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8 Best Fantasy PC Games


The following best fantasy PC games allow you to step into extraordinary virtual worlds where you can wield powerful weapons and dabble in magic spells and potions. Through these titles, you’ll be able to explore vast terrains that are filled with monsters, wizards, the supernatural, and of course, heroes. If it’s this very genre that keeps you occupied for hours on end in front of your computer screen then you’ll definitely want to read on and procure all the names listed out here. What’s more, there are hack and slash, RPG, and action gems featured here, so take your pick and dive right in.

1 – The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings:

The Witcher 2

Just a couple of years ago, the exciting sequel to the action-packed title The Witcher emerged for the virtual terrain. And besides pleasing fans of the RPG genre, it also grabbed the attention of hack and slash enthusiasts. You can expect to indulge in more than 40 hours of intense battles and exploration, as revealed by developer CD Projekt RED.

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The mature, non-linear installment further boasts of 4 different beginnings that’s packed along with 16 various conclusions. And besides this version, the title also unleashed across the Xbox 360 console.

2 – World of Warcraft:

World of Warcraft

Commonly known as WoW, this entrant in our fantasy PC games roster is no stranger to the online platform. It’s been around since 2004 and is the brainchild of Blizzard Entertainment. Categorized under the MMORPG genre, this engaging title lets players from all across the globe, jump into different heroic characters and explore a vast landscape that’s packed to the hilt with magic, mystery, action and adventure. Form alliances, embark on epic journeys, travel through dungeons and fend off against hoards of monsters. And if you meet opposing factions during your escapades, get ready to engage in open-world PvP action. You’ll even find out that the fun never stops here as new content and expansions are unveiled at regular intervals.

3 – Final Fantasy VII:


Here’s an interesting RPG classic title that’s plucked right out of the popular FF franchise. This particular gem claims to entice not only veterans but also newcomers with its engaging gameplay elements and numerous other features. You can unlock 36 new achievements as well as show off your skills and share your profile with others online in order to fathom who might be the biggest fan of them all.

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The computer version also includes character booster and cloud saves for picking up from where you last left off. Join the slew of interesting characters like Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart, Cait Sith and Sephiroth as they embark on a whirlwind journey across different lands.

4 – Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition:

Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition

Baldur’s Gate first captured the fancy of players everywhere nearly 15 years ago. This inclusion in our fantasy PC games array is looked upon as a remake of that very title as well as its expansion namely, Tales of the Sword Coast. If you plan on investing in this puppy, you can expect to be bombarded with fresh content as well like a new adventure called The Black Pits, new characters such as Neera, Dorn Il-Khan and Rasaad yn Bashir, and more than 400 enhancements.

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And while the Windows and iPad versions are already available, the title still has to make its way to the Android and Mac OS X platforms.

5 – EverQuest:


This MMO boasts of including 18 expansions as well as the original base game. The free-to-play title that has been around for more than 13 years, includes a captivating storyline, unique creatures, quests and loads of exciting lands that are packed with adventure and mystery. While crafting your online character, you can choose from 16 distinct races and classes as well as a plethora of alternate abilities. There’s even a robust marketplace thrown into the title that comprises of weapons, potions, mounts and armor.

6 – Dragon Age II:

Dragon Age II

Just as the name suggests, you’ll be served a generous helping of the scaly sort, among other spectacular critters. Developer BioWare and publisher EA call on all you action enthusiasts to ‘experience a blood-soaked rise to power.’ Here you get to take on the role of a refugee called Hawke who must rise up to the challenge at hand and emerge as the Champion of Kirkwall.

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Immerse yourself in an exciting storyline that’s filled with myth and mystery, and watch as the deadliest of allies form powerful unions in order to take on the powerful baddies.

7 – Diablo III:

Diablo III

We’ve roped in yet another Blizzard Entertainment delight in our fantasy PC games roundup. This one forays onto the scene with powerful enemies, brilliant terrains and loads of interesting weapons to wield.

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As the storyline goes, you must travel to the town of Tristram and investigate the rumors about a fallen star. During your journey, you’ll be able to annihilate foes with fire and ice, summon demonic minions, claim different loot and explore new locations.

8 – Fable III:

Fable III

This action RPG open world option emerges from the house of Lionhead Studios. Noted to be the third installment in the acclaimed Fable series, this title hit computer screens nearly 2 years ago. You’ll be entrusted with the task of seizing power and ascending the throne in the fictional continent of Albion.

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And adding to the spectacular elements is the lineup of Hollywood actors like Stephen Fry, Sir Ben Kingsley and John Cleese, who lend their voices to the characters.


So there you have it. They are the best fantasy PC games that can take you to wonderful, picturesque places without you even leaving the comfort of your computer chair. And just in case you might be wondering, they are laid out in no particular order. Are you an ardent fan of the genre in question? Have you given all of the aforementioned delights a try? Well, if not then waste no time in doing so. And don’t forget to leave mentions about your favorite titles in the box situated just below.

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