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6 Best Free Genealogy Software

Want to acquire the best free genealogy software options so that you can keep track of your family lineage? Well if not your own kin, maybe you’re just curious to know more about the genetic intricacies of a famous personality perhaps. You might also search for such a software so that you can help out a buddy who’s looking to chalk out his or her roots. Well whatever be the reason, we’re here to help you zero in on that particular tool that will aid you in jotting down the details of your study. We’ve laid out a comprehensive lineup of best tools that comprise of some great options. Take a look.

1 – MyHeritage Family Tree Builder:

We’ve picked out only the free genealogy software and laid them out in no particular order. With the help of this particular program, you can form your visual family tree without even breaking a sweat. It forays onto the scene complete with a Smart Matching feature which is noted to be a fun way of discovering long-lost relatives you never knew existed. As the developer reveals, the Record Matching attribute roped in here does the research for you by automatically acquiring historical records of your relatives who lived years before you.

MyHeritage Family Tree Builder

All the information gathered here can further be aesthetically displayed in the form of beautiful charts and reports. The easy-to-use program also has the ability to document DNA markers and create a secure family site for sharing your history with only select people. You can further exploit special maps of your ancestors as well as an automatic face tagging feature.

2 – Gramps:


This entrant in our free genealogy software roster is a clever acronym for Genealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming System. Through this program, you can follow complex relationships that spread across events, people and places. You’ll be able to see a handy dashboard and respective widgets which help you keep track of your research progress.

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With this one sitting in your PC, you can make a list of individuals by noting down birth/death dates, a summary of a particular person’s family, and specific locations. You’re even provided with an interactive map view of areas pertaining to a section of the related kin as well as a graphic representation of the person’s ancestry complete with dates and photos. The open source program is available for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows systems.

3 – RootsMagic Essentials:

RootsMagic Essentials

In order to make your journey through the sands of time a little easier, this interesting genealogy software boasts of including some pretty handy attributes. It comprises of user-friendly screens and menus that portray information bits across your screen in the form of both family and pedigree views. The program also has the capacity to handle an unlimited number of notes, facts, multimedia items and sources that belong to each kin or person. You can seamlessly track multiple relationships, use the RootsMagic Explorer feature to find a particular individual and employ the SourceWizard for managing citations and sources. This one is compatible with Windows Vista, 2000, XP, 7 and 8.

4 – XY Family Tree:

XY Family Tree

The fully featured program in our array is easy to use and even supports builds that allow you to seamlessly add any number of mentions as far as parents, children and other relatives are concerned. You can further create as many family trees as you want and easily toggle between them. It’s also capable of handling project notes and external web pages as well as scanned documents, sound clips, photographs and movie files stored in your PC. As the brains behind this endeavor states, you can navigate through each family tree by spouse or associate, sibling or child, distant cousins, ancestors or great aunts and uncles. And lastly, you’ll be able to search through your lineage by punching in specific dates, similar sounding names, sources or notes.

5 – Legacy 7.5 Family Tree Standard Edition:

Legacy 7.5 Family Tree Standard Edition

Tracking your pedigree has never been easier. With this specific solution within your grasp, you can form beautiful graphic charts that involve descendant, ancestor, hourglass, DNA and bow tie types. You’ll further be able to espy exactly where your ancestors resided through satellite, 3D and bird’s eye-view images of the respective places. The program in question also incorporates a new Legacy SourceWriter that helps create end-notes, footnotes and bibliographies out of the information bits that are fed to it.

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What’s more, you can even take complete advantage of more than 1,200 pre-written memory triggers and interview questions so that you can document all your memories without any hassles. A few of its other attributes include a guided setup wizard, new relationship calculator, powerful searching, enhanced backups and standardization tips. There’s also a Deluxe version you can avail of which comes with a starting price of just under $22.

6 – GeneWeb:


The final free genealogy software in our roundup claims to come packed with a relationship and consanguinity calculator, among other features. It also sports a multilingual interface that supports different dialects such as Danish, German, Finnish, Italian and Spanish. A few of the other attributes you’ll find here read as family events, user-defined interface, data privacy, spelling variations and titles of nobility. This program is compatible with Linux, Unix, Mac OS X and Windows PCs.


Want to know if your forefathers were wealthy noblemen? Wondering whether you’re a descendant of a long line of brave knights? Well, aiding you in your endeavor to find out just who your ancestors were is our best free genealogy software collection. With the help of these delights, you’ll be able to seamlessly follow your kinship without even having to pull out your wallet or purse. Tracking a particular lineage is definitely not a new concept. There are professionals as well as hobbyists who actually indulge in such activity. It’s your turn now, so which one will you rely on?