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7 Best Free Backup Software

Best Free Backup Software

By taking advantage of the best free backup software options, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that all your precious data is safe. If in the unfortunate event something goes wrong with our PC, you stand to lose all your virtual information. So even before such a scenario occurs, we urge you to take a peek at our lot, zero in on any one that best fits the bill, download it right away and start backing up your stuff immediately.

1 – FBackup:


FBackup can be used in both your professional as well as personal lives. It has the ability to duplicate your important data in any USB or Firewire device and local or network location. You can choose whether to condense the information using standard zip compression or transport an exact copy of the original.

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Sporting a simple interface, the service seamlessly guides you through the procedure. Some of the other features include automatic backups and updates as well as multiple destinations to save files or folders. It even breaks the language barrier by providing multi-lingual support for Arabic, Danish, Chinese simplified and traditional, Czech, Hindi, Polish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese and Greek.

2 – Comodo Backup:


No, this particular entrant in our array is actually a cool solution that bursts across the terrain with the tagline, ‘backup fast, restore easy, files secure.’ It claims to offer one-click backup, online storage and easy sync, among other features.

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It possesses a user-friendly interface that makes it as easy as pie to save duplicated content without any hassles. The company behind this service further provides you with 5GB free online storage space and even a lifetime license. However, if you find that your data exceeds this capacity, you can always shell out $100 per year and purchase more than 250GB online storage. What’s more, the software supports Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8.

3 – EaseUS Todo Backup:


‘Powerful and simple to use’ is how the developer of this next option describes its brainchild. The professional backup and system disaster recovery software is fashioned for users to safely take care of their data without even breaking a sweat. All photos, videos, music files, documents and applications can be backed up with just one simple click.

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This item even comes in handy for conducting hourly, daily, weekly and regular routines so that no data gets left behind. Some of its free version attributes include disk and partition clone, incremental backup and more than 2TB hard disk storage capacity. If you want to avail of more features, you can even purchase the software which bears a starting price of just under $30.

4 – Cobian Backup:


Christened after the name of its developer Luis Cobian, this one is a donation-supported service created especially for Windows. This inclusion in our lineup allows you to schedule and create backups of all your directories and files to other drives, either in the same computer or in your network.

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It hits the scenario in 2 different versions namely, application and service. The program runs quietly in the background, silently creating copies of your files to the desired destination.

5 – GFI BackUp Freeware:


If you’re not in the habit of making sure you have copies of your photo albums, important documents and more saved on your external drive or to the cloud, then we urge you to start thinking about the consequences before it’s too late. If you’re armed with this next software option, you won’t have to fear any nasty viruses or the corruption of your hard disk.

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The smart wizard-driven interface helps you save all your emails, data and pictures to storage devices like local and external disk drives, CDs and DVDs, remote FTP servers, removable devices and LAN. It also comes complete with an integrated and highly configurable scheduling mechanism.

6 – SugarSync:


One of SugarSync’s most sought-after feature is its online capability and hence, it fits right into our roster. The company drives home a great point – ‘your computers may come and go, but your photos, videos, and movies cannot be replaced.’ With that interesting thought in your mind, what better way to address the matter at hand than by downloading SugarSync?

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What’s more, all the data stored here can be accessed at any given time either from your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile device. For all your needs, you can easily exploit SugarSync’s free 5GB online storage capacity. Respective applications for your handy devices can also be acquired from the app stores.

7 – EZBack-it-up:


Lastly, EZBack-it-up has the ability to copy data to a certain destination from where you can seamlessly access the files at your leisure. According to the maker, this software option can compare more than 3500 files within just 3 seconds. Furthermore, it also includes full logging and works efficiently on all Windows platforms such as 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP. It even comprises of a scheduler for planned backups.


If you haven’t already made copies of all your vital data, then you’ve been trudging on dangerous ground all along. It’s still not too late to rise to the occasion and avail of any one option from our picks. What’s more, all of the aforementioned delights are offered absolutely free of cost. So all those tech enthusiasts who have a good grip on their purse strings can download the gems without having to dig too deep into their pockets.

Late last year, we shed light on the best free backup software out there. However, each of them forayed onto the scene with a hefty price tag. Well, you don’t have to worry about the cost factor here as all the contenders enter minus any fee. So try them out and let us know what you think about them by leaving your comments in the box below.