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Best Free Firewall For Windows 7

Best Free Firewall For Windows 7

While choosing the best free firewall for Windows 7 what aspects must you take into consideration? Well for one, your ideal virtual item should be quite alert while monitoring incoming and outgoing network traffic. The software you choose must even block access to the online threats. There are plenty of menaces looming across the plane such as viruses, malware and Trojans, all of which are just waiting to get a large ‘byte’ out of your secure computer confines. Now in order to avoid these hazards from plaguing your precious data, you require a good first line of defense. We’ve listed out the best options for you to choose from. Take a look.

1 – Comodo:


We kick start the party with a utility that has been recommended quite highly by other tech enthusiasts. And you don’t even have to be an expert to set up this reliable tool. It sports an intuitive interface that displays a whole slew of handy options. Keeping your security concerns at bay, the software blocks malware and viruses from invading your PC system. And besides just managing traffic, it even keeps an eye on all the in/out connections that take place here. What’s more, there’s even a much-needed game mode thrown into the amalgamation.

With this smart solution in place, all operations like virus database updates, alerts and scheduled scans cease for the time being. You’ll also notice that the maker has included the auto sandbox technology so that malicious software is isolated within the virtual operating environment. Lastly, all your current security settings can be viewed and accessed with just a simple glance of a screen.

2 – Ashampoo:


This entrant in our roster strides onto the forefront with the tagline, ‘heavy-duty protection for everyone.’ With this beauty fitted into your PC or laptop, you’ll be able to surf the web waves without having to worry too much about being attacked by virtual sharks like viruses, malware and Trojans. Apart from just safeguarding you through troubled waters, it also alerts you when programs installed in your system are attempting to phone home. As per the developer, don’t let your computer be turned into a zombie that can be controlled by hackers or spammers.

To help you get started, the software provides a helpful configuration assistant that seamlessly guides you through the various steps required to setup the program. You’ll further be able to espy a self-explanatory user interface. Some of the other features include an expert mode, one-click panic button and four additional tools like AutoStart Manager, Internet Cleaner, Monitor and IP Spam Blocker. As per the brains behind this endeavor the program has also been translated into a number of languages. The list includes German, English, Catalan, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Hungarian, Chinese, Greek, Croatian, Arabic, Turkish, Italian, Spanish, Ukrainian, French and Swedish.

3 – ZoneAlarm 2013:


The latest edition of this software comes complete with a plethora of interesting features that will help keep the virtual nasties at bay. It claims to prevent viruses from attacking your PC and even blocks hackers from stealing all your precious data. What’s more, the developer reveals that the program even plays well with any sort of antivirus software. Coming to its different attributes, the utility hits the scene with a two-way firewall and advanced download protection so that you stay informed about any looming threats that are set to infect your system. There’s also a privacy and security toolbar fitted in here that includes options like Facebook privacy scan, site check, private browsing and do not track.

4 – Emsisoft Online Armor:

Emsisoft Online Armor

A knight in shining armor gallops straight into our array in the form of this particular inclusion. With the war cry, ‘protect yourself,’ this handy software aims to safeguard your identity and stops malicious programs and hackers dead in their tracks. A few of its features listed here read as execution, limited auto-start and termination protection, kernel mode security, web shield, standard mode, keylogger detection, tamper protection, program guard and script/worm protection.

And besides this freebie, there’s also a premium edition as well as internet security pack that are up for grabs, for a price of course.

5 – Outpost Security Suite:

Outpost Security Suite

The final contender in our roundup is noted to be a full-functional internet security suite. Besides proffering just the function in question, it also forays onto the scene with an antivirus, anti-spam, update service, proactive protection, free cloud computing services and lightweight protection. The all-round anti-spyware also lets you traverse onto the vast online space without you even having nasty worry lines on your brow. Now all you need in order to take complete advantage of this tool is the 32-bit or 64-bit versions of the Microsoft OS that’s in the spotlight, or XP or Vista systems. You would further require 256MB RAM, 200MB free disk space so that you can accommodate the software.


Not too long ago, we touched upon this very same topic in question. However, our previous list comprised of various options that were priced as well as free. Well, right here we’ve roped in only the ones that come minus a price tag. All of the aforesaid items in our best free firewall for Windows 7 compilation can be picked up from the respective companies’ official websites. So which options are you planning on procuring immediately? Well since all these sport $0 tags, why not give the entire a try and then decide which one suits your requirements best?