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10 Best Free Lightroom Presets

Here are some of the best free Lightroom presets that you can try out on your snaps. They will surely add a spark of creativity without you spending way too much time within the confines of the software in question. You won’t even need to fiddle around with the tools and effects from Adobe to gain a specific look. You’ll be happy to know that all the following names have already been through the trial and error stages, and unfurl across the virtual scene as a tailored delight that can simply be applied to the picture at hand.

1 – 34 Black & White film:

34 Black & White film

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This is one of the best and is created by a photographer who simply adores black and white film. And as you might have already guessed, the bundle roped in here comprises of a whopping 34 presets pack that includes individual film type appearances. Additionally, the bunch can be picked up in 2 versions according to your preference – one with auto toning and the other one a regular, which comes minus this feature. And if you simply adore giving your pictures the black and white treatment, you’re surely going to fall in love with this particular gem.

2 – Cole’s Collection:

Cole’s Collectio

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Here’s a treat that provides creative enthusiasts with more than a dozen great effects that can be applied with just one click each. To be more specific, this entrant in our roster includes 15 edits that read as Bitchin’ Summer, Winter Haze, Wild Style 1 and 2, Sepia & B&W Twist, Smooth Skin Slight Desat , Old School Film B&W and sepia, Color Me Rad!, Faux Film, High Contrast B&W, Big Bold Color and Antiqued, to name a few. This one is free to all Cole’s Classroom subscribers.

3 – PH The Weddings:

PH The Weddings

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Make the happiest day of your life even more beautiful by putting your wedding pictures through a colorful and vibrant process. The snaps clicked on that special occasion deserve to look perfect, and what better way to do so than by applying this preset to it? The bundle offered here includes light, dreamy, normal skin, fantasy dress, edgy church, B&W beach, surreal moment, and Steller Guru GreenGold effects.

4 – Free HDR:

Image 04

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This one is aimed at all those of you who simply adore HDR photography. The option shining in the spotlight here lets you soak up the splendor of this sort of snaps by using just one picture. You can acquire your desired results by toggling with the Recovery and Fill Light sliders, among other tools. This delight will look great when paired with lush sceneries.

5 – Polaroid:


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Are you longing to glance at those beautiful pictures that used to pop out of Polaroid cameras back in the day? Well, you can now make all your photos seem as if they’ve just slide out of the now-discontinued portable gadget. How? Well, by simply applying any one of the 2 presets namely, x=polaroid+yellow and x=polaroid+cyan. While the former is a mix of yellow and heavily blown out highlights, the latter provides a cyan/blue color cast to the snap. After you’re done applying any of the two, it won’t be long before you’re staring at a picture that looks exactly like the classic Polaroid instant film.

6 – Silky Smooth:

Silky Smooth

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Do you simply love snapping baby pictures all the time? Well then, this particular inclusion in our array will help make that adorable baby appear as innocent and precious as he or she is in reality. It aids in showing off the little tyke’s silky smooth glow by reducing shadows around the skin.

7 – Faded Film:

Faded Film

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This interesting gem is a set of 2 software pieces that allow you to endow your pictures with a vintage feel. It forays onto the scene with the ability to apply soft and gentle tones to the snap at hand. Whether it’s the S Curve Color or S Curve B&W, you can take complete advantage of the lot and apply them according to your preference.

8 – Copper Tone Skin:

Copper Tone Skin

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After showing off silky smooth skin textures, it’s now time to shed light on a specific delight that provides the subject in the picture with a copper tone skin effect. This particular treat proffers a smooth finish to the snap and leaves it and the person smiling back at you with a certain kind of smooth, silky glow.

9 – PH Intensive Heaven:

PH Intensive Heaven

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Want to experience a little bit of heaven here on earth? Well, you’ll be able to soak in the splendor of such purity by employing this interesting contender in our roundup to just about any dull snap. Watch as your pictures spring to life with a touch of divine vibrance.

10 – Desaturate Me:

Desaturate Me

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As the brains behind this one suggests, there are quite a few dramatic effects being employed here so handle with caution. And thanks to these bursts of brilliance, you can be sure that your picture will stand out in the crowd especially if it has the right textures that comply with the elements used here.


So go ahead and see how the aforesaid best free Lightroom presets look when they are splashed across your precious picture-perfect moments. Give your dreary snaps a surge of life by applying the plethora of delights embedded found here. What’s more, all of them are are available at zero cost to procure so try each and every one of them out in your Adobe Lightroom work space. And don’t forget to return and share your experiences with us by punching in your comments right here.

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