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7 Best Flight Tracker Apps

Best Flight Tracker Apps

The best flight tracker apps swoop in to keep your traveling related worries at bay. These software options come in quite handy for checking up on flight timings or gathering vital information pertaining to planes or airports. They are also great trouble savers when it comes to picking up or dropping off friends and relatives at the airport. No need to frantically call up the respective flight companies for acquiring about arrival or departure timings. While some of our picks can be accessed from all iOS- and Android-powered devices, there are few gadget-specific ones as well. Yes, the iPad and other tablets are also covered in our comprehensive list.

1 – iFly Pro Airport Guide:

iFly Pro Airport Guide

The iFly Pro Airport Guide app believes in the motto, ‘more the merrier.’ Besides being just an airport guide, it also offers you a full-featured flight tracker. Available on the iPhone and Android gadgets, it comprises of more than 700 commercial airports strewn all across the globe and GPS-enabled in-terminal maps. This particular inclusion can be perceived as a traveler’s best friend especially during an in-airport transit stay. The application helps owners reach their connecting flights on time by safely navigating them through the lengthy labyrinth. Coming back to its flight tracking abilities, it displays live maps, flight delays and cancellations as well as provides the global flight status. Looking to make a quick withdrawal at an ATM or scouting the area for a light snack before departure? Well, the app directs you to various terminal services as well as cafes, lounges and restaurants littered all across the airport.

2 – FlightStats for Android:

FlightStats For Android

Fashioned exclusively for Android-powered handsets and tablets, the FlightStats for Android app comes packed with loads of interesting features that would ease the wanderlust’s mind. Noted to be a global flight and trip tracker application, this entrant in our flight tracker apps lineup comes complete with automatic flight status updates and other such gems.

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It also allows you to share your trip information with loved ones across the world. There is even a desktop FS widget for easy access to all your global flight status data needs. Furthermore, stats based on airport delays and weather as well as airline contacts are also dished out by this app.

3 – FlightTrack:


All your flight tracking woes can now be put to rest with the entry of the FlightTrack app. Whether its business or pleasure, you can view zoomable maps, real-time departure information, gate numbers, cancellations and delays, if any. It extends across more than 16,000 airports all around the globe and offers full international flight coverage with 1,400 airlines. In case of a cancellation, alternate flights can be acquired with just one single tap on the device screen.

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Share your flight status with friends and family via Twitter, Facebook, email or SMS. Wonder what’s the climatic condition at your business destination? Simply review the weather radar and forecasts that are present in this app itself. Catering to slate owners, it provides an intuitive flight search experience and map-centric view of flights that are being tracked.

4 – FlightAware Flight Tracker:

FlightAware Flight Tracker

Landing next on the tarmac in our flight tracker apps array is FlightAware Flight Tracker. This handy software can easily be ported around in your iPhone, iPad and Android-powered devices. It enables you to view real-time flight status and even live map flight tracks pertaining to any commercial flight blazing through the air anywhere in the world. You can seamlessly follow your choice of airplanes by punching in the aircraft registration, flight number, route, airport code or city pair. In turn, you can expect to be bombarded with flight details and full-screen maps that feature NEXRAD radar overlay.

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The application further offers real-time push notifications for flight details and airport delays. Wondering where that Emirates flight you’ve seen from your bedroom window, is heading? Just access the FlightAware Flight Tracker app and view all vital information on the same.

5 – Flight Status Pro:

Flight Status Pro

According to the maker of the Flight Status Pro app, you’ll be able to see not just the status of all flights jetting across foreign and local skies but zoomable maps and a trips module for effectively managing your flights. With more than 1,200 airlines and 4,300 airports under its radar, the software also has the ability to portray estimates for takeoff, landing and arrival, information bits on flight delays and cancelations as well as terminal, baggage claim and gate data. The relative statistics and numbers are further laid across the iPhone, iPad and Android gadget’s screen in the form of a real boarding pass. For those who like to plan their trips abroad well in advance, the application offers them the liberty to check the flight status for any aircraft 1 year prior to departure. This can be done by simply feeding in the respective flight number.

6 – Flightradar24 Free:

Flightradar24 Free

So you want to view airplane traffic in real time? Well, the Flightradar24 Free application flies into our flight tracker apps roster armed with the ability to do just that. Crafted for the iPhone, iPad and Android-powered slates and phones, it claims to cover 90% of Europe and other parts of the globe like Canada, the US, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Japan, India, Russia, Middle East and other parts of Asia.

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The flights are tracked via little yellow and red planes that are dotted all across the atlas. And as the name suggests, you can enjoy this app absolutely free of cost.

7 – TravelTracker Pro:

TravelTracker Pro

Exclusively created for the iPhone and iPad, the TravelTracker Pro app offers live flight status, push alerts and trip syncs. Globetrotters as well as other not-so-frequent fliers can expect a smooth, worry-free trip, thanks to the various attributes that are up for grabs with this virtual personal travel assistant. Some of its noteworthy features include calendar mirroring, expense tracking, weather conditions, push notifications, TripIt integration and currency exchange rates. You need not go app-hopping for satisfying different requirements while on your worldwide escapades.

Whether you’re flying business, first or economy class on any aircraft, you can be sure that the best flight tracker apps would take good care of all your traveling needs. So as our list safely taxies on the tech runway, we would like to hear your experiences with any of our aforementioned choices. And if we’ve missed out a few of your favorites, do let us know.