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6 Best Free HTML Editors

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Scouting around for the best free HTML editor? Well, you won’t have to dig too deep as we’ve already done our research and compiled a comprehensive list of the best programs available. Wondering what you can expect to see featured right here? Our collection has an amalgamation of treats which would certainly strike a chord with both professional web designers as well as those enthusiasts who possess little or no knowledge about the intricacies of coding. For the latter audience, we’ve infused some pretty great WYSIWYG editors that allow you to create beautiful websites.

1 – KompoZer:

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Kompozer is an open source, easy to use WYSIWYG HTML editor is for non-technical users prowling around for a simple solution that will help them fashion professional-looking websites. It’s a standalone tool that boasts of incorporating built-in file management through FTP. With the inclusion of tabs, you’ll be able to seamlessly toggle between WYSIWYG editing mode and HTML. This also makes it easier to edit a whole slew of pages simultaneously.

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You’ll even find embedded in here a new extended color picker as well as a feature-packed toolbar that can be easily customized so you get only what you need, minus the clutter. A few of the other attributes include table/cell resizing rulers, cleaner markup, automated spellchecker, XFN, forms and visible marks. This one is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux systems.

2 – Bluefish:

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Here’s a treat that reaches out to all you programmers and web developers scattered across the terrain. This entrant in our roster comprises of tools that allow you to write programming codes, scripts and websites. What’s more, it comes complete with a multiple document interface which opens more than 500 pages. And with its ability to automatically restore the allotted settings for each project, this lightweight solution makes it easy to work on several documents simultaneously.

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Looking deeper into its feature list, we see it also containing search and replace tools, multi-threaded support, a snippets sidebar, auto-recovery of changes, character map of unicode characters, unlimited undo/redo functionality, full screen editing and in-line spell checker. You’ll further be able to merge external filters and programs into your work. Being a multiplatform application, this gem runs on Mac OS X, Linux, Windows, OpenBSD, Solaris and FreeBSD PCs.

3 – BlueGriffon:

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The WYSIWYG HTML content editor allows both novices as well as professionals to create top-notch websites. As the developer reveals, there are loads of tools that enable them to fashion their masterpieces without even having prior technical knowledge of web standards. And in case you actually do this for a living, you’ll be able to use the Source View to hard-code your online page.

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You can create and edit all HTML 4, HTML 5 and XHTML 1 documents as well as avail of features that include an integrated Style Properties panel, CSS support, SVG Edit, WebFonts and MathML add-on. There’s a current stable v1.7 edition that’s translated into a host of languages like Finnish, Italian, traditional and simplified Chinese, Slovenian, Swedish, and French. Compatible with Mac OS X, Windows and Ubuntu systems, the program can be picked up from the company’s official site.

4 – Trellian WebPage:

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Sporting an intuitive WYSIWYG interface, this inclusion in our array lets you create your own website without you dabbling in complex scripting languages. With this delight in place, you can seamlessly download and edit the current version of your pages and layer different elements, all without even breaking a sweat.

It also forays onto the scene with Meta tags, image conversion and re-sampling tools, drag and drop interface, integrated document spellchecker and undo button. You’ll even be able to espy a color highlighted HTML editor and split screen editor mode along with a handy preview mode to view your web page in resolutions of 640 x 480p, 800 x 600p and 1024 x 786p. It’s currently available for Windows ME, NT, 9x, 2000, Vista and XP PCs.

5 – HTML-Kit 292:

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This interesting program enters into our compilation with the tagline, ‘making HTML coding fun again.’ Here you can expect to see redesigned tabs and new color themes as well as instant contextual search and backup, and a new Image Picker for easily browsing, previewing and inserting images. You’ll also be able to distinguish between your home and office masterpieces by creating separate profiles. The software further lets you convert text to HTML lists, alter your preferences and switch back to the original whenever the need arises. You can even install plug-ins, preview as you type, upload local documents and edit Unicode characters. According to the brains behind this endeavor, it runs on Windows, Mac OS X with virtual machine and Linux with Wine.

6 – CoffeeCup:

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Noted to be the free, sliced up version of the complete edition, this contender in our roundup comes in bringing the perfect tools that allow you to create an impressive site. Here, you can either create a HTML or CSS file from ground up or avail of any available pro design. You’ll also be able to take complete advantage of Website Projects – a user-friendly plethora of tools for organizing your website. However, if you wish to use functions like website color schemer, CSS menu designer and FTP, you’ll need to procure the complete version of the program.


So which ones among our best free HTML editor lineup caught your fancy? Can’t decide on a particular winner? Well, since each of them come minus a price tag, you can give the whole lot a go and then zero in on the acme choice. And when you do, be sure to return and leave your comments on the same in the box situated just below.