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5 Best Free Recording Software Audio

Best Free Recording Software Audio

Our best free recording software audio lineup aids you in acquiring good quality sounds without having to invest in expensive equipment. As the title in the spotlight reveals, all the best options listed out here can be taken complete advantage of without you even having to spend a single penny. No need to rely on all those expensive and complicated programs that eat right through your pocket. Although they may proffer a comprehensive collection of advanced features, the ones that sport a $0 price tag come with an impressive slew of attributes which allow you to save all your acoustic items with ease. And besides just accomplishing the task sought out here, the following software also allow you to edit the saved content exactly the way you want. Here are the various recording options you can turn to for the same.

1 – Kristal Audio Engine:

Kristal Audio Engine

This particular program on our free recording software audio list is noted to be a modular system where the main application brings forth a mixing console while a host of other features are separately unveiled across the scene, guised as plug-ins. The brains behind this endeavor has thrown in a 32-bit floating point engine, 16 tracks, 4 plug-in slots, 3-band parametric EQ and ASIO low latency audio driver support. It further lends support to a plethora of file formats such as AIFF, OGG Vorbis, FLAC and WAVE. As revealed earlier, some of the plug-ins you can avail of here include Waver, LiveIN and Effects.

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The company attaches a €0 price tag to this gem for personal, non-commercial and education use. For commercial use of the product, the single-user license will cost just under €25 while 5- and 10-users multi-user licenses are priced at just under €20 and €15, respectively. Kristal is available for Windows and Mac OS X PCs.

2 – WaveShop:


The open-source audio editor is fashioned to please music enthusiasts who prefer to churn out acoustic masterpieces while seated at their Windows PC. This quick and lightweight solution helps edit only bits of a particular sound clip rather than altering the whole thing. You can seamlessly cut and paste aural pieces together without actually changing the whole track. It even forays onto the scene with a mixed bag of goodies like unlimited undo, peak statistics, reversal and inversion, multithreaded processing, sample rate conversion and surround speaker assignments editing. Some of the file formats it plays well with include MP3, OGG Vorbis, FLAC and AAC/MP4. Also thrown into the amalgamation is a real-time spectrum analyzer, multiple document interface and peak-hold meters with surround support. Coming to the action in the spotlight here, this entrant in our free recording software audio roster supports one-touch and sound-activated recording and isn’t restricted to any limits. And finally, it’s compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 7 and 8 PCs.

3 – Audacity:


One of the more famous delights in our free recording software audio compilation, this interesting software is packed to the hilt with tons of delicious features. For addressing the need of the hour, it lets you save live music and even adjust the pitch and speed of the piece you just taped. You can also put your own spin on things and create your personal masterpiece by mixing and matching different tunes. With this one in place, you’ll even be able to edit acoustic clips with the help of some pretty handy tools.

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The virtual product supports import and export of different file types and can edit and record content that’s drenched in formats like OGG Vorbis, MP3, AIFF and WAV. And before you get rid of your old tapes that you love so much, you can transform them into the digital form or CDs. The open-source cross-platform treat complies with Mac OS X, Windows and GNU/Linux PCs.

4 – Power Sound Editor:

Power Sound Editor

This inclusion jumps into our free recording software audio array with easy editing functions and loads of fun effects. Some of these goodies include delay, fade, invert, reverse, silence, vibrato, chorus, amplify, equalizer, flanger and normalize. The program also comes with customizable settings so that you can tweak the output quality of your acoustic piece.

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You can use a sound card, microphone or any other input device to save your voice or band performance. Its reach extends across DVD/VCD/CD players, RealPlayer, internet conversations, internet radio stations, Windows Media Player and MP3 players. Sporting a user-friendly interface, it also supports file formats like MPEG, WMA, WAV and OGG Vorbis. The software runs on Windows Vista, XP, 7 and 8 PCs.

5 – Wavosaur:


Unlike many of its prehistoric counterparts available out there, this audio and WAV editor has the ability to edit tracks using cut/copy/paste, batch conversion, and produce music loops. It also lends support to multichannel WAV files, ASIO driver, real-time effect processing and VST effect plug-ins. A few of its other features read as vocal removal, silence remover, auto-trim, auto detect region, resample, pitch shift, DC offset removing and crossfade loop. And like a couple of the other contenders in our roundup, this one also complies with Windows XP, Vista and 98 PCs.


Any of the aforesaid best free recording software audio delights can turn out to be an individual’s favorite companion especially if they’re a sound engineer just starting off their career or a musician who needs to save original foot-tapping beats to share with loved ones or music producers. The names listed out there are also aimed at pleasing pod-casters who require good quality audio while taping their aural pieces for broadcasting to a wide audience. So whether you fall into one of the just mentioned categories or simply love to hear your voice blaring from your PC speaker, you can opt for any of the choices strewn across here. Do give them all a try and tell us which ones you liked from the lot.