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7 Best Free Registry Cleaners

Best Free Registry Cleaners

The best free registry cleaners we’ve lined up for you here separate the diamonds from the debris. From a whole sea of services out there, we have handpicked the best contenders that will carry out the order of the day. Now why do we need a registry cleaner, you might ask. Is it really necessary to add such a software solution to your slew of programs on your Windows PC? Well, think of registry cleaners as a sort of medication to ensure that your computer functions as smoothly as possible. And our set of 8 cleaners is just what the doctor ordered.

1 – Wise Registry Cleaner:

Wondering why your PC is running slow? Well, it could be that your registry is packed to the hilt with junk. Now if you want to tackle that problem, all you need to do is avail of this program. With just a few simple clicks, you’ll be able to repair registry errors as well as defragment it altogether. What’s more, the service also helps sort out the dangerous registry entries from the safe ones.

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This puts you in the driver’s seat, allowing you to decide which ones you truly want to delete. Scanning the registry takes just a few seconds and it will definitely be worth it. The user-friendly option can be utilized by both pros as well as novices. And it’s absolutely free of charge.

2 – Comodo System Utilities:

Comodo System Utilities

‘Ready to speed up your PC,’ asks the brains behind Comodo System Utilities. This particular gem is noted to be a powerful system cleaner that helps do away with all your registry clutter as well as unwanted files, with ease. Furthermore, you’ll be able to safely recover any precious files that were deleted in the cleaning process, thanks to the SafeDelete technology.

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All corrupted entries are identified and removed or repaired. Once the innards are free from corruption, Windows will be able to easily pluck out the necessary information at a quicker pace, hence improving your PC’s performance. This entrant in our list also deletes duplicates, and is easy to use and schedule.

3 – EasyCleaner:

Option 3

According to the developer, the software in question is programmed to scan through the Windows registry for unwanted stuff littered all across that space. With this service, you can rid yourself of all unnecessary files like backups and temporary ones as well as invalid registry entries. You’ll also be able to better manage startup programs, the add/remove software list and invalid shortcuts.

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You can even zero in on all the duplicate files and salvage some fascinating data bits based on your disk space usage. Other features include sporting a simple and user-friendly interface, multi-language support, customizable options and a large help file that comprises of everything you need to know about EasyCleaner.

4 – RegSeeker:

RegSeeker claims to be a ‘perfect companion for your Windows registry,’ as per the developer. What do you get on a platter when you opt for this particular inclusion in our array? Well, you can expect a powerful registry cleaner that has the ability to clearly display information bits based on installed applications, several histories and start-up entries. There’s also a file tool embedded here so that you can easily use it to search for bad shortcuts and duplicate files, among others. RegSeeker can be procured without you even having to open your purse strings as it’s free for personal use only.

5 – JetClean:

Want your PC’s virtual innards looking as fresh as ever? Then why not give JetClean a try? No, we’re not talking about some sort of an air freshener brand here but a user-friendly registry cleaner fashioned exclusively for your Windows PC. It reportedly offers one-click clean and fine-tuning functionalities. All unwanted files hiding in places like Recent Documents, Log files, DNS Cache, Memory Dumps, Recycle Bin, Temporary files, Clipboard, Error Reporting and Jump Lists are located and deleted. With all this clutter done away with, the PC can now breathe better and hence offer an improved performance. The software also sits quietly in your system, taking up very less space.

6 – Eusing:

Option 6

Are you using this program? Well, if not, why not give this puppy a try? This particular contender in our roster safely scans through your Windows registry, seeking out files and data that are no longer in use. Armed with a user-friendly interface, this software even repairs invalid entries and leaves the registry squeaky clean so that you won’t have to face any PC lag.

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What’s more, it’ll surge through your system, zeroing in on invalid help files, ActiveX, paths, fonts, startup programs, application paths and custom controls as well as obsolete software key, sound and app events, and missing shared Dlls. And besides English, the Eusing Free Registry Cleaner also supports other languages like French, Greek, Romanian, Italian, Spanish, Kurdish, Czech, Japanese and more.

7 – Little Registry Cleaner:

Don’t be fooled by its name. It is anything but little as far as its performance is concerned. This open source program does away with all things obsolete that are clogged in the registry over a period of time. Once the clutter is cleared, your PC will be able to run more smoothly, minus any lag. Furthermore, this software automatically creates a backup of the registry while the Uninstall manager erases all deleted software bits. And it also supports 17 different languages. You can even take advantage of the portable edition for utilizing just about anywhere.


We are constantly downloading and installing loads of programs on a daily basis. While doing that, we also keep on uninstalling software which ultimately, takes a toll on your PC registry and slows the entire computer besides creating other problems that might crop up because of this. So in order to avoid such scenarios, do take advantage of the aforementioned best free registry cleaners. Which ones caught your fancy? And which ones have you been using to keep your PC woes at bay? Do leave your comments in the space allotted below.

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