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12 Best Free Photoshop Actions

These best free Photoshop actions allow you to churn out spectacular snaps without having to spend too much time on them. Our lineup comprises of options that will enable you to perform a specific set of actions in a jiffy, thereby buying you ample of time to concentrate on other creative activities. And if you happen to be a photography enthusiast and want to add a bit of magic to your pictures, then all you need to do is take complete advantage of the following names. And presto, without even having to mumble incantations like Abracadabra or Alakazam, you’ll be bestowed with a delightful-looking image in less than a few seconds, tops.

1 – Old Photo:

Old Photo

Want your picture that’s snapped with a modern point of view, to sport a vintage tinge? Well, you can try this particular treat on for size if you wish to put an interesting spin on your photo. And by retro, we don’t mean black and white or sepia, well there’s a separate PS action for that which we’ll cover a little later. This one makes your snap appear as if it’s been clicked during the 1980’s.

2 – Pop Art:

Pop Art

‘Cartoonize’ your friends, family members or even your pet within seconds through this engaging entrant in our Photoshop actions roster. You don’t even need to employ the use of the pen tool which can prove to be a bit tricky at times. You’ll be able to snap up images, give them the cartoony effect and even create your very own comic book where you and your pals can dress up in a cape and mask and take on the role of a superhero, side-kick, damsel in distress or villain.

3 – HDR Tools:

HDR Tools

This piece of software comes complete with a set of 4 actions namely, HDR Fix light, heavy, normal and clicker. You can drench your pictures with any of these options especially if your snap features a large amount of digital gray. You’ll be able to improve the contrast curve and give it a better finish.

4 – Polaroid Generator V3:

Polaroid Generator V3

The latest version brings along with it 10 new Impossible Film Type actions as well as improved framing. You can even employ the actions in batch mode and exploit the new impossible PX680 color shade blue inclusion. Wondering how this gem will benefit you? Well, if you loved porting along your Polaroid camera wherever you went back in the day or simply adore the snaps of yore, then this one is just the thing you’ve been looking for.

5 – Black White Sepia:

Black White Sepia

As the name suggests, you’ll be able to dabble in black white and sepia effects, which means your pictures can sport an interesting darkish gradient instead of those brightly rainbow-colored hues. It’ll truly put an artistic spin on your images.

6 – Skin Glow Enhancement:

Skin Glow Enhancement

When you have Photoshop in front of you and this interesting software piece handy, why invest in all those fairness creams and the like? By endowing your snap with this treatment, you’ll be able to throw a glow on the face that’s smiling right back at you from your PC screen.

7 – Dream Blur:

Dream Blur

Wondering how a gem like this came into being? Well, the brains behind this particular inclusion in our Photoshop actions array was asked to show a tutorial about the dream blur. So instead of merely creating a DIY spot, the developer went one step ahead and created this PS action for it.

8 – Wedding Theme:

Wedding Theme

What’s a dream wedding without picture-perfect moments of the bridal couple and its entourage? Well, besides just owning the ones snapped by the official photographer, you can also endow the same with a burst of fun effects that further bring an interesting twist to the happy occasion.

9 – 300 Action:

Image 09

Are you a huge fan of the movie 300 and simply can’t wait for the sequel, Rise of an Empire? Well, we have just the thing for epic film enthusiasts to dabble in as they anxiously wait for the upcoming treat. This interesting program lets you endow your snaps with such an interesting effect that it would make anyone think it’s plucked right out of a 300 promotional still lot. So pull out that spear and shield, go bare-chested, show off that six-pack and strike a victory pose for the camera.

10 – Pencil Draw:

Pencil Draw

Here’s one that makes you appear as if you’ve been sitting in front of a sketch artist at the pier. With this contender in our Photoshop actions roundup in place, you’ll be able to transform your normal colored photograph into a pencil sketch treat. Check out the guy’s ‘penciled’ expression.

11 – Yummy Text Styles:

Yummy Text Styles

Letters haven’t been this delicious since the invention of alphabet soup. The completely editable (sadly not edible) Photoshop styles featured here come in 5 mouth-watering patterns namely, honey, gelatine, candy, chocolate and gray gelatine.

12 – Action 3D:

Image 12

Why let movie theater buffs have all the 3D fun? This final option provides 4 special actions that are drenched in different sorts of colorful 3D effects. So pull out your 3D glasses and enjoy seeing yourself through a whole new perspective.


You’ll be spoiled for choice with the number of ready-made actions available at DevianArt and other places around the web. But how do you choose which ones are the cream of the crop? Well, that’s where we come in.

Our best free Photoshop actions list is here to help you save precious time and add a tinge of ingenuity to your snaps. The entire bunch of aforesaid names is a complete treat for not only shutterbugs, but also those looking to perform a set of repetitive actions without actually having to painstakingly perform each action. Go ahead and give them a try; after all you won’t even need to spend a penny to procure them. Don’t forget to punch in your favorites once you’re done experimenting.