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6 Best Graphing Calculator Apps every Android and iOS user needs

Best Graphing Calculator Apps for Android and iOS Users

Get ready for some best graphing calculator apps which will allow you to make calculations from the comfort of your smartphone and tablet sans the need of carrying around additional hardware which can cost a bomb. These applications will benefits students the most as they always have a mobile device at hand and most of the options listed below are inexpensive solutions. Just so you know, there aren’t many applications in this category, but we’ve got the finest of the lot which are designed for Android and iOS platforms. Head on below for brief descriptions on the main features and capabilities of each option.

1. Algeo:

Best Graphing Calculator Apps Algeo

For Android users, Algeo is one of the best graphing calculator apps options you’ll find on the Play store. The app is pretty simple and is designed to be of much help in calculus and algebra. Solving equations isn’t going to be a hard task here as the interface is pretty straightforward, not to mention aesthetically appealing, and you’ll be able to zoom into graphics using the pinch gesture.

Algeo can be acquired for free through Google Play, but there are various features which need to be unlocked by shelling out cash. The developer is offering a ‘getting started’ manual to help you get the hang of things.

2. Quick Graph:

Quick Graph

Quick Graph is one of the highly recommended graphing calculator apps out there. Sadly, it’s only available for iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad. Designed by developer Colombiamug, the tool offers an intuitive interface and it allows you to plot equations in 2D and 3D. The app lets you visualize a total of 6 equations at the same time and it also makes the most out of multi-touch displays where you can pinch to zoom and drag to rotate graphs.

Additionally, graphs and equations can be emailed directly through the application or saved as a photo in the library. Quick Graph is available for free on the App Store, but certain features such as VGA output, 2D and 3D implicit graphs, independent 2D zoom and much more will be available with the Advanced Features in-app purchase for $1.99.

3. Meta-Calculator:


Meta-Calculator is a graphing and scientific calculator developed by Engaging Edu for the iOS platform. It’s available in App Store as two different options, namely Free Graphing Calculator and Meta. The paid option costs $2.99 and it works on the iPhone and iPad. For the price being asked, it offers a pretty great deal of features.

This multipurpose calculator allows you to create graphs of up to 5 equations at the same time and you can also form tablets and find solutions. Gesture inputs for zooming and navigating have also been incorporated. Additionally, Meta offers scientific, matrix and statistics calculators a well. There’s even an online tool available which can be accessed for free.

4. Graphing Calculator by Appcylon:

Graphing Calculator By Appcylon

Next on the best graphing calculator apps compilation is a nifty tool from Appcylon which is another developer focused on the iOS platform. Its Graphing Calculator application is also available for the now-obsolete Windows Phone 7 OS. Designed to be an intuitive scientific calculator, it allows you to quickly create graphs for plotting equations and you’ll be able to create a custom keyboard layout for quicker input.

What’s more, you can take screenshots and send graphs via email. The application supports Retina displays and it can also be used while multitasking. On specific devices, you’ll be able to mirror graphs on a TV, projector or other external screens via a VGA adapter. Just so you know, this app from Appcylon doesn’t offer any calculus functions. It can be purchased through the App Store for $1.99.

5. TI-Nspire:


TI-Nspire is a very popular name in the graphing calculator market. Developed by Texis Instruments, there are multiple products under this brand and they don’t come cheap. This app is basically the same software you’ll find on the chunky hardware, bringing the entire set of features to the iPad. The main downside here is the price, which is way higher than any of the other applications on this roster, at $29.99.

The TI-Nspire is being marketed as an all-in-one tool for learning. It comes with numerous features such as graphing, statistical modeling, data entry and analysis, and more. Then there are various freebies which include content from the online Math Nspired resource center on geometry, calculus, statistics and pre-calculus amongst others. The app allows you to store your work to a Dropbox account or share it via email.

6. Graphing Calculator by Mathlab:

Graphing Calculator

Our last recommendation for the best graphing calculator apps list comes from developer Mathlab, which is exclusive for Google’s mobile platform. This is one simple and essential tool for students that also incorporates algebra. It delivers a nicely-designed interface that makes accessing different features a breeze.

A help section has been incorporated to provide tutorials and guides on using the application. There are a couple of downsides to this release. Firstly, you’ll need a constant internet connection in order to use it and then there are ads. For $5.99, you’ll be able to upgrade to the pro version by making a purchase in-app.


We’ve listed out the key features of these best graphing calculator apps, so you might want to check them out on their respective stores for more information. Also, be sure to compare them for differences in features to make sure you pick the right one. If we’re missing any important application which deserves to be in this list, don’t hesitate to let us know. Also, feel free to share your thoughts on the aforementioned options.