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10 Best Evo 4G Apps

Best Evo 4G Apps

Here’s a list of the best Evo 4G apps for all those of you who have just treated yourselves to the HTC LTE handset. While the phone continues to build up on the success of its predecessors belonging to the Evo family of smartphones, it also comes with some fresh features such as the Ice Cream Sandwich platform and a huge HD touchscreen spanning 4.7 inches. It is fueled by a 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon dual core processor that should ensure support for most demanding apps. So considering that the device is more than ready to offer an enhanced user experience, you should take full advantage by loading it with some of the best applications. And to assist you with this particular task, we’ve decided to put together a roster.

1 – SwiftKey 3 Keyboard:

SwiftKey 3 Keyboard

As the phone lacks a physical keyboard, it becomes all the more important to have a virtual keypad that let’s you type conveniently on the touchscreen. And although the stock app can prove to be helpful, it is SwiftKey 3 Keyboard that allows to unlock your typing potential. That’s what the developers believe anyway.

The smart application claims to understand how words work and comes with accurate corrections and predictions. Besides predicting what your next word will be, it learns phrases that you use the most and can be personalized through Gmail, Facebook, Twitter or blogs.

Price: $3.99

2 – Astro File Manager:

Astro File Manager

Before you decide to load your phone with the alternatives mentioned in our lineup of Evo 4G apps, you should install the Astro File Manager. The reason why we recommend this application is that the software enables you to organize all your digital content from music to videos to pictures to documents, saved on the handset.

The developers take pride in their application seeing that they go as far as comparing it to Windows Explorer and Mac’s Finder. And if that’s not enough, you can keep your battery life in check by killing processes and making backups of apps so you do not lose any of them.

Price: Free

3 – Dropbox:


Dropbox is one of the best cloud storage services out there and ensures access to all your important documents on the move. All you need to do is install the application on all your devices as well as computer systems and start saving your documents to the cloud.

It is compatible with all your digital content which includes pictures, videos, music, email attachments, spreadsheets, presentations and more. You can even edit your documents in Dropbox and the storage system will automatically update it across all your devices.

Price: Free

4 – Dolphin Browser:

Dolphin Browser

Described as the ‘fastest, easiest and most fun mobile web browser,’ Dolphin Browser arrives with some advanced features to improve your web browsing experience. Its Sonar function comes in handy as you can launch a search on the web, bookmark sites, update your status on social networking websites and carry out a number of other functions by simply telling this application to do so.

It even permits you to come up with your own unique gestures and personalize internet browsing by using over 60 add-ons that come along with the app. Speed dialing, tabbed browsing, webzine and instant access to features from sidebars are just some of the many advantages of this software.

Price: Free

5 – Google Goggles:

Google Goggles

Taking our lineup of Evo 4G apps further is Google Goggles, a virtual search engine in the real world. All you need to do is click a picture of your query and allow this application to do the rest. From a product to a barcode to a famous landmark to a storefront, it can assist you with all this and much more.

You can also employ it for the purpose of translating text from English, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish and more into other languages by capturing a still shot.

Price: Free

6 – OfficeSuite Pro 6:

OfficeSuite Pro 6

While Dropbox lets you carry all your documents and even edit them, OfficeSuite Pro 6 is the application you should use in order to view, open, edit or even print your important files. It is compatible with Word, Excel, PowerPoint as well as PDF files and comes with a built-in file browser.

The application also works seamlessly with cloud services like SkyDrive, SugarSync, Google Docs, Dropbox and more. Besides allowing you to print and view animated presentations, the tool allows you to convert text documents to PDF files and share them via email from the app itself.

Price: $14.99

7 – TuneIn Radio Pro:

TuneIn Radio Pro

Your HTC smartphone is responsible for keeping you not only productive, but also entertained throughout the day. And to make sure you have enough things to do in order to kill time, we have added some applications that fit the bill. One of them is TuneIn Radio Pro that gives you access to as many as 70,000 radio stations and over 2 million programs from around the world.

You can launch a search for a song or an artist and record, pause or rewind radio shows. It can also act as an alarm so you wake up to a track playing on the radio every morning.

Price: $0.99

8 – Netflix:


The next option in our queue of Evo 4G apps is Netflix which has been added to make the most of the phone’s huge capacitive multi-touch display and the kickstand fitted on the back panel. You can prop the device up on a flat surface and enjoy movies and TV shows using the application in question.

Streaming these should not be a problem either, as the device is compatible with 4G LTE network speeds. Members can simply download the application and start enjoying content on their devices, while those who are not subscribers can download the trial version before deciding to sign up.

Price: Free

9 – Instagram:


After an app to make the most of the huge screen, we have added something that lets you take advantage of the phone’s powerful 8MP camera. This social application lets you share your pictures with friends and family through Facebook and Twitter or with those who follow you on Instagram.

It gives you a perfect platform to show off your photography skills. It doesn’t matter if you lack in this department; this software’s built-in filters, effects and borders will help you enhance your images before you decide to upload it for everyone to see.

Price: Free

10 – Temple Run: Brave:

Temple Run Brave

The last application in this roster is Temple Run: Brave, a highly demanding game that can be enjoyed on the phone, thanks to its 1.5GHz dual core chipset.

A sequel to the original Temple Run, Brave brings a number of new features to the endless running game while retaining those of the former. You can even expect better graphics from this new title.

Price: $0.99


So that was a list of the best Evo 4G apps which should be installed if you wish to unleash all capabilities of your phone. But as there are thousands of applications out there, you have many more options to explore. And if you happen to come across something that is just perfect for the HTC handset, drop in the name to let us know.