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7 Best Free Webcam Software

Best Free Webcam Software

Laid out before you are the best free webcam software options that are currently capturing the attention of tech-savvy individuals all over the globe. Whether you own a PC, Mac or a laptop, these snapping solutions will definitely come in handy in a number of ways. You could maybe use it to beef up the security around your home, add stunning effects to your webcam pictures or even make sure that you’re in control of your camera. Whatever be your need, you’ll find a proper program for it right here. And as our title itself suggests, all the names are attached with a price tag that reads $0.

1 – ManyCam:


The freeware program called ManyCam claims to be the ‘best free live studio and webcam effects software,’ and for good reason. There are tons of live audio and video effects to take advantage of online. The software allows you to use multiple chat applications such as MSN, YouTube and Skype simultaneously with your webcam. You can also add your personal touch to all your photos by utilizing the plethora of webcam effects and custom graphics available here. Furthermore, the service even provides live audio effects and voice changer attributes to add a pinch of fun to your online conversations. Seamlessly customize your own webcam effects and even draw over your video window. Although ManyCam is offered free of cost, the Pro version can be procured for less than $50.

2 – WebcamXP:


The next inclusion in our free webcam software list lets you turn your Windows PC into a surveillance system. This program is a great option for those who require a security solution without having to dig too deep into their pockets. Aimed at private users and companies, this particular program has the ability to perform automatic scheduled recordings and captures as well as broadcast live video to your personal website. You can also avail of the optical or acoustic motion detector for snapping actions and movements. Some of its other features include advanced users manager, remote and local pan/tilt control, DVR and overlay editor. And besides rolling out in English, WebcamXP is also compatible with other languages like French, Italian, Russian, Turkish, German and Spanish.

3 – WebCam Lock:

WebCam Lock

Ever had the feeling that someone’s watching you? Well, now you can be absolutely sure that your privacy is protected, all thanks to WebCam Lock. With this software sitting pretty in your PC, you’ll be constantly updated about the specific programs that are vying for access to your webcam. You’ll also be able to either deny or allow these prying eyes to intrude into your life. When you rely on WebCam Lock, programs like Skype won’t be able to use the webcam without your consent. It’s also a great solution if your kids use the PC and internet. To prevent them from accessing the camera, you can easily set a password.

4 – Vitamin D:

Vitamin D

No, this particular entrant in our free webcam software array isn’t the capsule sort but a video program that detects moving objects and people. Own a webcam or a network camera and looking for a reliable surveillance solution? Well then, you should surely gulp down a dose of Vitamin D. Created for home and small business use, this security gem works with the PC and Mac, and provides real-time alerts. As the developer reveals, this service overlooks the unwanted motion detection of objects like pets or swaying branches. You’ll also be able to scan many hours of video within just a few minutes and even exploit the simple rule builder.

5 – HomeCamera:


As you might have already figured out, HomeCamera is a webcam security software that can be utilized within the confines of your house or office premises. As the maker reveals, many individuals strewn across the globe, turn to this delight whenever they need a nanny cam to watch over their elderly parents, young children and even pets while they’re away. The software can also be used as a security camera as it comes complete with integrated motion detection and provides video and image intrusion alerts either on your handset or via mail. Avail of the automatic recording schedules to take a peek at the ongoing scenarios while you’re away. And you don’t even have to be an Einstein to setup and install HomeCamera. All you need to do is download the freeware, punch in your special user ID and password, bestow your camera with a specific name like bedroom or home and simply hit connect.

6 – Yawcam:


Wondering what Yawcam could possibly mean? Well, this smart contender in our free webcam software lineup stands for ‘Yet Another WebCam’ software. If you’re scouting the web for a user-friendly and simple solution, then we suggest you grab hold onto this one. It comprises of all the usual features such as image snapshots, video streaming, motion detection, text and image overlays, integrated webserver, scheduler for online time, ftp-upload and time lapse movies, among others. Crafted for the Windows platform, the program in question lets users take complete advantage of online announcements for communities and is also infused with the password protection feature. And yes, it’s also absolutely free as well.

7 – MyWebcam Broadcaster:

MyWebcam Broadcaster

Through MyWebcam Broadcaster, you’ll be able to remotely view what your webcam sees, from anywhere around the globe via your very own handset or the internet. Some of the attributes found here include control of Creative and Logitech pan/tilt USB webcams and the ability to add IP/network cams. You can further choose whether you want to share your life scenarios with others or keep everything private. The software also allows you to archive image snapshots and fashion time-lapse animations through the webcam.


So if you’ve just picked up a webcam from your local store or through an online retailer, make sure you opt for any one or more of the aforementioned best free webcam software to perfectly compliment your purchase. And although you may have shelled out a nifty sum for your new webcam, we assure you that the programs we’ve mentioned here are absolutely free of cost. So have fun with these suggestions and don’t forget to return with your feedback and maybe even leave a few suggestions that we might have skipped.

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