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6 Best Excel App For iPad


The best Excel app for iPad can be found embedded in our comprehensive list featured just below. These options come in handy for viewing all your spreadsheets that you’ve jotted out using the Microsoft program. Now besides just relying on this handy tool extensively through your Windows and Mac OS X PCs, you’ll be able to throw a glance at your notes while riding the bus or waiting at the airport lounge via your trusty Apple tablet. And besides just viewing these files, many of the following names even allow you to edit the documents while on the go. Take a look.

1 – Office² HD:

Office² HD

By shelling out just under $8, you’ll be able to get your hands on one of the best Excel app that complies with Excel but also other Microsoft products like Word (DOC and DOCX) and PowerPoint (PPT and PPTX). This particular gem lets you fashion a new spreadsheet from scratch as well as edit and save your files in XLS and XLSX formats. As the maker reveals, it has the ability to juggle many worksheets that comprise of multiple columns and rows, all at one go.

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You’ll further be able to sort out and even search through the various cells for your desired term. You can also take advantage of different cell formatting options like text and cell color, text wrapping, borders, bold and alignment as well as various other types such as number, percentage, text, general, currency, time and date. A few of its remaining attributes read as pane freezing, merge cells feature, intelligent auto range selection, compose formula by tapping on the respective cells and 146 different functions.

Price: $7.99

2 – Numbers:


This entrant in our roster emerges from the house of Apple itself. It’s noted to be part of the Cupertino company’s ‘iWork’ slew that’s packed with 2 more options namely, Pages and Keynote. This program allows you to view and edit the Microsoft software documents directly through your portable Apple slab. You can import the desired files from the internet, mail or a WebDAV service. You can even use the iTunes File Sharing option with your PC or Mac to accomplish the same.

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What’s more, you’ll be able to espy your documents on your device if you’ve copied the files that are on your computer to icloud.com. Coming to the editing aspects, the gem enables you to categorize your information using attractive charts and tables. Also attached is a special keyboard that lets you seamlessly enter dates, durations, numbers, formulas and text bits. You can even use steppers, sliders and pop-ups, and successfully save and share the masterpieces you edited while on the road.

Price: $9.99

3 – Quickoffice Pro HD:

Quickoffice Pro HD

Here’s another office suite that proffers more capabilities than you initially thought you bargained for. Besides catering to the Microsoft program in question here, it also complies with PowerPoint presentations (.PPT and .PPTX) and Word documents (.DOC and .DOCX). Spreadsheets drenched in .XLS and .XLSX formats can be easily viewed, edited and even created via your Apple slate.

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Additionally, the software supports enhanced freeze panes and actionable hyperlinks. Specially optimized for the iDevice, a few of its other features read as single screen viewing, power edit mode, advanced touch control and smooth page scrolling.

Price: $19.99

4 – Documents To Go:

Documents To Go

‘Looking to access your Microsoft Office files at any time?,’ asks the brains behind this endeavor. Well, if you’re nodding in the affirmative, then this is one option you should consider adding to the other applications present in your portable Apple gadget. During your stay here, you can create, view and edit .XLS and .XLSX spreadsheets plucked right out of the Microsoft program.

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Complete with sort and freeze panes support, this inclusion in our array also enters with a bunch of other juicy features. Some of these attributes include InTact technology, extensive cell and number formatting, ability to rename/insert/delete sheets, undo/redo and support for multiple worksheets. You can even access all your ‘97-2008 password protected files. This one comes in 2 flavors namely, Standard and Premium.

Price: Standard – $9.99, Premium – $16.99

5 – PDF Word Excel File Viewer:

Image 05

By shelling out just under a dollar, you’ll be able to read your files even while you’re on your way to work. Just as the name aptly suggests, you can seamlessly view files that are created by employing the trio programs from Microsoft. You can acquire your precious documents either by downloading them from the tablet’s web browser or adding the lot directly from your PC. It further complies with various formats like DOC, PPT, TXT, HTM, CSV, PPTX, JPEG, PNG, GIF, WAV, PDF, XLS, PPS, RTF, XML, DOCX, XLSX, BMP, TIFF and MP3.

Price: $0.99

6 – Soonr Workplace:

Soonr Workplace

Here’s one delectable contender in our roundup that you can acquire without even having to pull out your wallet or purse. This freebie provides you with built-in editing tools for editing or creating new Microsoft Office documents. And once you’re done adding your bit, you can share the same with your colleagues via email. With help from the Scribble tool, you’ll easily be able to annotate more than 35 file types. Through the dashboard, you can keep track of locked files, recent alterations and public links.

Price: Free


On your way to an important meeting and need to access the spreadsheets you created through your Windows or Mac OS X PC? Well, all you have to do is pull out your portable Apple gadget and load it with any of the aforesaid options plucked right out of our best Excel app for iPad lineup. Simply opt for your desired one and seamlessly view you documents, and maybe even edit the same if the program allows it. So which software piece will you pick up from iTunes?


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