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8 Best Galaxy Tab Apps

Best Galaxy Tab Apps

The following best Galaxy Tab apps should ensure that your beloved Android tablet is armed with most tools that you may require on the move. All the Samsung slabs run the tablet-optimized Honeycomb platform and the Android Market gives you a number of options which make the most of this OS. So have a look at the list and once you are done reading, do tell us if you found it helpful or not.

1 – Advanced Task Killer:

Advanced Task Killer

The very first application that we think is one of the most important ones for your Galaxy Tab is the Advanced Task Killer. This tool comes in handy when you need to save up on your battery life by killing the applications you are not using for the time being. It gives you an option to select the apps that you want to close and uncheck the ones that you do not want to.

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Applications like email, voicemail, HTC Sense and more can be put into the ignore list so that ATK does not end up killing them. Moreover, it comes with auto kill which is inclusive of levels like safe, aggressive and crazy to automatically kill applications without your interference.

2 – Folder Organizer:

Folder Organizer

The Folder Organizer has been added to our list of Galaxy Tab apps to proffer you with a tool that lets you organize all your digital content. It can either be used to group items or to create folder and widgets, which are also customizable. Besides this, it allows you to change the folder icons and sort them the way you want.

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Featuring scrollable widgets, the application facilitates creating shortcuts with custom names and icons to easily launch an app. And the IconFinder support for searching newer icons on the web should further add to its usability.

3 – Opera Mobile:

Opera Mobile

If you employ your Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G enabled Galaxy Tab for web browsing purposes, the Opera Mobile app comes across as one of the most important tools for your tablet. It is more efficient than the native web browser as it promises speedy web access along with smoother surfing. The intuitive software supports pinch-to-zoom and boasts of built-in support for social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter for instant access.

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And if that’s not enough, it also brings the Opera Mobile Store to your tablet for downloading games, apps and more. It works best with Wi-Fi network.

4 – SwiftKey X Keyboard:

SwiftKey X Keyboard

One of the most preferred keyboards of the Android Market, the SwiftKey X powered by the smarter natural language technology simplifies typing on the tablet to a large extent. It claims to understand your sloppy typing for accurate corrections as well as predicting the word you are about to type.

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And its personalization options through websites like Facebook, Twitter and Gmail or blog posts should make typing a breeze.

5 – Kindle:


A tablet is one of the best devices to enjoy eBooks on the move given its larger screen size and that’s the reason why we decided to include Kindle in our lineup of Galaxy Tab apps. Be it books, magazines, newspapers or anything else, this tool gives you access to all that and more. With over thousands of books to select from, it keeps you entertained anywhere you want.

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Synchronization should not be a problem either as it lets you continue reading on devices across a number of platforms. Additionally, you can customize the font size, brightness, background color and more according to your preferences.

6 – Dropbox:


As the multitasking Galaxy Tab can be used for a number of purposes including productive as well as entertainment, you need to have access to all your documents and music and movie collection on the go. Dropbox is a free of charge service that allows you to carry all your digital content along with you without having to load any of it onto your Samsung slab.

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You can download content on your device from the cloud storage for offline access or simply edit documents in the application itself. You can also save all your email attachments directly to Dropbox for later use.

7 – Skitch:


Taking our roster of Galaxy Tab apps a bit further is Skitch, the famous desktop application which is brought to the Android mobile platform by Evernote. Its seamless integration with Evernote makes it even more convenient to use. It lets you edit, annotate and save pictures and snapshots to the parent application. You can also add arrows, comments and more to a picture and upload it directly onto social networking websites like Facebook and twitter.

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And that’s certainly not all, as it works in conjunction with most applications which support pictures and lets you open snapshots and images directly from emails attachments.

8 – Fruit Ninja:

Fruit Ninja

And last but not the least, the Fruit Ninja app will keep you entertained when you have nothing better to do. This highly addictive juicy action game requires you to slash out every fruit that comes in sight. It offers three different game modes and saves your high scores on online leaderboards via Openfeint.

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And it comes across as a refreshing option if you’re tired of slinging angry looking birds on your Samsung slate.

So here’s where we draw curtains on our list of the best Galaxy Tab apps. These are certainly not the only Honeycomb optimized apps available in the Android Market and if you do come across some more, do share them with us in the comment box below.


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