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12 Best Free BlackBerry Apps

Here we’ve picked the 12 best free BlackBerry apps from the application marketplace which is swarming with tons of content that’s both free as well as paid. But the applications dressed with a price tag that reads ‘free’ is always more enticing, especially to those who wouldn’t want to purchase the best software available that may weigh a bit heavy on their pockets.

Best Free BlackBerry Apps

1 – Photo Studio:

Photo Studio

Aimed at both amateur as well as professional photographers, Photo Studio offers powerful image processing features which can be employed anywhere, anytime. You’ll be able to dabble with loads of unique effects, photo operations and beautiful digital frames. Once you’re done tweaking your picture, you can easily share them across social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. So let your imagine run wild all over your pictures.

2 – Twitter:


Stay connected to the social scene through Twitter. Get all the news, views and latest trends exploding across the virtual world, directly on your BlackBerry device. With the latest version hitting the virtual store, you can expect a new tweet details screen, updated Twitter branding, better sing-up screen and the ability to undo retweet by simply hitting the ‘retweet’ button once again.

3 – Foursquare:


All those globetrotters at heart will definitely want to download this particular inclusion in our roster. Foursquare allows you to make the most of the world around you. You can share pictures of your escapades with loved ones, tell friends about your current position, and even get insider tips and reviews about new places speckled across your local map. You can also post check-ins to Twitter and Facebook.

4 – Navita Translator:

Navita Translator

With Navita Translator downloaded into your BlackBerry device, you’ll be able to correctly decipher words like Bonjour, Aloha, Ciao and Namaste. It has the ability to translate and speak phrases and words from your browser, SMS or e-mails.

What’s more, the software even translates over 50 languages and can speak different dialects like French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and German.

5 – Viigo for BlackBerry:

Viigo For BlackBerry

Viigo for BlackBerry is your one-click access to a whole treasure chest of content that’s spread across categories like entertainment, weather, live sports scores and schedules, news, movies, Twitter, shopping, flight schedules, stock portfolios, markets and more. All you have to do is tell Viigo your innermost desires and interests, and it will keep you updated on the same, so you’ll never again have to miss the basketball or baseball game stats while on the go.

6 – WhatsApp Messenger:

WhatsApp Messenger

We all know that BlackBerry handsets boast of the BBM, but what if you have friends and family who use maybe an Android-powered or iOS device? Well, that’s where this particular entrant in our lineup comes in.

No stranger to social butterflies, WhatsApp Messenger allows you to chat with loved ones as well as send videos, photos and voice notes to pals strewn anywhere across the globe. Group chats can also be created for different contacts.

7 – Pandora:


Music lovers with a BlackBerry device in their holster can take complete advantage of Pandora, the radio that echoes with only the sounds they love. All they’re called upon to do is punch in the name of their favorite artist or song and Pandora will take care of the rest.

And besides ringing out with their desired old and new tracks, it also introduces them to some new tunes to groove to. They’ll be able to sway to music plucked right out of genres like hip hop, country, jazz, classical, dance, pop and latin.

8 – Qik Live Video Streaming:

Qik Live Video Streaming

Want to show your parents back home the Great Pyramids of Giza or the Sphinx while you’re on your tour to Egypt? Well, simply load your phone with the Qik Live Video Streaming app and you’ll be able to do just that. You can also share these exciting videos with friends and family members through social networking sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, all the video clips snapped through your phone are archived so that you can easily relive the moments no matter where you go.

9 – Facebook:


This array flaunts quite a handful of social attributes won’t be complete without the mention of Facebook. This version for the RIM delight makes it easier to keep in touch with friends and hear about the latest news bits doing their rounds across the social terrain.

You’ll be able to hit the like button on comments and pictures as well as view all the ‘likes’ associated with a particular post, status or photo. All this and more can be done through your handy device itself, whether you’re on the bus or lounging out on your couch at home.

10 – Battery Watch:

Battery Watch

You may have a complete picnic basket of applications stored on your phone but the slew is simply incomplete without a battery status software option. For this purpose, we’ve included the Battery Watch app that comes to the forefront with various useful attributes. It displays information bits such as the battery level, status, voltage, temperature, name and PIN. There’s also a line chart visualization of the battery state offered for the day, week or month.

11 – BlackBerry Protect:

BlackBerry Protect

Worried about your vital information and content falling into the wrong hands when your phone decides to get lost or maybe stolen? Well, fret no more as the BlackBerry Protect is here to make sure all your data is secure and out of harm’s way.

In any unfortunate event, you can simply log into the website and lock, wipe out information and even locate your handset. What’s more, all your crucial pictures, passwords and more can be backed up wirelessly and as often as you wish.

12 – Evernote:


According to the makers of Evernote, this interesting app ‘turns your BlackBerry into an extension of your brain.’ You can easily accommodate things like ideas, random notes, recordings and snapshots, and even sync them to the internet and directly to your Windows or Mac PC.

Whether you’ve created the post just last week or last year, you’ll still be able to zero in on the exact one in your hour of need. You can even snap pictures of whiteboards, business cards and wine labels for later reference.


Our list of the best free BlackBerry apps cater to all those who have an appetite for trying new things and who just happen to wield a RIM handset that has an ample amount of memory. After glancing through our options, do let us know which ones caught your fancy. Does your smartphone already comprise of any free goodies that we may have missed out on? You can punch in those names as well in the comment box below.