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Best Free Gif Animator

Take your pick of the best free Gif animator from the 6 choice options we’ve put together. Once you’re equipped with the right tools, making images in the Gif Format is not a difficult task at all. Moving pictures are definitely more likely to catch the eye as compared to stills. So you’ll see a lot of such Gif visuals being used on websites, banner ads and so on. Let’s not forget all the internet memes you just cannot stop watching thanks to the use of this format. So whether you’re working on creating advertisements, websites, memes or similar content, here are a few solutions you can depend on –

Best Free Gif Animator

1. Beneton Movie Gif:

Beneton Movie Gif

The first in our collection of tools that are listed in no particular order is Beneton, an editor which claims to support up to 48 types of file formats including BMP, PNG, JPG and AVI. It’s a modest 5.4MB download which is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7. But don’t think of it as a plain old Gif maker. It’s a powerful software which lets you edit your images before you create Gifs out of them.

YouTube video

So this also means you will have some trouble learning to handle it smoothly. But we’re sure you can forgive that in return for the wide selection of in-built features and reasonable price of $0 it’s been made available for. The twenty effects that can be added to images are divided into two parts, normal and animated tweaks. What’s more, if you’re a Photoshop user, you will find the basics such as pencil, shapes, fill, selection, text and more covered here too.

2. Photoscape:


The developers behind our second contender call it the best photo editing software for Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8. It should serve as a handy Photoshop alternative for those looking out for a $0 replacement to the Adobe offering. It is packed in with several tools such as a batch editor for making changes to a set of photos, adding effects, inserting basic tweaks and so on.

A utility like this can be of help when you want to make changes to your shots before combining them and don’t have an editor. We’ve added it to our list of options because it does allow you to create Gif images using multiple pictures. The batch editor we’ve mentioned above quickens the process when you have to add the same effects to a group of images. It’s quick, costs nothing and is just a 20MB download.

3. Falco:


Here’s yet another feature-rich software sporting a user interface which does not hesitate to advertise the fact that you’re getting a lot for nothing. First off, it plays nice with a range of formats like DLL/EXE, PNG, JPG, BMP, ICO, ANI, CUR, PSD, TARGA, PCD, ICL and TIFF. You can also save your files to most of the listed types without breaking a sweat.

YouTube video

One of the coolest things about it? It delivers you unlimited ‘Undo’ and ‘Redo.’ Exactly the sort of thing amateurs will need when they goof up and precisely the sort of functionality professionals may smile upon when they’re keen on adding a small little detail here or there. In other words, crowd-pleaser alert. Also, don’t worry about having to edit the photos you plan to glue together. Special effects, eraser, color selection, lasso selection, pencil, line, text, spray, rectangle and other common tools are part of the bargain.

4. UnFREEz:


UnFREEz is by far one of the most user friendly tools you can employ for your ‘motion picture’ vision and it’s very fast too. Once you download this 19.5KB file and run it, you will be introduced to an easily comprehensible interface. It sports very limited options, but these are probably all you could need for simple projects such as sending a lively birthday card to a friend, making a meme and so on.

YouTube video

There’s a window into which you are invited to drop the files you want to make an animated Gif out of. Note that no format conversions are executed by this software; so you will be required to use only Gif files. Once you’ve made up your mind about whether you want the final output to loop or not and the frame delay (0 to 999 centiseconds), you just have to hit on the button to start the process and kick back to watch it work.

5. Gifpal:


So you don’t want to bother with downloading additional software onto your PC? Why not try online options which will let you produce lively and interesting images right from your browser? This one’s your pal if you want to compile a series of webcam shots into one dynamic frame. It also accommodates regular images uploaded from your PC. The output can be downloaded, saved online or published to your gallery.

YouTube video

The main interface on which you will be working consists of two parts – one exhibits a preview of the task you’re executing, while the other is the pane through which you can add images, resize them, draw on them, erase bits and add text or a limited number of outlines. The options tab at the side facilitates setting the quality to low, medium or high and choosing whether to display the developer’s watermark or not.

6. Gifninja:


Sporting a moving favicon of some creature resembling a rainbow colored sheep, the last contender in our collection is also an online solution to your animation needs. Not only does it allow you to craft a Gif file by uploading a movie or several images, it also permits you to split files. It’s great for some really quick work and enables you to adjust the speed at which your animation plays out.

YouTube video

Once you’ve dropped the files you want livened up into the interface, you’ll find the bar for changing how fast you want the whole gig to transition from frame to frame just below the queue. A preview box pops up at the side to show you the effect of your tweaks and you can move around the inserted images with simple drag-and-drop actions. The site displays other users’ creations too and you can download your piece once you’re done.


So there they are – the handiest solutions you could hope to lean on when trying to add some life to your pictures, cards, online avatars, posters or banner ads. What did you think of the candidates we’ve pulled together in this list of the best free Gif animator tools? Are there any others that come without a price tag and offer even better capabilities than the ones we’ve elected? Do drop your opinion into the comments section below. We’re waiting.


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