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10 Best Free iPod Touch Games

Best Free iPod Touch Games

The best free iPod touch games you’ll be introduced to right here are just the gems you need to keep Mr. Boredom at bay. Play those blues away by taking complete advantage of the various best titles strewn across different genres. So you can expect some puzzle prize winners as well as a few spectacular sports stars. What’s more, they each can be acquired without even shelling out a single penny.

1 – Temple Run:

Temple Run

Explore ancient ruins, gather up sparkling treasures and make a dash for it, all without moving a muscle, well maybe except your opposable thumbs. Temple Run is filled with exotic environments, steep cliffs and temple passageways.

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You’re called on to jump, slide and zip through the various levels while smartly swerving away from dangerous obstacles scattered all across your path. It employs original 3D running mechanics as well as 7 in-game characters.

2 – Real Football 2012:

Real Football 2012

From running after gold, we now move on to a title that lets you run behind a football instead of shining objects. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about scrapping your knees or getting your socks dirty. Real Football 2012 allows you to create your very own custom team jerseys with the help of a detailed in-game editor. Developed by Gameloft, it also comes packed with 350 teams and 14 league championships that include France, South America, Germany, Spain and England. You can also access different game modes such as Training, History, Exhibition, League and International Cup.

3 – Where’s My Water? Free:

Where’s My Water

Where’s My Water? Free invites you to spend your hours with Swampy the Alligator who resides in the sewers. He loves to take showers but the other reptiles have messed with the plumbing and ceased the water flow. Help your green buddy have his bath by strategically mending the pipes through 10 themed chapters.

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According to maker Disney, this entrant in our array is a challenging physics-based puzzler that features intuitive controls, vibrant graphics and a foot-tapping soundtrack. And since it’s the free version that’s up for grabs, you get to splash right into 20 exclusive puzzles that aren’t found in the full edition.

4 – Tiny Tower:

Tiny Tower

We continue the party with the mention of Tiny Tower, a game that offers gigantic proportions of addictive fun. Here, you have to build a tower and then look after the business and citizens that reside and work within your structure. Add new floor types and earn special perks from VIP visitors and special events.

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You can also read your little people’s minds via the BitBook virtual social network. Through the built-in Game Center, you’ll even be able to see your pal’s skyscrapers, earn awards and back up your game.

5 – Smurf’s Village:

Smurf’s Village

Here’s a game that’s sure to bring a dollop of nostalgia to your gaming experience. In Smurf’s Village, all the adorable blue inhabitants have been scattered all over the place after that nasty Gargamel infiltrated their humble abode. You’re task now is to build a new village for them, with the help of Papa Smurf, of course. Play mini games that involve all your favorite Smurfs like Smurfette, Baby Smurf, Lazy Smurf, Greedy Smurf and Painter Smurf. You can also send gifts to your friends’ townships through Game Center and Facebook.

6 – The Sims FreePlay:

The Sims FreePlay

Love to dabble in ‘Sim-ulating’ titles? Well, we have just the thing for you. We’ve included The Sims FreePlay into our roster so that you can design your dream house and watch your Sims get hitched, grow gardens and even make babies, all via your handy Apple gadget.

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You can endow your characters with interesting careers, earn Simoleons and complete goals for Lifestyle points. Furthermore, watch as your Sims live and breathe, all in real-time.

7 – Tap Tap Revenge Tour:

Tap Tap Revenge Tour

Tap Tap Revenge Tour is where music and gaming come together to form one great action-packed title. You have to slice, tap and shake to all the energetic video-themed tracks that play out onscreen.

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You can groove to more than 300 tunes that are belted out by the likes of Flo Rida, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Rihanna. The application is also infused with Tour and Jam modes.

8 – iJewels:


We’ve included into our list a simple match-3 puzzle title for all you casual gamers out there. All you have to do is match the sparkling gems and stock up high numbers on the scoreboard. You’ll be bombarded with crisp graphics dipped in colorful hues, polished gameplay elements, and some bits of soothing music. There are even 4 modes to avail of namely, Timed, Infinite, Quick and Normal.

9 – NinJump Deluxe Free:

NinJump Deluxe

Step into the tabi and Shinobi shozoku of a brave ninja as you climb your way to the highest of heights. NinJump Deluxe Free is noted to be the sequel of NinJump, only this time around you’ll be able to espy new enemies like witch doctors, monkeys, tropical snakes, sea monsters and fire-breathing dragons.

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You can also earn interesting power-ups and shields along the way which will come in handy while scaling the walls of glory.

10 – GT Racing: Motor Academy Free+:

GT Racing Motor Academy

Rev up those engines as GT Racing: Motor Academy Free+ races right into your iOS gadget. Hit the virtual cockpits of 119 licensed cars like Audi R8, Nissan GT-R, Volkswagen Scirocco GT24, Dodge Challenger SRT8 2012, Ford Model T and Ferrari models. You can steer down the tarmac of urban and rally tracks, and even partake in a fascinating Career mode.


iPod touch owners have a vast sea of applications and games to opt from. Similarly, all of the aforementioned best free iPod touch games foray onto the scene minus a price tag. The only thing you might have to compromise on however is your iDevice memory. But hey, they take up just minimal space, so don’t worry. Go ahead and download the whole lot. Do you have any favorites that you might like to share with our readers? Do leave your suggestions in the comment box just below.