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7 Best Earbuds With Mic

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While looking for earbuds with mic, we’ve taken certain aspects into high consideration so that our list features only the best. First and foremost, the overall design and build are of prime importance and then comes audio quality followed by compatibility with mobile devices. On these accounts, you can expect to find some of the finest peripherals available in the market. On the same note, you can even anticipate most of them carrying hefty price tags. So run through our compilation to know which have made it to the top of our recommendations list.

1. Sennheiser MM 70:

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We’ve selected the MM 70s from Sennheiser to lead the way on today’s compilation. This peripheral packs in dynamic speaker systems that are complemented by neodymium magnets which deliver stereo sound and rich bass. The company has designed it to provide a comfortable fit by bundling it with 3 sleeves of different sizes. What’s more, the inclusion of noise isolation eliminates ambient sounds and allows you to listen to music or converse with others without disturbances. An omni-directional receiver which is compatible with any 3.5mm headphone jack-equipped smartphone has been placed on the cable along with an embedded volume slider.

Price: $99.95

2. Skullcandy Ink’d 2:

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As we’ve said before, we only pick earbuds with mic available in the market. And what makes the Ink’d 2 a viable candidate in this compilation is not just its stylish design and comfortable fit, but the quality-driven audio output it has to offer. This is derived owing to the inclusion of the Supreme Sound technology which provides enhanced bass, clear vocals and augmented highs. To provide improved durability over conventional cable designs, the company has adopted a flattened wire here with a receiver that enables various capabilities such as controlling tracks, pausing and resuming songs as well as making and receiving calls. The company states that it is compatible with most smartphones.

Price: $20.99 and above

3. Klipsch Image S4A II for Android:

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As the name denotes, this audio accessory is designed specifically for Android smartphones. It not only allows you to control the volume, but also your playlist and phone calls through a single-button remote and receiver. However, to enable this feature, you’ll need to have the Klipsch Control app which is available for free on Google Play, installed on your phone. Coming to the form factor, the noise cancellation design prevents external sounds for being heard and the company’s patented oval tips aim to deliver a secure fit. The cable here is flat and tangle-resistant for a hassle-free experience, while a dual magnet 8.5mm drive in placed within each piece for rich sound output with a wide frequency range.

Price: $99

4. Bose MIE2/i:

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Bose is best known for its audio systems and in the accessory world, the MIE2i is definitely one of our favorite earbuds with mic. The manufacturer is offering it in 2 variants, one designed for Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices, with the other proffering compatibility with the iPhone, iPad and iPod. While a durable construction ensures longevity of the product, the StayHear tips come in 3 sizes to provide a secure fit while on the move. Additionally, there’s a 3-button inline remote on the Apple specific version that tags along calling and music functions.

Price: $129.95 for both variants

5. a-Jays Four:

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If you’re searching for an ideal companion for your iPhone and a replacement to the Apple-made audio accessory, the a-Jays Four is just what you need. Along with detailed and balanced sound, you get a tangle-free flat cable. It also comes with a 3-button remote that proffers soft touch buttons and a surface mounted MEMS-silicon receiver with GSM/TDMA burst noise cancellation as well as wide band RF noise suppression. At the other end of the wire is an L-shaped plug which sits well in the pocket.

Price: $56.50 and above

6. Klipsch Image X7i:

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The Image X7i from Klipsch has earned a spot on our earbuds with mic lineup owing to the elegant and streamlined ceramic design it has to offer. With the addition of full-range KG 623X7 armature drivers, the accessory is capable of delivering crisp sound output with deep bass, clear mids and rich highs. You’ll also get 5 different pairs of the company’s patented oval tips to match your ear size. The X7i is compatible with any smartphone that’s equipped with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. But if you want to make the most out of its 3-button remote control and audio receiver, you’re going to need an Apple iDevice.

Price: $137.99

7. JayBird BlueBuds X:

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This accessory from JayBird is different from others mentioned above. What sets it apart is that it operates via Bluetooth, eliminating the need for connecting any wires to your phone. For fitness buffs, this audio peripheral makes an ideal workout companion owing to its sweat-resistant nano coated form factor. Where compatibility is concerned, the manufacturer asserts that it will work with any Bluetooth-enabled device including the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iPad mini as well as those running Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry platforms. With the BatteryHD technology, you can expect a playtime of up to 8 hours.

Price: $169.99


You’ve searched for earbuds with mic and we’ve delivered some of the finest contenders we could find. And owing to specific criteria, most of them have costly retail tags, but that’s the price you’d have to pay for top quality accessories. So tell us – Amongst the 7 aforementioned entrants, which ones are you looking forward to purchase? And if your choice isn’t on the list, you could share your preference with everyone else by dropping in the make and price of the accessory below.