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6 Best Free Movie Apps For Android

Free Movie Apps For Android

Entertainment buffs seeking out the best free movie apps for Android, seem to have halted at the right place. This lineup presents you with choices that may find a permanent place on your handset. Whether you live to watch movies or it’s simply one of your favorite hobbies, this roster has offerings which may just suit all your needs. Whether you are curled up in bed or all set to hit movie theaters this weekend, read up the detailed list which should help you pick out apps that will provide doses of entertainment for you this weekend and beyond.

1. Crackle-Movies & TV

Crackle Movies & TV

Okay, don’t tell us we didn’t warn you, but Crackle – Movies & TV app may probably turn you into a bigger movie buff than what you already are. Wondering why? Well, to begin with you can watch full-length Hollywood films and TV series’ at absolutely no cost at all. Furthermore, 20 new TV episodes and movies are added on a monthly basis. Just in case you are wondering, the genres range from action, crime, horror, thriller to sci-fi, anime and comedy. And yes, you can indulge in unlimited viewing by streaming HQ videos over Wi-Fi or 3G and 4G networks. Additionally, you are free to even create your own queue of movies. You will require a device running above Android v2.2 and which supports Flash 10.1 or later.

2. Full Length Classic Movies

Full Length Classic Movies

Then we have the Full Length Classic Movies option featuring on our movie apps for Android lineup. As the name suggests, you can simply view classic movies via this application and get all nostalgic about how that era contributed to the world of cinema. This may also serve to be a tool for media students or budding artists out there. It is complete with a simple and easy-to-use interface and features an interesting mix of titles that you may want to watch over and over again. Besides an internet connection on your gadget, you will need a YouTube player or Flash capable browser for playing music videos via this application.

3. IMDb Movies & TV

IMDb Movies & TV

There is no getting away from the popular IMDb Movies & TV app when you are chalking out a movie apps for Android list. With its interesting features and immense utility, you may be forced to categorize it as a ‘must download’ application. You can read reviews of TV shows, view US Box office results, upcoming movies and more. The app can be accessed for checking show timings at a local theater or dabbling in entertainment news from a number of media houses. Some of the other activities include viewing trailers and looking up recaps of television shows from the night before. Plus, you could also browse through and search IMDb, which flaunts a data collection of over 1.5 million movies and TV shows amongst other features.

4. TV & Movies for Google TV

TV Movies For Google TV

Browsing through a number of channels just to check if something good is playing seems like a daunting task. A solution to this comes in the form of the TV & Movies for Google TV offering which will aid you in looking out for live and on-demand content. It will function with your current cable or satellite TV subscription to bring suggestions based on the best content available.

YouTube video

This app is apparently inclusive of movies and shows from YouTube, Netflix and other streaming websites from the internet. Plus, if you have Netflix activated on your Google TV, it will also fish out content that you can watch for no cost at all via the Netflix subscription.

5. RunPee


The sound of the RunPee app may already have you smiling but we suggest you read on, for it has more to offer than just a hilarious title. Imagine sitting in a movie theater watching a thriller and you want to answer nature’s call. Well, wouldn’t it be of tremendous help if someone were to let you know when would be a good time to leave so that you haven’t missed on anything important? This is where the RunPee app comes into the picture. It tells you exactly the best time to run and pee during an engaging flick. The app has an in-built timer to keep a tab on your pee-times and also gives a synopsis of the first five minutes of a movie if you are late.

YouTube video

You can take a peek to see how long you may have to wait for that portion of the movie. If not, then a vibration alert option as well as a feature which will tell you if there is something after the end credits.

6. Netflix


The popular service has also found a place on our movie apps for Android lineup. The Netflix app will function on devices running Android 2.2, 2.3, 3.x and 4.x. This service is rolled across to USA, Canada and Latin America. You can stream your favorite movies and television shows directly from Netflix during a night out with friends. When on the move, you can catch up on your preferred show and even begin from where you left off the last time you were viewing content via this app. Complete with a user-friendly interface, the software provides hours of entertainment while on the go.

We are pulling the curtains down on our free movie apps for Android roster which features offerings that allow streaming content, classic movies and more. Write in a comment about how a big movie buff you are turning into with these options and let us know if we missed out on any of your favorites.