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20 Best Free iPad Games

The best free iPad games listed here offer you super fun on the run. The classy tablet from the house of Apple has proved to be a faithful companion especially to those on the go. It’s also the best choice for dabbling in some wireless entertainment while indoors. The following names are some of the top choices that have the public at large engrossed in their own little virtual world. What’s more, you won’t have to part ways with any greens to acquire them.

Best Free iPad Games

Simply click on the related links, download them onto your handy device and dive right into gaming bliss.

1 – Air Hockey Gold:

Air Hockey Gold

Want the same arcade feel without actually moving out of your home? Well then, this is just the title you should consider picking up. It’s exactly like air hockey, only on the electronic plane instead of the bulky table.

Here you even have the option of playing with not 1, but 2 pucks. Furthermore, the title lets you go head to head against the computer via different difficulty levels. You can even bring a friend along and tear up the iPad with some good old-fashioned friendly warfare.

2 – Bejeweled Blitz:

Bejeweled Blitz

We aren’t done with the brain teasers just yet. Here you’re called on to get rid of as many gems as possible by matching the jewels correctly. This treasure chest is packed with ‘explosive excitement’ as it dishes out delights like Flame gems, Hypercubes and Rare gems.

What’s more, you’ll also be able to hear every crackle and see each sparkle as the game exploits the various attributes of the iPad. There’s even an interactive tutorial that helps you familiarize yourself with the basics.

3 – Words With Friends HD Free:

Words With Friends HD

Love playing board scrabble and the likes? Well, here’s the electronic version of the same. It comes complete with familiar elements and sports a turn-based design which lets you play up to 20 games at once.

You can either challenge your friends to a word duel or enter into a match with a random opponent. The title is also blessed with chat messaging so that you can dabble in a little chit chat while whirling out those words.

4 – Jetpack Joyride:

Jetpack Joyride

From the makers that gave you the highly-addictive Fruit Ninja, comes an interesting title that will test your reflexes like none other. You can join the likes of Barry and soar right through the action-packed levels while stocking up points on your scorecard.

Although you’ll start off with the legendary Machine Gun Jetpack, you can earn coins and complete missions in order to cash in on new gear for your destructive escapades. Unlock achievements and see just how you fare on the online leaderboards.

5 – Checkers:


If you’re a fan of strategic board games, then this one definitely has to find a place among the other apps in your slate. Claiming to bring forth a realistic look and feel, this particular title forays onto the scenario with 4 levels of gameplay while going up against the computer, as well as a 2-player mode for taking on a friend or family member. With this application seated in your Apple gadget, you won’t have to pull out that faded old board from your shelf ever again.

6 – Angry Birds HD Free:

Angry Birds HD

How can any array be complete without the mention of the irate avian sort and their arch enemies, the evil piggies? Well, here we’ve zeroed in on the HD free version that’s exclusively for the iPad. For those who aren’t too familiar with the virtual feathery scene, Angry Birds HD boasts of exciting levels where birds with a bad temper have to be flung at the green pigs with the help of a slingshot.

There are 24 unique levels that span across 8 mini episodes. You require skill, logic and brute force to successfully annihilate the foe, according to the brains behind this endeavor.

7 – Pro Zombie Soccer Apocalypse Edition Lite:

Pro Zombie Soccer Apocalypse Edition

Don’t be intimidated by the dangerous name our next option has been christened with as the contents are something you’ll really relish. Do you love playing soccer and despise the undead menace? Well, if you harbor such a combo, then you’re in luck. Here’s where the 2 elements marry under the excuse for action. You get to step into the sneakers of Jax, a soccer star aspirant who must tackle hoards of unique zombies. Watch as your touchscreen overflows with the undead through fluid animations, refurbished backdrops and high resolution visuals. There’s also a twisted story with laugh-out-loud elements thrown into the amalgamation.

8 – Fruit Ninja HD Free:

Fruit Ninja HD

Stay juicy with the HD version of the hit slice and dice title. All you have to do is carefully swipe at all the fresh food items being tossed onscreen without touching the dangerous bombs that will explode on contact. You can also unlock some new blades and backdrops at the Dojo section.

Noted to be a real stress-buster to many, this delectable delight provides different gameplay modes like Classic and Zen Dual, a local multiplayer mode. Show off your ninja skills by posting your scores on Facebook and Twitter.

9 – PewPew:


Yes, you pronounced it just the way it’s supposed to be said. And when you hear a sound like that it can only mean one thing – laser fire. It’s time to play geometry wars with this multi-directional shoot them up title. You’ll be served a big helping of retro graphics and loads of colorful enemies. There are 5 different modes that you can take complete advantage of namely, Pandemonium, Dodge this, Assault, Chromatic Conflict and Asteroids. The whole mash-up is further complimented by foot-tapping music, unlockable ships and high frame rates.

10 – Cliffed: Norm’s World XL:

Cliffed: Norm's World XL

Optimized for the Apple tablet, this title offers some great pick up and play elements as well as one charismatic character called Norm. There are 4 difficulty modes to avail of here as well as full online multiplayer functionality. The title is also blessed with clean graphics and local as well as online leaderboards. What’s more, you can even avail of the local head-to-head feature that’s exclusive to the iPad.

11 – Six-Guns:


Saddle up and prepare to ride across the dusty Wild West that’s packed with bandits, saloons and loads of mystery. To further add spice to the old perception of the open frontier, publisher Gameloft has sprinkled this title with vampires and other unnatural foes. You can unlock 8 majestic horses, different types of costumes, innovative items and 19 weapons. Stride across 40 missions that comprise of taking out robbers and racing horses.

12 – Lettro HD:

Lettro HD

This particular entrant in our roster comes tagged with the line, ‘find the right words and show your true colors!’ The rules observed in this strategic 2-player word title are quite simple – form words and transform letters into your desired color by sliding your finger across the iDevice’s touchscreen.

There is a trio of board sizes to take advantage of here namely, 4 x 4, 5 x 5 and 6 x 6 which comprise of 16, 25 and 36 letters, respectively. You can also pit yourself against the computer, another player on the same gadget or someone else via Game Center.

13 – Compression HD:

Compression HD

The thirteenth contender can be described as a block dropping one with a modern twist. If you liked dabbling in all those traditional titles, then you’ll surely like this virtual treat. Besides sporting a dynamic gaming surface, it also comes with 2 different engaging modes. Randomly generated levels are what you can expect to see right here. It’s even iCade compatible.

14 – Stupid Zombies Free:

Stupid Zombies

If you can’t get enough of the undead, there’s always this delight waiting for you at the iTunes store. The call to arms here reads as, ‘one man, one shotgun and lots of stupid zombies.’ Survive all the levels by being crafty and using grenades, straight bullets and laser shots to annihilate the enemy. But we want to throw out a fair caution to all you trigger-happy individuals out there: your ammunition is limited, so use it wisely.

15 – Temple Run:

Temple Run

Temple Run will test your reflexes as you race along temple walls, hallways and sheer cliffs. Use your finger to swipe, slide and jump around the place to avoid dangerous obstacles strewn all across your path.

You can also collect coins and purchase power ups to see just how far they take you. You’ll also be able to play as any one of the 7 characters featured here. Compete with friends through Game Center leaderboards and achievements.

16 – Real Soccer 2013:

Real Soccer 2013

The next inclusion in our roundup is aimed at satisfying the growing appetite of tech-savvy sports fans everywhere. This iteration lets you take complete control of your team while battling it out on the virtual field.

You’ll be provided with a rookie squad and tasked with improving the players’ abilities and preparing them to take on other formidable teams. You can also espy personal names and portraits of more than 3,000 top players.

17 – Orbit1:


As the developer reveals, Orbit1 is a hyper-competitive multiplayer title that can be enjoyed by just hitting one single button. This easy-to-learn gem is filled to the brim with green orbs and red enemies. While the former must be picked up, the latter can prove to be fatal if touched. What’s more, playing with friends makes this title all the more interactive and interesting. You can either form alliances or plan grudge battles.

18 – Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia:

Doodle Army 2

Want to jump into multiplayer combat through your Apple slate? Well, why not take a shot at this particular entrant that allows you to engage with up to 6 players online or locally? You can also train with the Sarge and even dabble in survival and training modes for staying sharp. You’ll be able to wield interesting weapons like the magnum, AK47, desert eagle, shotgun, machete, SMAW and grenades.

19 –The Sims FreePlay:

The Sims FreePlay

Here EA gives you the liberty to create more than 16 customized Sims and even design your very own dream home, well virtually, of course.

You’ll also be able to earn Lifestyle points by completing set goals. These can then be used to purchase some snazzy in-game items.

20 – Sci-Fi Heroes:

Sci-Fi Heroes

This final inclusion lets you step into the shoes of sci-fi heroes such as space marines, animal trainers, sentient robot beings, space cowboys, Exxo and Technomancers. Create the ultimate team of brave heroes and indulge in over 40 levels that include battle arenas and power items.

Through Social Raids, you can even join forces with your pals and share in the spoils.


The Apple gadget is blessed with a wide, clear touchscreen. And what better way to exploit it than by playing all of the aforesaid best free iPad games while traveling on the bus or waiting at the airport lounge. The iTunes store is packed to the hilt with loads of delicious treats that can all be procured without having to even shell out a single dime. And we’ve just covered the acme lot of them so no need to go shopper-happy while at the app store. Just one more thing, before availing of these gems through your tablet, don’t forget to leave your suggestions in the space allotted below.

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