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7 Best Free Typing Tutors

Best Free Typing Tutors

Choosing the best free typing tutor out there can be quite a daunting task. There’s no shortage of software applications that help you familiarize yourself with the position of the alphabets, numbers and special characters on the keyboard. Well, we’re here to aid you in picking out a great gem that will allow you to clock in a better WPM (words per minute) count. All you have to do is scan through our options and check out which one suits you the best. And within no time, you’ll be able to go from being a slowpoke puncher to a pro who can type out complete sentences without even having to glance down at the keyboard.

1 – Kiran’s Typing Tutor:

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Created for Windows PCs, this interesting program aids in improving your speed and skill when it comes to punching those buttons on the keyboard. Packed with a user-friendly and self explanatory design, it provides over 500 typing practice lessons as well as more than 500 testing items. And if you’re a complete beginner, you can avail of the basic typing lessons before proceeding to the advanced levels.

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The software clearly displays WPM, accuracy, typing speed, errors and keys per minute once a lesson is done. There’s even a Kids Typing module thrown into the amalgamation which features 5 types of lessons that are chalked out for children between the ages of 4 and 8 years. Some of the other attributes include key preview, key press feature, finger preview, numeric typing module and typing games.

2 – Type Fu:

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Get ready to earn your virtual belt in the art of Type Fu. This innovative application for Mac OS X and Chrome comes complete with onscreen keyboard and finger indications as well as speed, time and accuracy meters. It also provides useful audio notifications, error highlighting and attractive charts for stats tracking. This entrant even proffers auto-adjusted difficulty level and retina display support as well as exercise categories that read as Numbers, Letters, Words, Proverbs and Quotes.

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It further complies with different keyboard layouts like Qwerty, Azerty, Qwertz, Colemak, Dvorak and Workman. While the online Chrome app is available free of cost, you’ll have to shell out just under $10 for the Mac version.

3 – Stamina Typing Tutor:

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The Windows-compatible multi-functional touch-typing tutor will help you jot down emails in a jiffy and confidently punch in punch-lines while on IM chats with friends. Besides the traditional finger positioning, the program also proffers an alternative method which has been developed by Alexey Kazantsev. It further complies with different keyboard layouts like Qwerty, Azerty and Dvorak, to name a few. Sporting a user-friendly interface and customizable appearance, the software also comes complete with a lesson editor, illumination of letters and finger work zones, timer, precision clock for fine tuning, statistics and progress graphs.

4 – TypingClub:

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This online program lets you learn to type efficiently as well as sharpen your skills with fun educational methods. In order to achieve typing greatness, you’re required to keep on working at each lesson until you get all 3 stars. As the brains behind this endeavor reveals, you’ll be able to increase your speed from 10 – 12 WPM to 40 – 90 WPM if you diligently practice regularly. And although you don’t have to make an account to enjoy its services, you can create an optional profile to save your daily progress.

5 – PowerTyping:

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You can rely on this inclusion for learning to type via Qwerty and Dvorak keyboards. You’re called on to hone your typing skills by following step-by-step procedures in sequence. You won’t even have to sport worry-lines on your brow as instructions for hand positioning on the keyboard are also provided.

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This gem further lets you enter your own text to practice on. During your stay here, you can watch out for typing speed tests and loads of educational typing games like the Barracuda, Foggies, Alphabetic Rain, Falling Words and The Jibe.

6 – TypingWeb:

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Here’s one of the more popular choices listed in our comprehensive roundup. This engaging treat aims at pleasing typists of different skill levels, from amateurs to pros. Accessible to users of all ages, it forays onto the scene packed to the hilt with typing tests and fun games. What’s more, you can even look forward to being the proud owner of a free official typing certification by the Typing Institute of America. There are different sorts of lessons that deal with specific areas such as accuracy, trouble-keys, speed and key-rows.

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Some of the other attributes it offers include statistics and real-time tracking, onscreen keyboard and hand diagram, skins, interactive typing games and specialty lessons that involve poems, literature, songs and quotes. And besides opting for the free version, you can further avail of a premium membership that unlocks special lessons and customer support.

7 – RapidTyping:

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Our final mention helps both kids as well as adults to type out emails and essays with ease. You can expect to see complete courses for beginner, advanced and expert typists as well as WPM, accuracy, CPM and delay progress tracking elements. Also infused here are numeric pad lessons, moving hands feature, colorful interface and lesson editor. And lastly, the program complies with a plethora of keyboard types like Qwerty, ABNT, Dvorak and Bepo.


The aforesaid options strewn across our best free typing tutor lineup can prove to be great teachers especially for one-finger typists and those of you who wish to improve your typing speed. What’s more, each of the mentions listed here can be tried and tested freely without you having to worry about spending even a cent to procure them. And once you’ve found your winner and mastered all the positions of the keys, you’ll even be able to sink your teeth into the typing games we have listed out and confidently stack up some high points on the scoreboard.