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6 Best Android ePub Readers

Our best Android ePub reader lineup comprises of names that allow you to enjoy all your favorite virtual books while on the go. With the help of these applications, you’ll be able to soak in every word, phrase, paragraph, article and story directly through your trusty handset or tablet. No need to port along hardback or paperback editions while you’re traveling. Simply download any of the following options and find a nice, quiet place to enjoy your desired e-pages. So without further ado, here are our choices plucked right out of the Google Play store.

1 – Mantano:


As the developer of Mantano app reveals, you can enjoy content-packed pages that are drenched in the format in question as well as pdf files. Suited for students as well as professionals, this engaging delight lets you even pick out eBooks from the shelves of OPDS catalogs. You can further share your favorite quotes with others, annotate excerpts, prepare reports, look up words in the dictionaries, revise lessons and conduct bibliographical researches.

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What’s more, you’ll be able to continue soaking up your favorite books even while your eyes are away from your device, all thanks to the integrated text-to-speech function. There’s also a Lite version available for those of you who feel that the said price is a little too steep.

Price: $6.99

2 – FBReader:


Well, if you’re looking for a free option, then how about taking a peek at this particular entrant in our Android ePub reader roster? FBReader is a highly customizable option supports rtf, mobi, fb2(.zip) and plain text formats, and even comes complete with hyphenation patterns for around 16 languages. You’ll also find a browser/downloader for network eBook stores packed into the amalgamation.

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It further proffers custom OPDS catalogs as well as libraries in several dialects such as Russian, English, Polish, French and Polish. And if you like, you can even download your material directly to your gadget’s SD card. Additionally, the app also features external dictionaries.

Price: Free

3 – Aldiko:


Here’s another app that can be procured without you even having to shell out a single cent. Aldiko is perfectly compatible with the ePub as well as pdf files, eBooks from public libraries and Adobe DRM encrypted eBooks. Sporting a user-friendly interface, the software allows you to enjoy your content just the way you like it. This means you’ll be able to seamlessly customize line spacing, font size, background colors, alignment and margins.

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A few of its other attributes include a built-in dictionary, global-text search and language localization. And although this one is up for grabs minus a price tag, you’ll also find a Premium version of the same on Google Play for just under $3. This edition supports extra features like a home widget, notes, highlights and more.

Price: Free

4 – Cool:


This inclusion in our Android ePub reader array extends support to several formats such as doc, rtf, chm, pdb, mobi (non-DRM), fb2, txt, html, tcr, prc and pml. Some of the attributes you’ll find embedded here include text search, page flipping animation, integrated file browser, LitRes online book store support, text to speech, OPDS support, bookmarks on text fragments and hyphenation dictionaries.

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You can further make necessary adjustments to the background texture, style, brightness and key actions as well as exploit the day and night profiles.

Price: Free

5 – Nook:


Through this app, you’ll be able to opt from a wide variety of material bits that will definitely take your viewing experience to a whole new level. Here you can choose from different magazines, Nook books, comics and newspapers. You can even get your hands on new releases, timeless classics and samples of different books.

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You’ll also be able to adjust the font size, control the brightness, choose from multiple font types and sync pages across all your Nook gadgets. A few other features read as searching for specific items through books, highlighting text and adding vital notes. And as far as the format in question is concerned, you can side-load this type of files and even transfer them directly to your handy device via Nook.

6 – Moon+:


Fueling your interest for scanning through the virtual pages is our next contender in our Android ePub reader roundup. Moon+ supports different formats such as pdf, chm, cbz, fb2, html, zip, mobi, cbr, umd, txt, rar and OPDS. The app further provides multipoint touch support, a handy book-to-home screen shortcut, headset and Bluetooth keys control, a password protection option and customer email support. You can also take complete advantage of different background images, fonts and themes as well as highlights, bookmarks and annotations.

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Now, all these attributes are available even in the free version. However in addition to these, the Pro edition is fitted with a few more delights like smart scroll lock, night mode support, dual-page mode and 6 pdf themes. You may also appreciate the inclusion of real page turning effects, justified text alignment, 24 customized operations and 5 auto-scroll modes, all for just under $5.

Price: $4.99


All you bibliophiles who find it hard to shift your glance away from a good book should definitely invest in a virtual companion you can depend on for viewing content while on the go. Well, if you don’t already have one amongst your collection or looking for an apt replacement, then we suggest you take your pick from our best Android ePub reader compilation. The options found here are all worthy treats that help you feed that hungry little bookworm in you. So which one will it be? Do leave your comments about the same in the box situated just below.