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Top Six Best Email App Alternatives To Outlook

microsoft outlook Let’s be honest, if you are using Microsoft Outlook it’s likely only because you haven’t considered, or had the time to consider, the alternatives. What Outlook provides is fit for purpose but hardly state of the art or revolutionary and as such you probably don’t think all that much about what else is available.

However, you may well find that alternatives to Outlook could save you a great deal of time and may even offer you new opportunities you never considered previously, for these reasons alone you should take a few minutes to weigh up the competition.

To help you do so we’ve compiled our list of alternatives that each have something that stands them above Microsoft’s behemoth, why not check them out.


spikenow When it comes to groundbreaking alternatives to the common email format, Spike ticks a great many boxes. Their approach is more modern than the likes of Gmail and Outlook, as they look to combine the concept of emails with the immediacy of messaging, while offering everything in digestible nuggets in the form of a feed.

This dynamic approach leads us to believe that in many ways, Spike is the best alternative to Outlook, and a service that becomes more effective every day you use it. As with all fresh approaches that think outside of the box, the Spike service makes you wonder how you managed to live without it for so long.


quick filte toolbar mozzila thunderbird The Mozilla mail client app is one of the biggest competitors to Outlook and has a large audience both with individuals and companies, offering them both advantages that make Microsoft’s option look very inferior.

Thunderbird is open-source, forward-thinking and free, it’s also got a good level of encryption security built in and offers a relatively basic alternative to Outlook, and one that we can see has a great deal of appeal.


gmail Yes, Gmail. There’s a reason that Gmail is the largest email client app and in many ways it’s far far better than Outlook’s very dated approach. Clearly you get access to Google’s whole suite of additions and it’s customizable.

Labels and filters, like much of what Gmail does, is intuitive and clean. It works equally well on an iPhone as it does on an Android device and perhaps best of all, all these services are completely free. Perhaps above all else, you have it already on your phones.

Apple Mail

apple mail Apple Mail, or just ‘Mail’ if you are accessing via your Apple product, IS very basic but that doesn’t necessarily have to mean it’s a bad thing. When it comes to using your email app for simple, daily tasks, Apple Mail doesn’t really put a foot wrong and certainly behaves better than Outlook.

Optional add-ons and recent updates have started to make Apple Mail appear a little bit more sophisticated and as such it does do more than just the basics, though the simplicity of what they offer is part of the overall charm of the app.


This app has something of a cult following and this open-source option has a lot of positives about it. Their customizable dashboard helps to immerse you in something of an individualistic enterprise, which is something of a marked contrast to Outlook’s bland offering.

Evolution is available on Linux, not Windows or Mac, which has helped it become a market leader when it comes to those looking to shift away from Microsoft Outlook. It’s an option that’s worth considering and it does feel as if things are getting better on a week to week basis. Regular updates have certainly appeased their dedicated user base.


mailbird app When it comes to email apps that are specifically branding themselves as Outlook alternatives, Mailbird is perhaps the one that’s most clear in their intentions to nab a significant share of their competitor’s audience.

We like Mailbird’s unified inbox, email snoozing, app integrations and attachment search, and there are a lot of other aspects to the service that make it a definite player in the field that looks here to stay.

Microsoft has over a billion users worldwide so clearly they aren’t going anywhere but it’s noticeable that the perceived lack of progress in their product is starting to chip away at both their reputation and their client base.

This has led to a growing market of competitors, all of whom are ready to make the relevant changes, adjustments and breakthroughs that is only likely to lead Microsoft Outlook to diminish further.

Basically Outlook, to some extent, is kind of banking on you not being all that bothered about what they offer you. They aren’t really counting on you shopping around, but we certainly recommend you take the opportunity to educate yourself on the ever-expanding options that could be of great benefit to you and your business.