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10 Best Final Fantasy Games

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The 10 best Final Fantasy games cater to all RPG fans, both young and old. The series has captured many hearts during its past 25 year presence in the gaming terrain. We have compiled a comprehensive list that comprises of the top titles that have graced the scenario till date. It has given rise to more than just action-packed video games. More than 2 decades have been witness to other forms of entertainment like anime, merchandise, motion pictures and print media.

1 – FF VI:

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FF VI originally released back in 1994 for the Super Nintendo system. The title forayed onto the PlayStation Network just a few years later. Players are sucked into a beautifully rendered world where they’ll be able to encounter loveable characters and use Zeppelins and Chocobos.

By utilizing a mix of spells, skills and numerous weapons, gamers can take on the enemy and finally overthrow the imperial dictatorship.

2 – FF VII:

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FF VII hit the PS one console back in 1997. It features the protagonist Cloud Strife who joins the rebel organization known as Avalanche. The title re-released more than 10 years later on the PSN. The title sees the return of Sephiroth, Cloud’s arch nemesis. And with him in the picture, the planet is in greater danger than earlier fathomed. It’s now left up to Cloud Strife and his troupe to stop the impending terror. You’ll be pulled into a large world-threatening conflict, so brace yourself.

3 – FF XIII-2:

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Developed and published by Square Enix, FF XIII-2 made its presence felt across the Xbox 360 and PS3 earlier this year. It’s noted to be the direct sequel to FF XIII that unleashed a couple of years ago. This inclusion in our roster follows the adventures of Serah Farron and Noel Kreiss as they set out in a journey to find Lightening, the protagonist of the original title. The events here are set in a devastated world that’s in the process of being rebuilt.

4 – FF V:

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The medieval-fantasy RPG title dubbed FF V walked into the gaming terrain 20 years back and made its reappearance on the PSN just last year. The 4 crystals that control the world’s elements namely earth, fire, wind and water are in grave danger.

A wanderer called Bartz and his allies must now keep these precious gems out of harm’s way in order to prevent the resurrection of the evil sorcerer, Exdeath. Take advantage of the various customization options and a wide open world in this fifth installment.

5 – FF IX:

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FF IX originally unveiled in 2000 and returned recently to the scene via the PlayStation Store dressed as a digital download delight. The storyline featured here tells the tale of a young thief named Zidane Tribal and the intense battle between good and evil.

The hero gathers up a formidable group comprising of magicians, bandits and knights as he tries to stop the evil Queen of Alexandria from successfully executing her dastardly plan.

6 – FF IV:

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The next entrant in our array revisits the terrain in the form of a Nintendo DS title. The latest FF IV has been endowed with improved 3D graphics, a remixed score, fully-voiced cut-scenes and additional content.

Also possessing an interactive storytelling element, the game incorporates the Active Time Battle system and exploits all the special attributes of the DS system. The story is a mix of endless love, inevitable betrayal, colossal magic, unforeseen redemption and of course, brave heroes.

7 – FF X-2:

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FF X-2 released only on the PS2 back in 2003. The title which is a direct sequel to FF X follows the beautiful Yuna as she attempts to calm the political conflicts that are ragging on in the fictional universe of Spira. It focuses on an all-female cast that comes to the forefront complete with new abilities, dynamic movements and the familiar ATB feature. Other attributes include mission based non-linear gameplay, unique job classes and stunning graphics.

8 – FF X:

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Although the title unleashed across the PS2 in 2001, fans of the acclaimed franchise can look forward to the high definition re-release of the title for the PS3 and PS Vita systems. This title does away with the ATB system and replaces it with the Conditional Turn-Based Battle system.

There is also a new leveling system that’s employed here namely, the Sphere Grid. Journey to the fantasy world of Spira and embark on a quest to annihilate the monster Sin.

9 – FF XII:

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Another PS2-specific title is seen making its way into our lineup. Here, players are called on to enter the mystical world of Ivalice, a place that’s packed to the hilt with sweeping landscapes and beautiful environments. Follow the escapades of a young man called Vaan and Princess Ashe, heir to the Dalmascan throne as they trace the mystery behind the Archadian Empire’s invasion. Gamers can seamlessly toggle between combat and exploration in FF XII.

10 – FF III:

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Here’s a complete treat for gaming enthusiasts wielding an Android- or iOS-powered device. FF III comes to the Apple App Store and Google Play drenched in 3D visuals, story sequences and intuitive touch-panel controls.

The crystals choose a group of 4 youngsters to save the world when it plunges into darkness. In the title, you can even summon powerful creatures like Bahamut and Shiva. What’s more, the Job Mastery Cards now sport new visual designs too.


The FF franchise is looked upon as the gem that popularized the RPG genre. And its treasure chest of titles under its belt is definitely a witness to the glory of the same. The best Final Fantasy games out there are a must-play lot. So which ones caught your fancy and took up a significant chunk of your precious sleep time?