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Best Google TV apps

Best Google TV apps

From a number of the best Google TV apps available currently, we have fished out a few options so that you can enjoy an enhanced multimedia experience on your big screens. Whether you’re an avid gamer, music lover or are simply looking for entertainment, these choices are bound to cater to your needs and deliver fun-filled evenings. But we think you should be informed that some of the applications in this roundup will leave you hooked onto your Google TV for a good number of hours. Nonetheless, give this lineup a look to know what you have been missing out on or whether you have been dabbling in them all along.

1. Movies by Flixter

Movies by Flixter

You cannot possibly miss out on using the Movies by Flixter app when employing your Google TV to bring you entertainment. But that’s not the only reason why this offering has been placed on our Google TV apps roster. It is the handiness and easy utility of the offering which brings movie trailers, video clips, showtimes, reviews from critics at Rotten Tomatoes and more, that makes it a worthy fit in this list. These features along with other additions probably click with many users. A must-have for movie buffs since it shares what’s upcoming and also allows glimpsing into what the theater near you will be playing this weekend. With access to movietickets.com, you can select showtimes and buy your tickets. And if this wasn’t enough, then you can even look up information on your favorite directors, actors and movies, of course.

2. Classy Fireplace

Classy Fireplace

Ever had a vision of a fireplace in your abode and realized it was a dream after all. If you haven’t already heard of the Classy Fireplace then we will be glad to break this news to you that your long-standing wish may just come true. Well, as you may have guessed, the app brings you a virtual fireplace. Featuring a 1080p HD licensed video of fire crackling in all its glory on your Google TV, it comes with select rain sounds or jazz music to set up the right ambiance. Plus, you can change the scene to display fireworks, waterfalls, clouds or a beach, to suit the atmosphere in your living room.

3. Google Music

Google Music

Audiophiles out there probably know how to dabble in features offered by Google Music. But we suggest you run through our low-down to gather what the crew at Mountain View has packed in for you. This cloud-based music player and storage service facilitates saving your preferred tracks online. Furthermore, any music purchases from the Android Market gets automatically synced to your Google Music making sure you have everything in one place when you want to groove at a home-party or simply need to relax by listening to your preferred tracks. You can even save songs that you want to access when offline. Moreover, this app also comes with Google+ integration for allowing you to share the songs with your friends.

4. Netflix


We won’t begin to give reasons as to why we think that Netflix should be in this Google TV apps roster; for all we know it may just be your favorite thing on the lineup. Whether you are always hungry for more entertainment or not, chances are, you have utilized this service at some point of time or the other and more so if you own the Google TV. With this on-demand online service, you can catch up on your favorite shows or watch movies with a tub of popcorn in tow. And if there is someone at the door or you are required to attend a phone call, you know you can always begin your favorite flick right from where you left off.

5. Thuuz Sports

Thuuz Sports

After reading the summary, sports enthusiasts probably won’t waste any time in downloading the Thuuz Sports app, if they already haven’t installed it on their Google TVs. If you relate to being left to brood all day because you missed out on your favorite sporting event, then you probably will like the alert feature amongst other things the app has to offer. It informs you when your preferred game is playing and also displays which channel is broadcasting it, so you can tune into it directly from the app. If you are scratching your head over how this will work, then you are required to select your favorite teams and sports and set what is referred to as the ‘excitement threshold.’ And according to the data you have entered and as per the app’s rating of excitement for each event, you are informed about the game that you wouldn’t want to miss.

6. Crackle – Movies & TV

Crackle - Movies & TV

The Crackle – Movies & TV app brings along free full-length Hollywood flicks and TV series for those who have a huge appetite for entertainment. And we say huge because this service not only offers free content, but also makes unlimited viewing available on demand. Yes, you are reading that right, and the app is even updated with 20 new TV episodes and flicks every month. You can simply create and manage your lineup of movies or TV shows on it. As for the genres, you can view movies coming under sci-fi, horror, action, comedy, crime, anime and thriller groups. These categories may pretty much sum up the type of movies you prefer watching while sinking into your couch with your favorite snacks at your side.

7. OnLive Viewer

OnLive Viewer

If your eyes stopped at the OnLive Viewer option on our Google TV apps lineup, then you probably happen to be an ardent gamer. So run through what this application can proffer to cater to the player in you. Firstly, it facilitates watching live games being played by gamers across the world. By simply sitting through the titles played on the TV, you could pick up tricks and take hints to hone your own skills. Plus, you can view ‘Brag Clips’ featuring great moves and rib-tickling misses during gameplay. It gives you the liberty to simply browse through different live games being played, like you surf channels on TV. Connect with players, dive into trailers of upcoming as well as current titles and do more via this offering.

8. TuneIN Radio

TuneIN Radio

With TuneIN Radio you can tune into not only local stations, but global ones too. So if you are looking to get updates on current events, sports news or want to listen to music, you can treat yourself to live local as well as global radio via the app. It proffers access to about 1.2 million on-demand shows and over 50,000 stations so you can revel in an enhanced radio experience of sorts. When at home, the TuneIN Radio app on your Google TV will bring fresh news in the morning from the world over while you sip on your hot cup of coffee.

This is where we conclude our list of the best Google TV apps which we have compiled just for you. Write in a comment to let us know which of the listed apps you are addicted to, and if we missed out on any of the ones you prefer.