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8 Best Free Office Suites

Best Free Office Suites

The best free office suites we’ve listed should be your preferred options if you do not want to blow away your hard-earned money on over-hyped productivity tools. Be it the online word processors or the offline ones, all of these are capable of offering pretty much the same functionality as their paid counterparts. And no, you won’t always have to compromise in terms of essential features. In fact, the online alternatives prove to be even more helpful, what with their ability to be accessed from anywhere. So if we’ve managed to convince you that free utility tools are not all that bad, have a look at the lineup and take your pick.

1 – Google Docs:

Google Docs

This free online office suite lets you not only create documents, spreadsheets, forms, drawings and presentations, but also collaborate with colleagues and share your work on the move. Virtual collaboration even allows you to leave comments on files which are visible to colleagues in real times.

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And if you wish to notify someone about a comment, simply tag them and the software will automatically send them an email notification. You have the option to enhance your presentations with the help of animations, transitions, customized drawings, themes and a lot more.

2 – ThinkFree Online Office:

ThinkFree Online Office

This free office suites roster has been graced by another online productivity tool that doesn’t need to be installed on your PC. If you are one of those who think they cannot possibly get accustomed to anything other than MS Office, ThinkFree Online is certainly the way to go. The user environment of the utility tool in question resembles that of MS Office and it even offers compliance with documents created in the latter format. Considering that it is a web-based application, there are no limitations whatsoever, as long as you have an internet connection and Java Runtime Environment.

3 – KOffice:


A free tool that is open to development by ordinary users can be a good option for most of your work related needs. The software in question has KWord word processor that boasts of an integrated desktop publishing feature as well. KCells is meant for creating spreadsheets, calculating and most importantly, keeping your data organized. Additionally, Showcase should let you deal with presentations and even add a creative touch with images, videos, animations and a lot more.

4 – Kingsoft Office Suite:

Kingsoft Office Suite

Next up in our lineup of free office suites is Kingsoft that is naturally not devoid of the three important programs. These include Writer which is nothing but a fully equipped word processor, Presentation for creating multimedia slides and Spreadsheets for taking care of data analysis and processing. It delivers a paragraph adjustment tool, PDF converter, support for multiple tabs, word count, spell check and much more. Its mobile versions for Android, iOS and Windows Phone are also available for those of you who are constantly on the move.

5 – Ssuite Excalibur:

Ssuite Excalibur

The most useful attribute of Ssuite Excalibur is that the software has been written in native Windows code and doesn’t require additional installations. Compatible with Windows 2000, Vista, XP, 7 as well as 8, it claims to bring an improved interface design, user-friendly application interaction and even features like a cleaner desktop, instant system access and much more. It can open MS Office, OpenOffice and StarOffice documents and offers support for dual monitors too.

6 – LibreOffice:


This next one in our queue of free office suites operates on most systems including Mac OS X, Windows and GNU/Linux. It is free to download and install and has been released in over 30 languages.

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The simple interface will not have Microsoft users wondering about its functions. Also, you can view MS Office content and even save documents to MS formats. Its programs include Writer, Calc, Impress, Math, Draw and Base.

7 – IBM Lotus Symphony:

IBM Lotus Symphony

Lotus Symphony Documents, Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets and Lotus Symphony Presentations are what make this IBM software worth the try. It can open documents crafted through other word processors and lets you create, edit, share and also save your stuff to the PDF format.

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You have the option to create presentations using graphics, charts, tables and more or open and edit the pre-configured ones. And as far as spreadsheets are concerned, you can make use of the built-in templates to create fresh ones.

8 – Apache OpenOffice:

Apache OpenOffice

And the last alternative in our compilation is Apache OpenOffice that extends support to multiple languages. Similar to most other tools of its ilk, the suite in question has all that it takes to stay productive.

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Its products like Writer, Calc, Math, Impress, Base and Draw let you create all sorts of documents and it can open MS Office documents too. The tool seems apt for most work related needs like data analysis and calculation through spreadsheets and creating presentations using Impress.


After reading a summary of each candidate mentioned in our array of the best free office suites, you may have second thoughts about paying that license fee for any other tool. If you do not happen to like these options, you can very well go back to using your current suite. But don’t forget to tell us why you prefer to play it traditional through the comments section below.