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20 Best Free iPod Touch Apps

Best Free iPod Touch Apps

Here’s a long list of the best free iPod Touch apps which you will obviously find very useful to have at your fingertips. When we’ve jotted down no less than 20 best tools for your consideration, it would hardly do for you to doubt if we’ve got you covered on all aspects. Run through the array and tell us if we’re right or not.

1 – Google Translate:

Google Translate

Our first contender comes in handy when you want to communicate with people from different continents. It breaks the language barrier and allows you to correspond effectively with individuals from other parts of the globe. With this software at your fingertips, you’ll be able to translate text between 64 languages and decipher up to 17 via voice input. The long list of languages it supports includes Arabic, Slovak, Japanese, Czech, Filipino, Macedonian, Swedish, Vietnamese, Turkish, Finnish, Korean, French, Armenian, Latvian and Italian, among others.

– Never leave the country without it.

2 – DrawCast:


You don’t need to be a Picasso or a Leonardo da Vinci to create your own works of art. All you require is DrawCast, the player in question and you’re good to go. The software boasts of hoarding various advanced attributes as well as full featured social network integration for sharing your work with loved ones. Some of the features present here include layers, customizable soft and hard brushes, the eyedropper tool and Zoomable paintings. You can also tag drawings and even follow your favorite artists.

– Unleash the Vincent van Gogh in you without investing in an easel or a palette.

3 – Instagram:


If painting masterpieces isn’t your forte, then why not dabble in photography? Even if you don’t have a keen eye for detail, you can still make your pictures look like they’ve been snapped by a professional. All you have to do is click a photo and let Instagram do the rest. There are custom designed borders and filters as well as radial and linear tilt-shift blur effects to take advantage of. Once you’re done, upload them to Facebook, Foursquare, Flickr, Twitter and Tumblr.

– Spice up your snaps with Instagram.

4 – TripAdvisor:


This travel website flies straight into your iDevice at no charge. Through this delight, you’ll be able to zero in on the most sought after restaurants, great hotels and even a few fun things to do while you’re touring a new place. You can also find air fares that fit your budget via the efficient flight search option. There’s even a Near Me Now button that lets you scope out your surroundings for great deals.

– Step aside troublesome travel agents and make way for TripAdvisor.

5 – Find my iPhone:

Find my iPhone

Losing your precious player is definitely the last thing you would want. But hey, we have to think of the worst case scenario where such a thing might just happen. Well, in order to keep all fears at bay, we have included Find my iPhone in our roster. In case your iDevice gets stolen or misplaced, you’ll be able to easily zero in on the gadget with the help of a map. You can also play a sound, remotely lock your gadget, display a message or even wipe out all your vital data.

– Find your iDevice before the perpetrators find your information.

6 – LiveScore:


You’re at an office meeting and want to know the score to that all-important game? Well, you can now rely on LiveScore to get real-time delivery of the numbers that are being slapped across the scoreboard of your favorite team. You could be a soccer, basketball, cricket, football, tennis or hockey fan and still expect to be bombarded with the digits clocked in by the different teams you support. Besides scores, detailed match information will also be relayed straight to your gadget.

– Lakers vs. Celtics – No need to chew your fingers in anticipation, just use the appendages to hit LiveScore.

7 – Free Wi-Fi Finder:

Wi-Fi Finder

Whether you’re in Indianapolis or India, you can turn to this utility to zero in on an internet hotspot near you. And based on your current location, you’ll be able to find the right zones by simply hitting the ‘Near Me’ option. As the maker reveals, more than 145,000 free locations all over the world are available directly through this piece of software. Whether you’re at a café, library or shopping mall, you’ll still be able to find an apt hotspot that’s closest to you.

– With this app, you won’t even have to ‘break a sweat’ to find a ‘hot’spot.

8 – Crackle:


The most popular Hollywood entertainment forays directly into your player through Crackle. Avail of on-demand content which comprises of the latest movies and TV shows that span across different genres like anime, horror, crime, thriller, action, sci-fi and comedy. For your viewing pleasure, you can even manage a Watchlist which can be continuously fed with more films.

– Feel the crunch and crackle of cinema, right at your fingertips.

9 – Dragon Dictation:

Dragon Dictation

Tired of punching in those alphabets and numbers? Well, allow Dragon Dictation to perform voice-to-text conversations for you. This eliminates even the slightest chance of you accidentally pressing the enter button or maybe jotting down a wrong spelling. It comes in handy when you want to formulate emails, Facebook status updates or tweets on Twitter. Just speak into the external microphone on your iDevice and you’ll be able to roll out words up to 5 times faster than typing, according to the developer.

– Wave goodbye to your virtual keypad and say hello to Dragon Dictation, quite literally.

10 – Facebook:


Social butterflies will surely find themselves fluttering to this particular entrant in our array. And why not, especially since the Facebook tool has all the features that allow individuals to keep in touch with friends and family on a social level. You can share photos and videos, update your status as per your mood and even find out what your friend situated half way across the globe is up to. No need to rush home to your PC just to play FarmVille or comment on a pal’s photo. You can do all this and more while on the go.

– Keep familiar faces close to your heart through Facebook.

11 – Evernote:


Ever wanted to jot down some brilliant ideas but had to resort to a napkin for penning the same? Well, how about giving Evernote a try? Besides just acting as a virtual note-taking tool, it also provides you with the ability to share messages through Facebook and Twitter as well as record voice and audio notes. Create to-do and task lists, and even snap pictures of whiteboards and books so that you can ponder on the content splashed up there anytime, anywhere.

– Takes note of your every note, virtually.

12 – Urbanspoon:


Urbanspoon is a must-have, especially if you’re a true food connoisseur residing in Canada, the US, Australia or the UK. It comprises of many neat features like making reservations and offering a list of eateries that are strewn across your very own neighborhood. You can sieve through your options by price and cuisine, depending on your pocket and palate, respectively. You’ll also be able to acquire reviews and ratings from fellow food lovers and bloggers.

– Satisfy your dormant gourmet with Urbanspoon.

13 – Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus:

Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus

Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus is packed to the hilt with a huge lexical database of up to 140,000 precise definitions. Anything from antonyms to synonyms can be found right here. No need to go helter skelter in search of your hardbound dictionary while playing Scrabble or when you just want to look up a certain term. You bargain for hyponyms, hypernyms and meronyms as well as do a quick dynamic search of any word.

– Dabble in some wordplay with adverbs, nouns, adjectives and verbs.

14 – Twitter:


Make room for the adorable little blue Twitter bird to roost in. Through the Twitter client, you’ll be able to stay abreast of all the news that’s making noise around the world. It could be anything from your friend’s latest hobby to your favorite celebrity’s new album. You can also receive instant updates and conduct real-time searches for trending topics. Favorite, retweet, follow and share photos and videos across different categories like entertainment, fashion and travel.

– Tweet through your touch today.

15 – IMDb Movies & TV:

IMDb Movies & TV

If you’re a movie and TV show buff then this next inclusion in our lineup is just the thing for you. IMDb Movies & TV is your golden ticket to all the latest entertainment news, TV listings and movie showtimes at cinema halls near you. It even stocks up on a large collection of celebrity, film and TV information that will certainly call out to any starstruck fan of the silver screen. You’ll also be able to view trailers, user ratings, reviews, photos, trivia, quotes, celebrity birthdays, goofs and much more, all via your portable device.

– Want to know about your favorite star? Let IMDb Movies & TV take you through his or her biography details and more juicy information.

16 – Words with Friends:

Words with Friends

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Well, that saying might just be true for you too. And if that’s the case, our ‘wordy’ solution will get you thinking about alphabets and letters all day long. Words with Friends will surely tug at the heartstrings of Scrabble lovers as it features a familiar gameplay approach. It has a turn-based design that enables you to play up to 20 games at a go. Furthermore, you can hop onto Facebook and play with friends situated anywhere across the globe. There’s even in-game messaging for those who want to get a little chatty while playing.

– Show off your word power and dabble in some crossword gameplay.

17 – Adobe Photoshop Express:

Adobe Photoshop Express

Your beloved image and graphics editing program jumps right out of the PC and hits your portable device in the form of Adobe Photoshop Express. There are various one-touch effects and artistic filters such as Sketch and Soft focus to opt from as well as other editing attributes like borders, colors and basic tools like rotate, crop and flip. What’s more, you can do all this with just a few flicks of the finger.

– Sprinkle your snaps with special effects. Try it. It’s a snap.

18 – NinJump:


Fight your blues away by jumping right into a fast-paced climbing game called NinJump. Here you step into the tabi and Shinobi shozoku of a ninja whose aim is to reach as high as possible without being bogged down by angry birds, edgy ledges, sharp shuriken, killer squirrels, exploding bombs and enemy ninjas. The game revolves around simple, single-tap gameplay where your talented thumbs do all the work. Along your path to new heights, you’ll be aided by mega-jump bonuses and protective shields.

– Go all ninja with NinJump.

19 – Dropbox:


Dropbox allows you to take all your pictures, videos and documents wherever you go without them filling up precious place in your player. This service enables you to save all these data bits in your Dropbox account for viewing directly on your iDevice while you’re away from a PC. It also comes in handy when you want to share your content with friends and family. No need to bother with annoying attachments; just send across a link or two that will lead your pals directly to where your data is stored.

– Drop in and share to your heart’s content with Dropbox.

20 – Skype:


With Skype embedded in your device, you can not only make calls to loved ones, but also watch their awesome expressions live onscreen. Whether your friends or family members are situated next door or anywhere around the world, you’ll still be able to have a personal conversation with them over your iDevice. Either call Skype contacts via 3G or Wi-Fi for no cost or avail of Skype Credit to call internationally.

– Skype-to-Skype is the new tete-a-tete.


Amidst all the hype surrounding the brand new iPhone 5, we still know there are quite a few tech buffs out there who possess the iOS player. They rely on this handy device for listening to music, watching videos, playing video games, staying in the loop with loved ones and basically hoarding information which can be accessed while on the go.

So whether you own an 8GB, 16GB, 32GB or 64GB iDevice, there’s always space for these gems that are plucked right out of the treasure chest that’s called iTunes. All you need is an internet connection and our array of the best free iPod touch apps out there. Which ones did you particularly take a liking to? Have we missed out on any? Do enlighten us by dropping your comments in the box located below.