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6 Best Free Uninstallers

Best Free Uninstallers

Here are our pick of uninstallers for when the Add/Remove option in the Control Panel is simply not doing it for you. And to save you the trouble of hunting too hard for such gems, we’ve already gathered them all up for you in one extensive list right here. Sometimes heading straight to the Control Panel via the Start button may not be the only solution for your query at hand. What’s more, many programs you download may not always arrive with its respective ‘remove’ or ‘delete’ option. Well, that’s where these software delights come in.

1 – Revo:

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What can you expect from this particular program? Well, the version that’s up for grabs minus a price tag comes packed to the hilt with 8 additional cleaning tools and professional technical support. Furthermore, the software can also perform a comprehensive scan and search the PC for leftovers to see whether you’ve effectively gotten rid of all traces post the standard delete action.

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Now, if you’re looking for more options besides the mentioned ones, we suggest you upgrade to the professional edition which has a starting price of just under $28. Here you can expect to see more features such as advanced scanning algorithms, real-time monitoring of system changes, multi-level backup system and visual themes support, to name a few.

2 – IObit 2:

IObit 2

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This next entrant in our roster is noted to be a light tool that aids you in getting rid of any unwanted folders or programs that may be sitting in your PC. What’s more, it even has the ability to neatly categorize all the programs that are currently residing in your computer. You can wave goodbye to any leftovers that might remain, all thanks to the ‘Powerful Scan’ and ‘Forced Uninstall’ options. Want to eradicate many folders at once? Well, you’ll be able to do that with just one simple click, according to the developer. This user-friendly software is perfectly compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP and 2000.

3 – Ashampoo Magical:

Ashampoo Magical

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According to the brains behind this endeavor, you’ll be blessed with a clear system and absolutely no traces of the deleted program once the cleaning software is done with it. Christened with an interesting name, this handy option sports a modern surface and works directly from the Windows system tray. There’s even a ReInstaller tool that allows you to seamlessly remove any folder or program from your PC. And in case you’re no professional at this sort of thing, you can always rely on the internal help feature which explains each of the program’s functions. Ashampoo complies with computers that are infused with Windows XP, 2000 and Vista.

4 – ZSoft 2.5:

ZSoft 2.5

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Replace the Add/Remove option in your Control Panel with this particular inclusion in our array. To begin with, the software completely scans the program in question so that it can delete the same when the occasion calls for it. The software also has the ability to zero in on empty folders and temporary files in order to get rid of them effectively. As the maker further reveals, you’ll be bombarded with more information than what’s present in your Add/Remove applet. It can even find unwanted entries and programs that might have already been deleted from the PC. The latest version also brings forth support for a host of language translations and automatic backup of installation-logs to the LogBackups folder.

5 – AdvancedFree: (Innovative-sol.com)

Option 5

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When you pick this particular option, you’ll be endowed with a simple and intuitive interface through which you can seamlessly delete unwanted folders and programs without leaving any virtual residue behind. It carefully scans all the downloaded software bits so that when the time comes for them to be eradicated, this function can perform the same without leaving even a trace behind. And while the edition is available with a $0 price tag, there’s even a Pro version which offers a few more interesting attributes. Both these gems are compatible with Windows 7, XP and Vista.

6 – Your: (Ursoftware.com)


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Just as the name reveals, this contender in our lineup lets you successfully remove unwanted software bits and folders as well as fixes the registry and even protects your precious PC; all without you even spending a penny. What’s more, you won’t find any leftovers hiding in this virtual plate once the program has worked its magic on your computer. It even sweeps away empty folders, and junk files and shortcuts that are never used, leaving your PC neat. In addition to all that, you will also be able to utilize its many integrated system tools such as Start-up Manager, Disk Cleaner, StartMenu Manager and Internet Traces Eraser. You can take full advantage of the complete paid version which is tagged at just under $30. This option works perfectly with Windows 7 and Vista.


Don’t reach for the Control Panel just yet. By employing any of the aforesaid free uninstallers you won’t need to bother with the Add/Remove program option featured in your PC. These contenders will help you get rid of just about any virtual chunk that’s sitting in your computer, even if it doesn’t offer you the choice of deleting the same once you’re done with it. So go ahead, download your desired programs and get ready for a tidy PC experience. But before you proceed to do just that, we urge you to leave your comments right here in the space below.

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