalize your gadget to suit your individual taste, some awesome iPhone wallpapers are one way to go. You can make your own background by selecting a photo from your camera roll or use an app to create one. We have compiled a list of the best HD wallpapers for iPhone we could find for you to select for your handset.

best HD wallpapers for iPhone

Another option is to download images you fancy from the internet and set them as your home screen and/or lock screen. If you’d rather outsource the task to someone else, fear not, we’ve gathered together the best HD wallpapers for iPhone devices that we could find.

Apart from randomly searching the web in general for free iPhone wallpapers, try iTunes, Flickr, Reddit, Imgur, Poolga and Behance for interesting pictures which with you can customize your handset. There’s no need to get the apk files for static backgrounds; just a simple ‘save’ will do.

If you’re a big fan of abstract art, let’s start you off with these three images. We like how there’s a sort of central area which draws the eye in each background. The one in the center represents a flower, the left, and right pictures look like the back of a seashell and a solar system, respectively.

1 – Adventure


Since we’re stringing this list of cool HD wallpapers for iPhone in alphabetical order, Adventure is the next in line. Isn’t the first photo just begging you to stuff your backpack and scale the nearest mountain you come across? If it’s not the sight of challenging terrain that gets you going, how about the other two?

Let everyone know that Paris is your dream destination. Or maybe you’re the kind of person who prefers the road less traveled? There are plenty of home/lock screen options showing bright sunny days. But the (third) picture of the dark, wintry landscape seems particularly attractive owing to its simplicity.

2 – Animal


Whether it’s your spirit animal or simply a cuddly little pet you’d like to have as your iPhone wallpaper to cheer you up every time you look at it, there’s no lack of choice. Check out the Deciduous animal’s pack containing a lion, an owl and a deer ‘made of leaves.’

Alternately, there’s this cool jellyfish that will take up the center of your display, delivering just a hint of color and generally avoiding a visual clash with the apps on your screen. The somber little cat in glares contemplating the vastness of this universe is our third animal-themed pick.

3 – Movies and TV


Movie and TV buffs are going to like at least one out of the three HD wallpapers for iPhone we’ve included in our list, that’s for sure. To kick-off, presenting the House Stark of Winterfell background. Don’t you think Game of Thrones is one of the hottest shows on TV? You know nothing, reader.

Remember A Scandal in Belgravia? The second ‘I Am _ _ _ _ Locked’ theme is especially for fans of TV’s (and literature’s?) most famed detective. There’s no need to explain the last ‘The Boy Who Lived…Come to Die’ illustration, right? Give us a second, we’re off to find a box of tissues.

4 – Anime


So you’re the biggest anime fan in the world and would like everyone to know this? There’s this gorgeously minimalist depiction of Piccolo from Dragonball Z. Or you could take the plunge and crowd your iPhone display with a full-blown, colorful wallpaper from your most beloved anime series.

Why have we chosen to only include DragonBall Z, Elfen Lied, and Tokyo Ghoul? It was a purely random selection. How else is anyone going to pick from so many mind-blowing options like Kaiji, Attack on Titan, Naruto, Bleach, Basilisk, Kill La Kill, Code Geass, Gurren Laggan, and others?

5 – Star Wars


One of the greatest sci-fi movie series of all time has come to town! If you’re excited about the launch of The Force Awakens, you can declare your loyalty to it with these Star Wars iPhone wallpapers. You could furnish your home screen or lock screen with an image of the Stormtroopers.

You take the humorous route and set the second picture, a mashup of The Godfather and the famous ‘No, I am your father’ quote as your smartphone’s background. Fans who’d rather reveal themselves to others with the force of the Jedi on their side may want to go for the Yoda screensaver instead.

6 – Space


Are you a space buff, with an eye ever roving over the news about mankind’s achievements in the infinite void? Here are three iPhone wallpapers that will look really good on your handset’s display. The first one has been created from an actual photograph released by NASA of its Gemini missions which were conducted in the 1960s.

The second image is a gorgeous color illustration of a planet, and the heavens stretched out above and around it. The last background is a quirky and imaginative sketch of an astronaut who appears to be mowing the moon. Can you see the glittering star-like debris flying out into space from under the machine?

7 – Cool

Cool iPhone Wallpapers
There’s no dearth of cool wallpapers for iPhone handsets. In fact, you’ll find millions of them. Depending on the fandom to which people belong or their hobbies and personality, each one’s definition of ‘cool’ varies. Out of the hundreds of appealing images, here are our three random choices.

Let’s start with Calvin and Hobbes gazing at the stars, a black and white picture that lends a nice backdrop to the colorful icons on your iPhone’s touchscreen. It serves up a properly muted canvas, just like the third one. The second picture from Poolga by Milli-Jane is a quirky sketch called Disney and the Death Star.

8 – Funny


For those in search of iPhone backgrounds with a sense of humor, we’ve steered clear of funny but ‘questionable’ wallpapers. It’s always best to stay away from having a lock screen or home screen that’s outright offensive because you can’t always predict the company you may have to keep.

We’re sure the first one, a polite request to others to get off your iPhone, can’t be termed rude by anyone. Next, there’s a watermelon struggling with an internal problem you’ll surely sympathize with. The last one titled ‘Indifferent Captain’ is a drawing of a, well, indifferent captain.

9 – Gaming

Once again, we’re a loss to decide which game we must pledge our fevered loyalty when there are so many great titles on offer. We decided in favor of nostalgia, in the end. Hence, we’re going for iPhone wallpapers representing three of every gamer’s childhood favorites.

The first addition to our lineup of best HD wallpapers for iPhone is Pac-Man for those who never could have enough of their dot-munching hero. Our next pick is not an image of the game itself, but of the most famous plumber in the world. The third one has made it here because it reminds us of Space Invaders. Feel free to disagree with us.

10 – Minimalist

Minimalist iPhone Wallpapers
Are you the kind of person who likes everything stripped down to its bare minimum when it comes to any kind of decor? Well, you’re no fun at all. We’ve done our best to please you with three of the most minimalist iPhone wallpapers we could find. Let’s begin with an ultra-chic Apple logo background.

The second one which caught our eye was this picture of an ‘ice Apple’ logo falling into the water. We wouldn’t say that our last selection is a ‘shining’ example of a minimalist iPhone wallpaper, but the image titled ‘Shine,’ is definitely quite toned down in spite of the colors it sports.

11 – Latest

Latest iPhone Wallpapers

We know it’s hard to stay interested in one photo for long. Instead of scouring the internet for the latest iPhone wallpapers, why don’t you let an app do the talking for you? The 10,000+ Animal Wallpapers & Backgrounds & Retina Free iTunes app by Tian Yi is updated every day.

10000+ Wallpapers – HD Themes & Backgrounds by Tick Tock Apps is available as a free download. Through this app, regular users can upload and share their images too. Imgur, Flickr, and similar sites also offer a wide range of lock screen and home screen possibilities, curated by individual members.

12 – Nature and landscape


Escape to a pristine place far away from city life with our top picks for nature and landscape themed iPhone wallpapers. If you’re blessed enough to have a job that affords you a view similar to the first one depicted below, don’t tell us. It will make us feel a bit too wistful.

The image has a nice ombre effect and flaunts a breathtaking scene of stars reflected in the water. The second photo shows three ladybugs creeping along a fresh green tendril. The third screensaver, bathed in sober blue shades, for the most part, is a sketch of rolling hills and the setting moon.