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30 Best Free iPhone Games

Best Free iPhone Games

Some of the best free iPhone games from the Apple App Store have been mentioned below and they are certainly twice as good as their paid counterparts. For one, they do not fall short of keeping you engrossed in their entertaining gameplay. And the fact that they do not cost you a single dime is the icing on the cake. So if you’ve been combing through iTunes to find free of charge games to kill time, we’re here with a comprehensive compilation of the same.


1 – LEGO Ninjago: Rise of the Snakes:

LEGO Ninjago

This game should strike a chord with all Ninjago fans as it lets you get into the shoes of your favorite character from this series and tackle the evil serpents. Besides fighting with 75 challengers, you can also duel against your friends and explore battle arenas along the way.

2 – No Zombies Allowed:

No Zombies Allowed

This game can get a bit demanding as it not only requires building a town of survivors with houses and businesses, but also protecting them from a zombie attack. You will have to concentrate on upgrading your weapons to fight these dead creatures and even earn rewards by completing tasks and mini-missions.


3 – Temple Run:

Temple Run

The 3D mechanics like turning, sliding, tilting and jumping, used in Temple Run have compelled us to make it a part of our free iPhone games roster. You get to choose from as many as 7 different characters, each of which can be leveled up during the course of the game. Its endless gameplay, requiring you to make use of simple swipe and tilt controls, can get really addictive.

4 – Minecraft – Pocket Edition Lite:


Popular PC game, Minecraft, has come to the iOS platform. And guess what? It’s free. With 18 different blocks at your disposal, you can build your masterpieces exactly how you imagined them. And unlike the PC version, you do not have to get back home to start constructing; you can play this game just about anywhere you want.


5 – Pac-Man Lite:

Pac-Man Lite

Well, if the category under which Pac-Man Lite is listed does not already give it away, let us tell you that it is indeed a very popular arcade game and it’s actually available in iTunes. The developers have obviously enhanced the controls by including the tilt, D-Pad and swipe modes in the game. Try out the free version and if you still can’t get over it, simply head to the App Store and buy the paid app.

6 – Jetpack Joyride:

Jetpack Joyride

Combating evil scientists while having the time your life on a jetpack joyride, is what this game demands from you. As you keep defeating the scientists, you also get high scores that help you upgrade your jetpacks and unlock more achievements. Also, your scores are listed on online leaderboards, so that you can compare them with those of your friends’.

7 – Diamond Dash:

Diamond Dash

Diamond Dash designed along the lines of Bejeweled that most of us have enjoyed playing as kids, somehow doesn’t seem to get monotonous. It could be because the application offers fast-paced gameplay wherein, all you have is 60 seconds to make a high score. As it is integrated with Facebook, you can even compete with friends over the social networking website.


8 – Four in a Row:

Four in a Row

A fun and free Four in a Row game, this app claims to be the first of its kind in iTunes to charge not even a penny. You can have 16 ongoing games at any given time against your Game Center friends or random opponents. And similar to most other titles listed in this catalog, the app boasts of improved sound effects and visuals too.

9 – Flood-It 2:

Flood-It 2

A follow-up to the previously released Flood-It, the second edition of the game warns you in advance that it can get ridiculously addictive and fun. Your task here is to fill the board with a single color through challenges like time constraints, obstacles and finishing the board with a pre-determined color. Add to it cool sound effects and the all new dimmed design, and it only gets better than its predecessor.


10 – Poker:


So you do not have all the time in the world to play your favorite card game? No worries. This Zynga app that has made its mark on Facebook is at your service whenever you feel like playing a game of Texas Hold ‘em Poker. You can collect a million chips and compete with your friends or even with 6 million Facebook players any time you feel up to it.

11 – Free Solitaire 3D:

Free Solitaire 3D

A list of card games remains incomplete without Solitaire, so here it is. This application brings 4 solitaire games that are highly enhanced by using 3D animation and sound effects. You get to select a background from various options and your scores are listed on world leaderboards. Additionally, its multiuser system allows more than one person to customize and resume their respective games.


12 – Paper Toss:

Paper Toss

The developers of this game have tried to create a realistic workplace environment, complete with office sounds to make you feel as if you’re actually stuck there with nothing to do. But if you think it requires you to simply toss a ball of crumpled paper into a trash can, think again. With 7 difficulty levels, this game will force you into strategizing on how exactly you should be flinging that paper ball.

13 – Angry Birds Space Free:

Angry Birds Space Free

How can we leave the always annoyed yet adorable birds out from our lineup of free iPhone games? While free versions of all Angry Birds editions are available in the App Store, we decided to include the Space season as it certainly takes the game a notch higher with its enhanced graphics, zero-gravity environments and 10 interstellar levels.

14 – Rock Paper Scissors – Fight:

Rock Paper Scissors

One of those favorite childhood games has been peppered with custom animation and artwork to make it apt for your Apple smartphone. You can either play it against the computer or random internet players. But if you think Rock Paper Scissors is no fun without your friends, invite them to play over a local wireless connection.

15 – Trace:


This casual platformer promises twofold entertainment as it lets you sketch your path to get over obstacles. But reaching the finishing line is not enough as you also have to make high scores while you are at it. It features 6 different worlds and 120 levels.

16 – Trivie:


The iPhone version of social trivia boasts of getting as addictive as a popular game show. With over 75,000 questions in more than 300 categories, you are not likely to run out of things to quiz your friends about so soon. Just like most other games, it can either be played with friends or random opponents across the world.


17 – Sudoku:


The good old Sudoku puzzles that you may have solved in newspapers, only got better when developed for the iPhone. The simple game has been spiced up with Point System, Runs and online leaderboards, not to mention amazing graphics, animations and an easy interface. The different difficulty levels have been added, but you only get access to those if you qualify by winning consecutive games.

18 – Free Hangman:

Free Hangman

The only thing that has changed over time about this game, is that your iPhone’s touchscreen has replaced the paper. We don’t really need to tell you anything about the gameplay or the stick figure, which is an inevitable part of the title. This application will help you improve your vocabulary as it defines the concerned word for you if you do not happen to know the meaning.

19 – Rush Hour Free:

Rush Hour Free

Claiming to be the original sliding block Traffic Jam puzzle, the simple game requires you to move cars and trucks away from your path to reach the exit point. You get the highest score if you accomplish the task by taking the shortest route and if you just can’t get what the solution to this puzzle could be, the game comes with a hint button as well as a solve button that assists you in graduating to the next level.

20 – Unblock Me Free:

Unblock Me Free

Whether you want to play as a beginner or an expert, in the challenge mode or relax mode, Unblock Me Free lets you solve puzzles, the way you want. You can even keep track of all those puzzles where you have successfully driven the red block out of the board to move up on the scoreboard. And as is the case with most puzzles, it comes with the hint option too.


21 – Real Race GTI:

Real Race GTI

For those who are into hardcore gaming, our array of free iPhone games features the demo version of Real Race GTI. You get to go behind the wheel in six 2010 GTI sport hatches and unlock achievements while driving these cars. This game also gives you a chance to brag about your scores and videos through online leaderboards and YouTube.

22 – CSR Racing:

CSR Racing

A blend of high-fidelity graphics and addictive gameplay, the application lets you drive cars like the Audi R8, BMW M3 and Chevy Corvette. And as your vehicles are equipped with enhanced nitrous injections and turbos amongst others, you will not have to worry about defeating tough opponents. You can even challenge the city’s crew once you are confident enough to take on them.

Role Playing:

23 – Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden Free:

Sacred Odyssey

If RPGs are your forte, then you should definitely give Sacred Odyssey a try and take up the task of saving the kingdom of Lasgalen from the approaching apocalypse. Gain supernatural powers to save the world and make sacrifices just like a real superhero. So embark on this adventurous journey and deal with the evil lord. You can upgrade to the paid version through an in-app purchase. But before you decide to install this game, let us inform you that it will take up about 406MB of space in your iPhone.

24 – Empire Online:

Empire Online

Whoever said MMOs are meant for the computer was wrong. The Empire Online is a turn-based MMORPG that lets you play with over 10 million players right through your iPhone and tags along as many as 300 maps, 1000 quests, 5000 items and 6 million avatars. Basically you have to defend your territory and conquer other places too.


25 – Arcade Bowling:

Arcade Bowling

After creating virtual versions of table tennis and basketball, Skyworks brought bowling to the iPhone. Although there’s your phone’s Retina display instead of the bowling alley and laser balls instead of the real metal balls, the gameplay continues to be the same. The iPhone’s accelerometer recognizes when you tilt the phone and adjusts the ball’s speed accordingly.

26 – Touch Hockey:

Touch Hockey

Another game that you may have endlessly enjoyed with your friends is Air Hockey which is available in iTunes as Touch Hockey. It takes pride in being one of the best of its kind and can be played with friends over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. You get to enjoy 3 levels of smart one-player gameplay and watch instant replays if you happen to make an awesome shot.

27 – Pool:


Featuring single and double player modes, Pool is just like its real-life counterpart, only more portable. You need to pocket balls assigned to you as well as the black ball in the designated pocket. Complete with 3D effects, this game has been optimized for left- as well as right-handed players and even offers hints to aim correctly.


28 – 7 Little Words:

7 Little Words

If the developers of this app are to be believed, you are bound to love this app if you’re a fan of crossword puzzles or anagram games. Each fun, challenging and easy to learn puzzle features 7 clues and 7 mystery words that you have to recognize using 20 letter groups and deciphering clues.

29 – Words With Friends Free:

Words With Friends Free

Words With Friends continues to employ the same gameplay as Scrabble that you are surely well versed with. The turn-based game allows you to play with as many as 20 players at the same time, be it random opponents or friends and even keep in touch with them via the in-game chatting. Its Facebook integration allows you to connect with your friends on the SNS and challenge them to a game of scrabble. You can even access the game on all your iOS devices.

30 – Word Warp:

Word Warp

7 Little Words and Words with Friends are not your only options in this category. Word Warp is another anagram game that challenges your vocabulary. Within a time frame, you have to come up with as many words as possible from the assigned 6 letters and earn points. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. You do not go to the next level unless you successfully make at least one 6-letter word. You can also change the game time, if you think the allotted time is not enough for you.


These were just some of the best free iPhone games that we’ve chosen from different categories to help you unwind for a few minutes every day. Go ahead and earn those high scores you can boast about. Do let us know which one of these titles you would go for. And if you know about any other game that deserves to be mentioned here, drop the name in the comments section below.