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10 Best Facebook Games

Best Facebook Games

We’ve shortlisted the best Facebook games to narrow down your choices by a bit from the plethora of available options. Such offerings on this network have always adhered to the underlying purpose of the website by being extremely social in their approach. We agree that it gets a bit annoying when you are bombarded with notifications about a title you absolutely have no interest in playing. But they can be really helpful when all you have to do is kill some time. Read through our list and decide if you want to change your mind regarding the options. And if you are already a fan, simply check out the ones you haven’t played as yet.

1 – Bubble Safari:

Bubble Safari

If you are on this SNS, it is just difficult to believe that you haven’t yet got a single request from friends asking you to join them in Bubble Safari or send them energy and special bubbles. Much like all other social ventures, you can excel at this one if you can get your friends to help you.

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Your task is to make the cute monkey pop similar colored bubbles and collect fruit, through your journey. Progressing through levels will help you unlock powerups.

2 – The Sims Social:

The Sims Social

The next alternative in our lineup is The Sims Social, developed by Electronic Arts. This simulation title helps you live a virtual life where everything happens the way you wish. You can create your own Sim and help the avatar live out his or her dreams.

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Just like in real life, you can have several personality traits that bring some twists and turns to the little haven. You get a chance to build a house, relationships and a whole new life for your sim.

3 – Diamond Dash:

Diamond Dash

You may have played offerings similar to Diamond Dash, but this title by Wooga has a twist. It gives you just a minute to blow up diamonds of the same color. While sending them out of existence, you will receive a number of magic powers that help you make high scores even faster.

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This title on the social platform allows you to invite friends to play along or compete with them by making scores higher than theirs.

4 – Angry Birds Friends:

Angry Birds Friends

If you just can’t have enough of these extremely annoyed birds, they’ve come to socialize as well. Unlike the various versions for mobile platforms, this one urges you to play it along with your friends.

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You may be familiar with the gameplay – All you have to do is make use of your aiming skills and ability to deal with physics-based mechanics to tackle the evil green pigs and help these birds get back their eggs. And yes, the feathered critters have flown down along with their super powers.

5 – Words With Friends:

Words With Friends

The next title in our queue hardly needs an introduction. It has already made its mark on platforms like Android and iOS and can easily be played on the SNS in question. It gives you an option to challenge one of your friends to scrabble or play with random opponents from the network. You can even choose to spar with mobile users who have the app installed on their phones. It is nothing but scrabble gone virtual.

6 – Farmville:


Love it or hate it; you cannot ignore it. Unless you decide to block it altogether. Before you think about playing this game (if you haven’t already tried it out yet), let us warn you that it can get really addictive. In this simulation title, you can have your own farmer avatar, add your friends as neighbors and visit their farms.

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Your chores include planting, harvesting and tending to your animals on a daily basis and collecting rewards, coins and Farm Cash to purchase stuff. The levels are endless and you can decorate your farm with multiple items available in the market.

7 – Draw My Thing:

Draw My Thing

If you are a fan of OMGPOP’s Draw Something, there’s no way you won’t enjoy playing Draw My Thing. Much like its mobile version available on Android and iOS platforms, it can be played with friends or random opponents. A group of people can also play together on the SNS.

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You either have to guess a word, or draw it and have others guessing it. And as the developers say, spelling it out for your opponents is cheating. All you get is 1 minute and you can even make use of hints or chat up your opponents if you just cannot guess the word.

8 – Hidden Chronicles:

Hidden Chronicles

Our array also has a title that requires you to be extremely vigilant. Hidden Chronicles is yet another offering that can be played with your friends. Here you have to follow a trail in order to unravel the mystery.

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Finding hidden objects on various scenes can get really interesting and for every object you find, you earn money so that you can purchase stuff from the market to decorate your estate.

9 – Bubble Witch Saga:

Bubble Witch Saga

While playing Bubble Witch Saga, you’ll notice that it is ridiculously similar to Bubble Safari mentioned above. But if you are a fan of witches and all things magical, then you may like this version better as it deals with magic potions that help you reach higher levels.

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In order to get points, you need to blow up the bubbles colored the same and earn rewards that can be shared with friends too. The eye-catching graphics and visuals are what make the offering even better.

10 – Bejeweled Blitz:

Bejeweled Blitz

And finally, the last one listed in our compilation is Bejeweled Blitz that’s very similar to Diamond Dash. All you get to make high scores and jump to the next level is 60 seconds. You need to match 3 or more similar diamonds to blow them up. The faster you are, the more points you get.

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Flame gems, Star gems and Hypercubes help you with blowing up more jewels. And Detonators, Scramblers and Multipliers are what come to your rescue in case you are stuck.


After reading through our catalog of the best Facebook games, you may have made up your mind to play one or two of these. They may be a little addictive, but on the other hand, they can really help you kill boredom when you have too much time on your hands. So take your pick and start playing. And as there are numerous other titles offered through this SNS, you may have your favorites that aren’t in this array. How about sharing them with us?