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10 Best Free Photo Editing Software

Best Free Photo Editing Software

Here’s a collection of the best free photo editing software that money can’t buy. While Adobe’s popular program may be the favorite of a lot of people out there, there’s obviously more than one option in this regard. If it’s just the price you have to pay for the said tool that’s bothering you, then you couldn’t have come to a more perfect place. Take a look at our list of best options and tell us if we’re right or right.

1. Paint.net:


The tool has been specifically designed for Windows computer users. The features offered by the program are extensive, while the user interface is rather innovative. It lends a helping hand with tasks like special effects, layers and limitless Undos. Multiple images can be effortlessly managed thanks to the tabbed document interface.

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Besides, a live thumbnail of the image in place of text is displayed, making it all the more handy. Navigation through the tool is simple and quick. One of the highlights of this program is the ever growing online community associated with it. You can rest assured in terms of tutorials and plugins that will help you along the way.

2. Photoscape:

Option 2

A top-notch utility, this program comes integrated with a multitude of features that should keep more than the average enthusiast busy too. One of the reasons why it features in our array is that it’s comprehensively packed with umpteen filters, special effects and other functions. Inclusive of almost everything you may require in terms of tweaking, the software is definitely a must-have.

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Whether it’s simply viewing an image, optimizing it or printing and editing it, there’s much you can do with this program in hand. The tool is without a doubt built to make fiddling around with pictures super fun. After using this one, you’ll actually be surprised that it does not come with a price tag.

3. Photo Pos Pro:

Option 3

Offering a lineup of impressive features, this tool won’t disappoint for sure. It allows users to employ a range of functions to make impressive pictures. From a simple task like resizing an image to complex manipulations, do it all effortlessly. Create enhanced computer graphics designs in no time with this tool.

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What’s more, it also packs in rich text tools, layers, masks, selection tools, patterns, textures, gradients and loads of other interesting features. The innovative interface will empower you to fidget seamlessly with your snapshots within no time. It’s built to suit the needs of both, new users and professional users alike. You can now efficiently have all your tweaking needs met.

4. STOIK Imagic:

Option 4

Bundled with almost everything you can ask for in an advanced program of its ilk, this one is for keeps too. A simple image viewer, together with the complete picture and video editor, it is both easy to use and learn. The incorporated viewer works at a super speed while the useful image organizer is rather convenient. An added advantage of this tool is the included video editor, much the reason for making it to our list.

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Some other features it includes are simplified searching and browsing of pictures, a full-screen image viewer and a media browser. You can retouch a picture in minutes, while also being able to eke out the maximum benefits from the pic enhancement mode. Red eye correction and HDR stitching are some other tasks that are effortlessly handled by the software.

5. Visual LightBox:

Visual LightBox

A simple and unique program, you have complete control over generating web galleries using this tool. Employ the neat LightBox style overlay effect to do so in no time.

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All you have to do to take advantage of this software is drag and drop all your pictures in the available Visual LightBox window. Simply click on ‘Publish’ and voila, you have your very own snapshot gallery within minutes.

6. My Paint:

My Paint

Yet another picture editor, the tool is a speedy and open source graphics program. It’s been designed keeping the needs of digital painters in mind. In fact it’s a treat for them. What the program does rather well is that it lets you center your attention on your art rather than intimidate you with complex features. The canvas is inviting and will let artists work on their creations with almost no distractions. The interface shows up only when you really need it. Packed with basic layer support, it has been tailored specially for graphics tablets that are pressure sensitive. Additionally, you get a truckload of brush creation and configuration options to pick from.

7. PhotoPad Photo Editor:

Option 7

NCH Software is pretty serious when it tells you can that you can tweak snaps at your whims and fancies with this tool. Designed to work particularly with Windows, it allows you to load up various image formats simultaneously. Tasks like cropping pictures, resizing, rotating and flipping them are just a click away.

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Like most good editing tools, the interface it offers is intuitive and easy to use. There’s also an interesting PhotoStage Slideshow Creator that lets you bring together the desired digital images to generate a customized video slideshow, once you’ve played around with your pictures.

8. IrfanView:


In our line-up this app can be noted for being fast, compact and truly inventive. Designed to suit the needs of Windows users, the graphics viewer can be of much use to novice users. Professionals on the other hand, can make the most of the bundled feature set. The robust tool packs in a punch for avid pictures lovers.

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Along with multi-language support, the program lends a helping hand to an array of file formats. From toolbar skin options to the ability to create your own slideshow, there’s lots you can do with this software. File search, multimedia player, email option, and IPTC editing are just a handful of features included.

9. Photozig:

Option 9

Enabling you to take complete control of your digital pictures, this program allows you to rapidly save, transfer and organize your snaps. The rather easy to use program lets you enhance all your pictures to bring out nothing but the most impressive in them. Whether you are working with digital albums, slideshows or the simple viewer, a few clicks is all it takes. What’s more, you can mega zoom into pictures, correct them for red-eye or simply have them auto-fixed. Albums created with this tool are offered in a convenient Home screen that lets you organize, manage and perform many different functions.

10. Seashore:


An open source image editor custom-made for the Mac OS X Cocoa framework, this program wraps in features that will leave you amazed for sure. It includes gradients, anti-aliasing for text and brush strokes, textures and support for multiple layers.

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Additionally, there’s also the option of alpha channel editing, an added advantage for sure. The tool puts to use a native file format similar to the GIMP technology. A key difference nevertheless is that Seashore is made to meet the needs of users looking for basic editing software just right.

Not everyone may fancy spending precious money on an image tweaking utility. That’s just where the above list of what we think are the best free photo editing software should be of much help. Yes, it’s possible to edit snaps without burning a hole in your pocket and we just showed you how.