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8 Best Free Music Apps for Android

Free Music Apps For Android

The ensuing list of the 8 best free music apps for Android is the result of endlessly scouring the Market to jot down all the applications that the music lover in you longs for. So steal a glance, select an application and immerse yourself in an amazing musical experience. And the best part, if you ask us, is that none of them will cost you even a dime.

1 – Google Music:

Google Music

So your music preferences change by the minute and the Android device is not equipped to store all your tracks. Then allow us to come up with a solution for you. The Google Music app is a cloud-based player for the U.S. that lets you access your collection on the go.

Besides allowing you to store over 20,000 songs from your computer system free of charge, the application automatically saves the music you download from the Android Market. And you can also save your favorite tracks on the phone for offline access when you do not have connectivity.

2 – RealPlayer Beta:

RealPlayer Beta

RealPlayer Beta is the next addition that forms a part of our free music apps for Android compilation. This music player has been at the receiving end of a number of users’ praises. The simple-to-use tool claims to bring entertainment onto your Android mobile device along with a number of other attributes which include widgets, playlist editor, searching options, faster scrolling and content folder selection amongst others.

And unlike other players which support a limited number of file formats, RealPlayer can play back all that your Android device extends support to.

3 – Shazam:


How many times have you heard a song and racked your brains about it later only to realize that you have forgotten it completely? Well, we have a musical tool to never let you miss out on an interesting number. Shazam is an instant and unlimited music identifier with no monthly limits, whatsoever. All you have to do is hold out your phone to identify the piece of music and the app will do the rest.

Once you are done finding out the track, it lets you buy it through Amazon MP3 or read the lyrics in tune with the track or even watch the video via YouTube. And if you wish to share the song with friends, simply do it through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

4 – Pandora internet radio:

Pandora internet radio

The next application on the roster of free music apps for Android is Pandora, which acts as your personalized radio station. This internet radio service streams your choice of music free of charge once you have punched in the name of your favorite artists, composers or even songs.

And when you have done that, the application generates an exclusive channel that plays the type of music you prefer listening to. It also reels out tracks that you might like, depending upon the choices that you have entered.

5 – Music Download Paradise:

Music Download Paradise

And the next app which we are sure you were waiting for, is Music Download Paradise. It’s a sound search engine that combs the web to come up with the exact soundtrack that you were hunting for. It declares itself as one of the most advanced sound search engines on the Android Market and you will find a number of users who will back that claim. And apart from songs, this software also specializes in a number of other music related areas such as ringtones, sound effects, short clips and much more.

6 – TuneWiki Lyrics with Music:

TuneWiki Lyrics With Music

So you like to sing along to your favorite soundtrack, but you do not know the exact lyrics. Well, here we are with the TuneWiki app that serves as your personal karaoke machine while on the move. The player automatically searches for lyrics from the web and syncs it with the track when you are listening to it.

And besides getting your lyrics translated in over 40 languages, you can share them with friends or comment on what they are sharing. Moreover, you can create and edit playlists as well as discover new tracks from around the world through the SongBox.

7 – mSpot Music:

mSpot Music

Another cloud-based service that we have added to our assortment of free music apps for Android is mSpot Music. It lets you opt for your audio options from just about anywhere, regardless of which device you are using, in order to get access to your music collection.

Simply create an account on mspot.com, save your music through your computer system and listen to it via the Android phone or tablet. It offers free 5GB storage that should hoard up to 4000 songs and you get an option to purchase larger storage plans if you require additional memory.

8 – Spotify:


We couldn’t help but include this extremely popular music streaming service to the list of music apps. The entrant is not exactly free, but using the details that the developers forward to your mail account at the time of downloading, you can enjoy a free 30-day trial version.

With this software in your phone, you will have millions of songs at your disposal. And you can easily listen to them even when you are offline.

Aren’t the tools listed on our array of the best free music apps for Android some of the coolest ones when it comes to the acoustic segment? Do drop in a word and share your views with us.