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7 Best Fashion Apps for iPhone

Best Fashion Apps for iPhone

The best fashion apps for iPhone bring all the latest treads and trends directly to the Apple handset. News from the fashion capitals of the world namely, Paris, Milan, London and New York can be accessed with just a few flicks of the wrist. We have put forth a set of applications that will definitely cater to the fashionista in you and even help you adorn a chic and stylish appearance that would surely make heads turn. Whether you’re walking down the ramp or strutting your stuff on the street, our choices will have you looking your best.

1 – Trendstop.com Fashion Trendtracker:

Trendstop Fashion Trendtracker

Want to get the latest scoop on the current fashion trends? Well, by downloading the Trendstop.com Fashion Trendtracker app, you’ll be able to soak up just that and much more. Daily fashion news articles and snippets are poured forth by a team of professional forecasters. Additionally, there is a Designer section that allows you to surf through photos and runway videos from designer shows that take place at the various fashion weeks around the globe. Find out the upcoming trends and styling ideas that are making noise in other fashion-conscious countries. You will also be able to acquire up-to-date details and spicy stories from ramps and boutiques. With this free app, you can gain access to exclusive features as well as influential editor’s picks.

2 – Cool Guy:

Cool Guy

‘Fashion is not about the gear you wear – it’s how you put it together,’ according to the makers of the Cool Guy app which features next in our array. This entrant is a great companion for men who want to dabble in the latest looks that are currently swimming around the block. Noted to be an ideal shopping assistant and style planner, this free application helps the male population mix and match clothes so that they come up with trendy ensembles, ideal for parties or casual outings. Adding a fresh outlook to your outfits are various attributes like a calendar planning tool, high resolution images and stylist advice. You can even blog and share your picks with friends and family via the app.

3 – Fashion Terms:

Fashion Terms

Do you have a perplexed look on your face every time your stylist or designer blurts out words like Cowl Neck and H-Line? Well, thanks to the Fashion Terms app, you can now stay abreast of the latest fashion lingo. It’s a full-featured fashion-specific dictionary which is spread across different categories like textiles, garments, accessories and terms. Sporting a clean and simple layout, the offering enables you to browse through a sea of terms as well as their respective phonetic pronunciations. The latter comes in quite handy especially while pronouncing French terms like Appliqué lace, Chaqueta and Chamoisette. And not to forget eliminating any embarrassing moments that might generally follow weird mispronunciations. The application that costs just $0.99 is also accompanied by impressive illustrations.

4 – Style.com:


The Style.com app forays into our list, bringing along with it couture runway coverage from the fashion capitals. It also provides up-to-the-minute trends pertaining to menswear, various designer collections and fashion shows. The latest season gets automatically updated on your mobile device so that you don’t get caught wearing out-dated trends that have ‘so yesterday’ written all over them. Want to know what attire ensembles are in vogue especially on social scene? Via the Party coverage section, you’ll be able to view celebration pictures and reports from all the happening events that are on with much gusto across New York and all over the globe. The software option is further packed with a comprehensive video library that contains designer and celebrity profiles, runway shows and feedback from front-row faces. All this can be acquired without you having to shell out even a penny.

5 – Chicfeed:


Fashion students, industry professionals and avant-garde fashionistas can all benefit from the Chicfeed app. Well for one, it brings various facades of the fashion world onto one single electronic platform that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. These include new designs from fashion and style blogs that are presently floating around the internet. The sites that are available read as Jak And Jill Blog, Face Hunter, Cherry Blossom Girl, Altamira, The Sartorialist and LookBook. For eye candy, all your photo view interests are laid out in plain sight on your portable device so you don’t have to waste time digging through the web. All you need to do is download the application which is also offered absolutely free of cost.

6 – Stylebook:


Being stylish doesn’t always mean you have to solely splurge on expensive brands. You can be the talk of the town even when you’re draped in outfits that currently reside in your closet. And to show you just how to look your best in these garments, we have included the Stylebook application in our roster. Through the expert wardrobe organization tool, you can easily import pictures of all your clothes and create magazine-style outfit layouts to see just how chic you can be.

YouTube video

There is also a calendar complete with wardrobe history thrown into the app. This enables you to stay fresh with new ensembles without having to repeat any of the old ones. After adding tags and notes to your creations, you can even send them to friends via Twitter, Facebook, email, Tumblr and Wi-Fi to get their opinion on your creativity. Stylebook can be downloaded for $3.99 from iTunes.

7 – ShopStyle:


Looking to go shopping so that you can stack up your wardrobe with some stylish solutions? No need to hit the malls or boutiques for the same as the ShopStyle app provides you with the best designer brands as well as online and High Street shops right at your fingertips. You can browse through different retailers and categories without having to even step out of your home. From bags and shoes to clothing and furniture, this application covers several products that can be viewed via the in-app gallery. Seen something you like? Simply hit the ‘Buy’ button and the free-to-download software will take you directly to the store’s purchase page. Other attributes featured here include sale alerts, favorites and search filters as well as email, Twitter and Facebook integration for keeping your loved ones in the loop.

With the best fashion apps for iPhone sitting pretty within your mobile, everyday can be a fashion week of sorts for you. Do leave back a comment revealing your favorite picks from our lineup and even a few of your own. And always remember to ‘stay stylish.’