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10 Best Free Image Editors

Best Free Image Editors

These best free image editors are here to help you add that extra element to all your pictures. This mixed bag of software should contain a suitable option for you as we have taken into consideration various platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and more. So if you’ve been on the lookout for a tool that doesn’t require shelling out a single penny, the list of best options mentioned below is sure to be of assistance.

1 – Picasa:


This software from Google not only offers tools that can completely transform your photos, but also a web album to store them on the cloud for safe keeping. Some of its basic features comprise cropping, straightening, retouching blemishes and removing red eye, amongst others. Color and lighting can be adjusted pretty easily using the dedicated sliders.

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It even tags along some basic and advanced effects such as sharpen, black and white, sepia, Warmify, saturation, tint and many more. In case you do not like the effect you applied, it comes with an undo feature that takes you back to previous steps. Your original picture is preserved, as the changes are applied to a version of the picture.

2 – Photo! Editor:

Photo Editor

This addition to our roundup is a multifunctional software for Windows that employs some advanced editing tools. It claims to stock up on all that you may need to enhance and correct your digital pictures. Apart from the common features like re-sampling, cropping, straightening and more, it brings along ‘denoise’ and ‘deblur’ tools to help do away with luminance, color noise and blurring effect. Color and lighting enhancements have been thrown into the mix as well. And if that’s not enough, it supports batch processing, so you do not have to edit individual photos.

3 – GIMP:


This editing software has been blessed with multiple customization options for widgets, tool sets in the tool box and various docks that can be stacked into tabs. The full screen mode lets you have a better view of the pciture so you can easily assign photo enhancing effects to it. Doesn’t matter if the picture is full of imperfections, the corrective functions of GIMP come to your rescue for removing all of them.

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The software, compatible with operating systems such as Mac, Windows, Linux and GNU, extends support to most common file formats such as JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, PSD and many more.

4 – Photoscape:


Photoscape is described as a fun and easy photo enhancing tool that sports a Viewer. It lets you store all your photos in folders for better organization and create a slideshow that allows you to walk down memory lane. Editing functions such as resizing, cropping, red eye removal, color and brightness adjustments are accompanied by a number of filters, brushes and clone stamps. Some of its other attributes permit you to draw pictures as well as add text, balloons and frames.

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You can create an animated photo or a collage using multiple pictures and launch a face search on the internet for similar faces. It is designed for Windows-based systems.

5 – Photo Pos Pro:

Photo Pos Pro

Besides for casual photo enhancements, this software in our queue is even apt for the field of computer graphics designing. It can open multiple file formats and offers support for scanners and digital cameras. While it has been included with multiple enhancements attributes, Photos Pos Pro boasts of text tools, selection tools, script tools, layers, masks, gradients, patters and textures amongst a lot of others.

6 – PhotoPlus Starter Edition:

PhotoPlus Starter Edition

Similar to all other alternatives mentioned here, this photo enhancing solution can import most of the common file formats for editing purposes. In addition to straightening your pictures and cropping them for better print outs, you can even repair your damaged pictures. It allows you to use functions like skin smoothen, teeth whitening and red eye removal and do away with unwanted objects that are cluttering your otherwise beautiful picture. Artistic brushes facilitate painting and blending, while brightness and contrast adjustments are meant to add in the right amount of lighting. It is compliant with the Windows operating system.

7 – XnView:


XnView boasts of supporting photo IPTC and EXIF metadata in addition to over 400 graphic file formats. You can carry out a number of functions on your pictures with this software that are inclusive of resizing, cropping and rotating without damaging them. It allows you to modify the number of colors in it and adjust contrast and brightness as well.

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Filters and effects like blur, average, emboss, lens and wave amongst others help you improve your photos. And if that’s not enough, this tool can be employed for creating web pages and also multi-page files of formats like TIFF, DCX and LDF. You can compare your snap shots and even view them in the full screen mode.

8 – Magix Photo Designer 7:

Magix Photo Designer 7

Yet another contender for desktops on our lineup is Magix Photo Designer 7 which can be utilized for retouching, editing or distorting pictures. In addition to optimizing an picture by adjusting the exposure, contrast, sharpness or color, you can choose to use some advanced tools for corrections that include middle tones, white balance, shadows, lights, selective brightness and more.

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You can replace colors in pictures and take the help of the clone tool for removing scratches, rips and stains from them. Brushes have also been thrown in for your convenience, permitting you to give your own artistic touch to all your photographs.

9 – Adobe Photoshop Express:

Adobe Photoshop Express

This editing software help you enhance photos and upload them directly to social networking websites, while on the move. Adobe Photoshop Express, the mobile version of a popular tool, proffers some basic attributes for correcting pictures.

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Complete with multiple filters and effects, it features borders and gives you the option of making in-app purchases for additional ones. It is available for the iPhone, iPad and most Android-based devices.

10 – Pixlr-o-matic:


And the last contender meant for mobile devices running Android or iOS operating systems is Pixlr-o-matic, which will help you transform photos into vintage pictures. You can make use of over 100 effects, 280 overlays and 200 different borders to create artwork out of your snapshots.

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You can even combine these filters and create your own effects. Once you are done adjusting the lighting and picking the right border for it, you can either save it in your photo library, upload it to various social networks or forward it via email.


If you had doubts about the functionality of the software that are available for no charge, our catalog of the best free image editors may have convinced you that they aren’t all that bad. You can rely on these tools and they are not likely to leave you disappointed. Do try them out and let us know how you liked them. And if you know of any other tool, do drop in the name in the comment box below.